Like Attracts Like Podcast 812: Expanding Consciousness & Operating From Faith and Trust

expanding consciousness May 15, 2023

Today we dive into the process of accessing the highest truth, and removing the idea that we need to "release" blocks or resistance.. What if we understand these life cycles and lessons so well.. That the actual "block" that is preventing us from moving on... Is so obvious, and in front of our face, that we can't see it? Join me inside!

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Episode 812: Expanding Consciousness & Operating From Faith and Trust

By Pat Mahan

Hey everybody, welcome back to another episode of the Like Attracts Like Podcast. Thank you so much for joining me on the show today, what a wild ride it has been for the last month or so, in my own life. And in speaking with many of you, it has been very, very clear to me that many of the things that have been presenting themselves to us, have really been for a very particular very powerful, universal reason. And of course, it's subjective to each one of us. But there does seem to be a theme kind of weaving itself in and out of all of the situations that we have been experiencing, we say often on this show that the belief systems that you are carrying the story that you are telling is showing up in your life in one way or another. And we all kind of want it to be very, very direct, we all want it to be like well, this is what I believe. And then here's what I see. Sometimes that is what happens. But often the actual belief or what it is that we need to look at is hidden or sometimes reflecting itself in an opposite version of an experience that we think we should be getting. And it's all by design to get us if we're ready to look at what needs to either be released or accepted in order to move on from it if we choose.


Today, I'm gonna share with you a very, very powerful realization from one of my live groups this week regarding this exact topic, how to look at what is being shown to you in your life and reverse engineer it so that you can see what the story is behind what you're getting so that you can shift it if you choose. And we're going to also talk about what the most powerful part of this process is. We can do all of the work we want. We can read all of the books you can listen to all the podcasts, you can take all of the courses but none of it will truly matter if we don't do this one thing stick around. We're diving in deep when we come back.


All right. All right, beautiful humans. Once again, thank you so much for joining me on the show today, if you're new to the show, my name is Pat. And on this show, I work with people who are looking to transform aspects of their life through a process of self realization. The ideas that are offered here are designed to allow the potential expansion and alignment of consciousness and the truth of who you are versus the lies that you've been telling yourself about who you believe yourself to be to really find ways to allow access to the expanding nature of our consciousness in a way that allows us to lead and live from that place from that deeper sense of truth and knowing of who we are so that we can trust the unfolding of our lives without the need to control it or manipulate it in any way, this process of self realization can be very, very tricky, because we have known ourselves to be so many different versions of who we thought we were.


So inside of an awakening inside of this perspective shifting journey, it can be very, very confusing to make sense of what we're seeing, to make sense of what we're hearing, and to make sense of what we are experiencing as certain things present themselves to us in our life in our journey. And there are a lot of different ways that this information is presented to us along our path. And I feel like it's really important to consider where all of the different ideas or truths or statements are coming from. And that's something that we're going to talk about today is where the information is coming from that allows you to think certain ways in your own experience, shifting the power away from what you're hearing and more towards what you're interpreting what you're hearing as and then what to do with it from your subjective point of view.


How can you use information to change your life, there are no truths, and that includes what I am saying, If you don't believe it's true for you, there is no inherent authority that I have or any one else as far as who knows what's going on here. Only you could know for yourself what's going on here. But if you can listen to what other people are experiencing, and find some common sense of truth in what's being said that I believe there is a tremendous value to that. I believe that there is a reason that we are all here, walking each other home to whatever that experience is whatever this is here that we are going through. It's been very, very clear to me that there is a theme and that theme is consistent regardless as to what I am being shown. And really the theme of questioning is who are you in this moment. And even as an asterisk or a sidebar here, it's what do you believe is going on here that makes it important for you to know who you are in this moment. And that's why I love this. Because even if we just agree on that, even if there is just like, okay, I can see that in every single moment that I've been in, something is happening, and I have a choice to respond. And it seems as though how I respond has something to do with who I believe I am, because who I am. And every single moment in my life has determined how I've responded, I respond very, very differently. Now, today with a different sense of who I am that I did in my earlier years, where I was completely unconscious to who I believe I am now. And I was acting from a different sense of self, a different mind completely. So even if you can get on board with that, it's like, okay, so yes, it seems as though who I believe I am has something to do with how I respond in this world in this physical reality, like, Okay, fair enough. Well, who do you think you are, and then the next part comes in, and this is the part where we have to allow if we're ready to move on, beyond things that are no longer serving us a different level of honesty, well, I am this way, because and if that's your story, that you're gonna stay stuck at whatever story because is about to represent, I am who I am, because of this person, I am who I am, because of this situation, I am who I am, because of this loss in my life. That's why I am who I am.


Now, it's very, very possible here. And I'll put this in parentheses, that you are experiencing a version of a potential of who you are, or can be based on a given set of circumstances that have happened in your life. So I'll say that, again, you may be experiencing something that feels very much like no, this is who I am, for sure. And it's definitely because this happened. So if you can make this a little bit more fluid and less defining and concrete that this is who I am because of this, then you could actually begin to shift if you give yourself permission to be ready to do that, who you are right now, or who you are behaving as or who you are responding as in your life is not who you are, it is either who you believe you are in the moment, and you're experiencing the patterns and the conditions of that belief, or it is the you that you need to experience life as in this moment. So that you can gain some level of perspective that is important for you to realize the truth of who you are. And again, depending upon where you are, in this journey, accessing the truth of who you are, is not something that I can kind of tell you in one way shape, or form how to do or explain to you what it is going to look like when you get there. And that's because you're already there. There's just a part of you blocking from experiencing your life as that. So the reason I kind of say that last part is because where I'm speaking to you from is from such a level of knowing for myself, I can't say this enough. So I don't get any hate comments for myself through unbelievably challenging experiences in my life that challenged who I was, or who I thought I was using everything that we talk about on the show everything that we teach and everything that has basically been said for 1000s and 1000s or more of years lifetimes, and that is that you are an expansive, eternal, loving, creative force that is one with life itself.


As a matter of fact, life itself does not exist without you in your story, no matter how separate it feels from you. And when you access that truth for yourself, you live life in a different way. And what I will say is that you live life and experience life through the ups and downs in a way that the versions of you that are not in resonance with what that truth would represent. I would really wish life would look like when I was not accessing life from this place or my sense of self from this place. Life was a very, very, very scary experience. I was continuously focused on the negative or the fear based ideas. I was continuously focusing on what could go wrong, I was continuously focusing on the worst scenario always. And I was continuously trying to outrun or outperform those fears. And I'll tell you that that's exactly what my life was. My life was made up of those belief systems based off of my own lens of self perception, my own sense of who I thought I was, and your reality your life is a reflection of what you believe you as life actually is. There's no separation between the life you're living and the life you believe you are or don't believe you are. So with these different revelations, if you will, of truth within you that you are much much much much much much more than the limited story of the egoic concept of you would have, do you believe your life changes as a result period?


Now I want to talk about what that means. Because with a lot of the teachings, and I went through this myself not that long ago with a lot of the teachings that kind of bathe the ego into this spiritual connectivity, or this self realization journey with a lot of the shiny concepts floating around about creating the life that you want, and focusing on what you want, and experiencing what you prefer, and the law of attraction and assumption and manifestation, it's really just a shiny object, it's bait that the ego looks at and goes, Oh, I can get something from this, let me try to do this self realization journey. Let me try to access who I am. Let me try to be more spiritual and connected. Let me try to overcome my limiting belief systems. But it's still in an attempt to get what you want, it's still in an attempt to change life in some way to make it the way that you think it should be. So that you can feel good, it's still ego, using spiritual practices in order to get what you want. And now there's a part where it's like, yeah, what's wrong with that? Like, that doesn't make any sense. But why are you saying that that's a bad thing, I would never say it's anything is a bad thing. But what I'm saying is that there is something beyond this even. And I believe it's where many of you are at, I do have the pleasure of speaking with so many of you and working with so many of you. And I know that many of you have gone through these loops so many times that they're not even exciting anymore. The limiting belief system search and the overcoming your beliefs and the writing it down in journaling. It's the same ones over and over and over again, there's no new epiphanies here, about the depths of the block, there's no new thing that you could bring into your life that you believe actually is going to make you happy, you've done that, there's no thing that you're going to bring into your life that actually has some inherent value of happiness for you, or anyone we do that we empower these things. We empower the people, we empower the relationships, we empower the idea that something is better somewhere else, we do that. And then we say I'll use these spiritual laws and belief systems to get what I want. And then when it shows up, I'll be happy, so much so that there are teachings that say that the only thing that matters is your happiness. And if you're happy, you get everything you want. And that is not true.


There is no teaching anywhere that says that you are not going to go through what you in your previous experience would have to find as being a challenge. There's no part of any teaching that says if you can just focus on what you prefer, and feel good all the time, you only get what you prefer. And you only continue to feel good, because the focus of what you prefer represents your happiness. So if you're in a happy state and get what you prefer, it's this infinite loop of happiness and getting what you want and happiness and get it doesn't say that anywhere. But ego interprets a lot of what we are hearing as that. So we try to bash ourselves over the head to feel happy so we can get this life that we prefer, and it's driving some people crazy. But I'm here to tell you that the second you give up that fight the second you give up the need to use this practice to get what you want. Because you think you know better you think you know what you want, that's where the ultimate value will come in. And it is the ultimate surrender point. It is the ultimate allowing what is to be so that what is meant for you will flow it is the ultimate trust it is the ultimate faith. And it's a part where most people don't get past because to give up that much air quotes control for the ego to give up that much control. It needs to see some amazing things happen. But the way that this game is rigged is that it's designed so that you really don't see those amazing things happen unless you have some degree of faith that they will it's not I'll believe it when I see it. That's ego ego wants to see it and then believe it but how much faith and trust is involved in believing it once you see it. So anyone that is saying that I'll believe it when I see it, you're gonna get a life that what you would call the doubter would get constantly skeptical, constantly needing to manipulate constantly needing to control and constantly at odds with or challenging life, because we feel owed something by it. And that is a life. It's not wrong. It's an option. But it is an option that I believe many, many humans are waking up from, and the middle ground is okay.


So I just have to trick myself into believing it and then I see it, then I see this life that I want, then I see and experience everything that I prefer, I get it. And this middle ground is also something that people are waking up from at a deeper and deeper and deeper level. And it's realizing Okay, so even if I do believe it because I have access to some level of power within myself, I'm not really telling a victim story anymore. I'm pretty confident that there is this powerful, cool experience that I am a part of that really kind of can't happen without me the existence of me anyway, I've had some pretty cool variances in my life. But why is it that when I keep trying to choose things that I prefer, and then try to make myself happy all the time to see them, it doesn't work. And I feel even triple as miserable as I did before I started picking things that I wanted from this new place of empowerment. And the reason why is because you the fullest nature of you knows that it's still a trick, you know already that there's nothing that has any value other than the value that you give it. So to keep thinking that you need to trick yourself to be in a good mood to get something that's going to put you in a good mood, you already know that when it comes it doesn't have the power to do that. It's just spiritual ego, it's a trick.


Now that isn't to say that there aren't things that you are wanting, it isn't to say that there isn't a life you want to experience. What I'm trying to do here is offer some clarity as to the tricks that ego could kind of the row at you to prevent you from what it is that you actually want, which is to wake up every single day and not even think that you have a block not even think that there's any resistance, not even think about the beliefs that you have that are affecting your day and how you have to shift them or challenge them or move beyond them. I believe many of you are at a point where what is being asked of you is a level of faith that you have not allowed yourself to have before a level of faith where you're no longer searching for or trying to uncover trying to find the belief system that's preventing you from going with the flow of your life. So to say this as clearly as I can I believe that this awakening is almost unfolding in three phases, I definitely have found this to be true for myself. And the first phase, if you will, is where we are coming face to face with the conflict that we have with ourselves. And the reality that we're experiencing is a physical interpretation of that conflict, we are beginning to go into a place where we allow a deeper sense of honesty with ourselves. And we begin to start questioning why things are happening, why we are responding a certain way, what is all of this? And why am I even hear what is the point of this, we start to really dive into the true questions of awakening. And we're looking to use those questions and whatever answers we come up with to make sense of or shift perspectives on the story. And there's a process to that you can't shift perspective on a story that you believe you are wired into. So what's required in order for us to do that we need to at some level, understand and agree with the idea that you are much, much much more than the story you've been telling. You're much, much much more than the character you've been playing. And that story, there is a potential that is greater than a potential that you've been previously aware of. It's always existed. And you can line up with that truth. So that's what's happening in the first phase, you have to believe that otherwise, you're going to fight that concept as being true for you. Because you would be believing that your truths are more true than that truth. And that's fine. It just yields a certain result. And I believe that the true nature of who you are, is looking to kind of shed all of the things that represent the lack of belief in that thing, that belief in you.


But then there's a second phase of this. And that's what I kind of called a reality creation phase. And again, this is not not true. It's just not the full truth reality creation phase is where ego still behind the wheel. But we're aware of spiritual concepts. So we trick ourselves into thinking that ego is not behind the wheel. And ego gets a hold of these concepts that say you are much much, much, much more than you know, and you have a power and potential that you haven't tapped into yet, and you are one with the universe. It's this magical force of life and creation and experience also true. But now you can use it to kind of really create the reality that you want, again, begging the question, Who is the you that's asking for this perfect reality that it thinks it needs to create. So now we don't understand that it's ego still behind the wheel. Still all of these belief systems or the striving to accept new belief systems in an attempt to create a reality that I prefer, when in fact, what's happening still is you are being asked by you to decide what you you want to be Who are you but in this level of experience of Self Realization, we are the ones who believe conceptually, consciously, we believe in our minds that we are more powerful than we've previously allowed ourselves to believe we're not crying victim anymore, we are empowered and we're going to create this reality and we're coming up with all of these blocks and most of the blocks if I can be honest with my own story, most of the blocks were conditions that I put on how this reality needed to be created and what needed to be in it and it should be exactly as I say because I am the one in control. I am the one in power to make these choices and decisions and if I am happy align with these ideas, the universe will bend at my feet and give me everything I want. And that is absolutely not the way that this works. It's the way the ego wants it to work. And that is why you have people coming to Abraham Hicks for 30 years for the same thing. That's why you have people reading Neville Goddard is still struggling with the same thing, trying to create a perfect reality that I line up into, I know and believe these things are true, how come it's not happening, because most of us and for the longest time, myself included, have been transcended to the different level of what those teachings are actually pointing to and actually saying, and that's where we lead to the third phase here. And that is that after most people have experienced all that they can have either trying to do this work and not getting what they want, or doing it releasing really those blocks and getting everything that they thought they wanted, they can still find themselves in the same place.


The question doesn't change. Who are you? Who are you when you don't get what you want? Who are you when you get everything you want? Who are you when you're bouncing back and forth, kind of getting some things that you want, and then not getting other things that you want? Who are you? How do you feel when those things are happening? How often are the conditions you're putting on the life you're trying to create affecting your inner state, which is the actual experience of life, you don't experience life in the external world no one ever has, we walk through what you would call an external world, experiencing life internally, based on our own levels of perception, based on our own lens of a sense of self. That is the experience of life. So when you shift from trying to make all these external conditions and controls happen, you're still going to be left with the question is, who are you? And I believe that we answer the question of who we are by how we show up and how we respond and how we allow ourselves to feel what we are feeling when we are navigating what you might call the ups and the downs of this life experience. Because no one has ever said that they stop. It's not about stopping things. We're saying we don't want from happening, as many of you know, my sister passed away last month. And it was really, really challenging for our family. Now I teach this stuff to people all over the world, I live this I breathed this, there was nothing I am more passionate about than this idea of the physical and non physical working together in a life experience. So that we can expand and create and shift and inspire and love and grow with each and every single human being on this planet in this journey in this reality. And I'm telling you that there is no part of me that thinks that I couldn't have done more work to prevent my sister from passing away. I don't think you can work hard enough at this to create a life where nothing goes what you would call wrong. It's realizing if you can to the best degree that you can, that there isn't a wrong, but there is a life and life flows and life ends and life begins and life presents and life asks questions. And the question will never not be anything other than who are you? And what do you believe to be true? And how do you live your life from that point? How do you live your life from that place? If you asked me if I would prefer that I don't lose another dear family member Yeah, I'm gonna say I don't prefer that. But if you asked me Do I believe that this physical reality is where it ends, and that we're only physical beings. And once we die, we die and consciousness isn't a real thing. And the essence and spirit of every single human experience is still here and always has been and always will be because we are just recycling and re entering a what appears to be physical experience so that we can learn and grow and access deeper levels of ourselves from a different perspective, so that we can show up and create that in the world. Yeah, that's what I believe.


Do I believe that life and death is a part of that. And that no amount of feeling good prevents it? Yeah, I do. Do I believe that the version of me that I have worked very, very hard to love and integrate and except would have responded way differently to this scenario about 15 years ago? Yeah, I absolutely do. Do I believe that those responses and outbursts would have been because that version of me didn't have access to what I believe the truth of this experience is for me now. Yeah, I 100% believe that that is why I would have responded what I would air quotes call negatively back then. And now I believe that I showed up and handle this scenario in the most open, loving, heartfelt, accessible, honest way that I could to this point in my life, and it's because of what I believe it's because of what I share on this show. Do I understand that there are other people who would be like Pat, you're absolutely delusional. There is no life after death. We're just here physical beings and we die. And you're talking nonsense. And it's just a coping mechanism to comfort you and what is ultimately the ultimate question of life and death and mortality. Yeah, I get that too. It's also possible, but I don't care. Because I don't believe those things to be true. And I have my reasons which I speak every single day to in all of the content that I create, and those are mine. And I believe that they are connected to a greater truth. And I believe that we can continue to expand our sense of self to a point, not what we're happy all the time, and we got everything we want. But we realize the truth of who we are as being able to navigate any and all scenarios from the highest level of faith and trust and knowing that we are one with this life process.


And the second I believe, we let go of that control. And we let go of that egoic need to kind of maneuver spiritual teachings to get what we want. The second we truly shift from focusing on what we're resisting to asking a question of how can I live my life today with more faith faith in what Pat, you ask faith in a God faith and a duty faith in the universe? Nope. faith in yourself and faith in parts of yourself that have what I would say is similar characteristics to all of the things that I just described, that people have been describing for forever as being outside of you, the separate God, the separate force called the universe, separate deities, things that are watching you and judging you. None of that, none of that. But you you realize that you are life, you are an infinite being you are a powerful loving force here right now, you can show up through things that may not be the things you say you prefer, but show up as who you prefer to be. And then watch how powerfully you transform those experiences for yourself and for others. What's the other thing I believe with everything I have is that there is only one thing there is one being broken up into billions are infinite, other fractals of what that full being is, but the full being is in each one of us, which makes you guess what the full being. And I believe that that part of you doesn't even know what a limiting belief is, it can't because it's all knowing it doesn't know what hate and fear is, it can't, because it's all loving. It's only when we allow ourselves to shift our attention to believing that we're not that which we know we are inside, that all the craziness in the world happens. It's just everyone experiencing this journey from different levels of an ultimate belief that is trying to come through each and every single one of us. And you can use your reality you can use your life and be honest with yourself and say, Okay, what would the belief system of the person have to be in order to reflect this reality? What would I have to believe in order to get what I'm getting? And the second, you can remove the justification for why you believe what you believe you can really make a powerful impact in your life, you can really truly experienced life from what I'll call the third phase here, which is such a level of faith and trust and knowing that you will then yes, see wild things happen.


You will see the synchronicities not because they're separate from you and showing you something, but because it's a representation of you flowing with life, and that is what and who you are, there's literally no one that can deny that if someone were to come on anywhere and be like, Well, you're not life, that should instantly raise red flags. So the one thing you can be sure of is that you are life you are existence. How do I know because you're listening to this, which means you must be alive and existing. And by definition, if something exists, it can't not exist. And the most powerful realization of that is many people's questions saying, well, that doesn't make sense. There's many things that have existed that no longer exist now. And I would challenge that by saying that those things didn't exist without your existence. Being aware of them. Your existence is primary you are the existence of life and experience and creation and love, unless you believe something that says you are other than that, and then you will operate and behave in this life to the degree that you believe what you believe to be true about yourself about who you are. So all the show is asking and you can do whatever you want with the answer. All this show is asking is for you to understand yourself potentially from a different level, a higher level, but a deeper level, at the same time, a more true level of what's really inside of you what you are really representing the source of and then bring that to the experience even in the situations that ego would wish you did not manifest because there is no version of life down here on Earth in what appears to be a very three dimensional dense separate place. There is no version where that version of reality doesn't show you things that the appearance separation would show you, it's going to show you unwanted, it's going to show you contrast, it's going to show you death, it's going to show you mortality, it's going to show you all of those things. And it's going to feel and seem very, very, very real as you access that level of projection down here. But if you can walk through the reality that shows you that death, and that separation, and that fear, and that anger, if you can walk through that from the highest level of truth of who you are, which is unity, oneness, love, acceptance, allowance, faith, from the most expanded aspect of consciousness or awareness of that self, that you are that experiencer of life, then not only will you see more of what you prefer, because you will be focused more with your attention on those things. But you will also be able to walk through what your ego would say a dozen prefer and it won't fully change your inner experience of reality.


So when we shift in an understanding of thinking that our experience of reality is in the external and we realize that you've never experienced anything in the external you've only experienced it in the internal while you were maybe air quotes walking through it in what appears to be the external you start to see that the external and the internal are one and it is truly what I feel the most powerful realization of all the most powerful realization of self and it's what I feel we came here for and it is what I wish for each and every single one of you again, I'm really so grateful for each and every one of you that are along for this ride with me thank you for being a part of my life experience thank you for being a part of this show and like attracts like evolution some really cool things happening that I want to keep you aware of.


We are bringing back the free transformation and manifestation masterclass, that is 100% on me, it is available now there's a link below you can access the masterclass right now and it really does go through this process. And what I found to be a very, very powerful way we have hundreds of people who have downloaded this and the feedback is really nothing but positive. The 21 Day Challenge is actually going to be available always the masterclass actually not only references it but teaches right from it. So this is going to be set up where you can absolutely just listen to this hour long masterclass which shares so many of the powerful tools from the challenge itself and at the end of it, you can take that and run with it or if you feel compelled, you can take the challenge right from the masterclass you don't have to wait for it to launch you don't have to wait for it to roll out you don't have to wait for anything. You can literally just if you're feeling inspired, you can take the challenge starting whatever day that you choose, and we're going to be running this like this and it is all because of you and your suggestions and your amazing comments and your feedback.


I'm truly so grateful for each and every one of you. So if this has been calling you if nothing else, check out the free masterclass and as always have an amazing day, a wonderful night and I will see you next time.

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