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Hey, I'm Pat!

Here's a bit about my personal journey. After the loss of my mother at a young age, I spent the majority of my early life searching for something in the world that would lead me to some level of joy or purpose. I chased after approval from others, money, love, achievements; Anything that I thought would help me feel better, or like I belonged in the world.

This endless search to find and capture the feeling of worthiness from outside of myself, led me down a rabbit hole that ended in a full collapse of the life I had created. I lost all of the money I had ever earned, went through a divorce, foreclosed on my houses, and struggled with an 8 year pain killer addiction. I lost everything and had finally had enough.

From this place, I realized that the answer I had been searching for wasn't outside of me, and I began a new search for answers within myself. After over a decade of studying the greatest teachings inside of religion, philosophy, spirituality, and Universal Laws, a new path and process was created by understanding and allowing the connection to my inner guidance and heart. I now understand that this is a connection I believe we all have access to.

I created Like Attracts Like Evolution as a platform to help you allow yourself to connect to that same source of love and creation from within that allowed me to rebuild and change my life in all of the best possible ways. It is my passion and self defined purpose to share this message with any and all humans who are ready and willing to hear it. And now, I am so grateful that you are on this journey with me!

It is time to become aware of your patterns, find perspective and heal from your past, and rediscover the truth of who you are.

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Over the course of my 6-week personal mentorship program, I will guide you through my three step process of healing and transformation: 

  • Setting clear intentions
  • Uncovering and releasing limiting beliefs
  • Embodying the version of you that has the life you want



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