Like Attracts Like Podcast 813: Is Everyone Deserving Of Love? Addressing The Question That Holds The Key To Transformation

unconditional love May 18, 2023

Today we dive deep into one of the most powerful questions of all.. Does EVERYONE deserve love, or to be loved... This question can trigger all types of responses and reactions.. Each and every one of which is perfectly normal and completely part of the process... But addressing the ideas we are about to dive into inside of this episode, hold the keys to the most powerful transformation you can imagine... Stick with me until the end, and get ready to see if you are willing to let go and experience life as you were truly meant to.  So much love to you!
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Episode 813: Is Everyone Deserving Of Love?

By Pat Mahan

Hey everybody, welcome back to today's episode of The Like Attracts Like Podcast. Thank you so much for joining me on the show today, today's show is going to really be the culmination of many questions that I receive all across all different platforms. It involves questions from sessions that I have with clients, it really is one of the most powerful questions that we can ask ourselves, because if we can actually bridge the gap inside of our own experience inside of our own mind, inside of this question, then we can really not only begin to change our own internal experience and life as a result, but also it's where we really begin to see the change in our relationships with other people. And I put other people in quotes and if you listen to the end of the show, you will find out why. The question is, does everyone deserve love? Does everyone deserve to be loved? Now this question could spark up many, many different triggers different emotions, different opinions, different beliefs, and we're going to cover all of them. And the goal is that it makes a tremendous improvement in the quality of your daily life and in any and all results that you're looking to experience. Stick around. We're diving in deep when we come back.


All right. All right, beautiful humans. Here we go. Once again, thank you so much for joining me on the show. If you are new to the show, my name is Pat, I work to help people expand their consciousness and navigate all aspects of transformation in a person's life through a process called self realization. This is a process that really can and will if allowed, shift everything from relationships, to finances, to your inner experience in relationship to yourself, it will allow you to get out of the past and the RE creative aspect of living in your past. And it really can help you narrow down and focus your attention where it matters most. And that is the moment you are in, you would be amazed at how often our attention is somewhere other than where we currently are in the moment. And when we are not currently allowing our attention to focus on the moment we are in we are essentially unconsciously creating from wherever our attention has been put, if your attention is being put somewhere in the past, in your mind, in some warped concept of the self you believe yourself to be then that is what we are projecting or expressing onto the screen of reality of our life. That's what we're living. That's what we are seeing. And one of the things which is what we're going to talk about today that affect the level of warping on that screen is the idea of love the idea of expressing that love or our ability to express that love with ourselves and with other humans.


So I really really am grateful for each and every one of you who take the time to listen every episode before we get started back by popular demand the transformation and manifestation masterclass is back back with the downloaded sheets to help you keep track and take notes along the way the link is below wherever you're listening to this, if you haven't downloaded it yet, again, it's 100% on me everything from the master class was taken directly from the 21 day challenge. And I believe there's even a link where if it's resonating, you can literally take the challenge right from the master class or you can take everything inside of the master class and just run with it. It is designed so that you can take what is inside of it and run with it. But if you're somebody who wants a little bit more structure, daily guidance, daily videos, accountability, then you can opt in and take the challenge.


One of the themes of the masterclass and really just the entirety of the show in general is this idea that there is a higher self that is not separate from you. And the highest aspect of self is that of love. It is that of expansion. It's life itself. It is the experience of life. The one thing that dims our experience of ourselves as that highest self is what you might call the attachment karmic or otherwise of limiting belief systems. And yes, you can have ideas or limiting belief systems about things. But those things that we have limiting beliefs about are all directly taken from our belief system of ourselves, you can take this and translate it back every single time, all the way always to what you believe to be true about you, or the story of you. That is the lens of self perception that we are viewing our individual experience of reality from.


So this is something that alone that is eye opening to many, and the awakening that we talk about when we talk about conscious or spiritual awakening, it really is a human's ability to wake up if you will, and access a different level or dimension of themselves, you become the observer of your story instead of the character in it, you become aware of your ideas and your beliefs. And you can actually break the fourth wall, if you will, in your own mind, and decide whether or not these ideas or these beliefs are serving you or not. And although it can be challenging and tricky to navigate the ego, and its mischievous ways of manipulating you into believing that you are it, there is a way to transcend those belief systems and to shut them and to no longer agree with them. And to access a different level of love inside of yourself that you then project onto the screen. And once this happens, you shift really and truly from a state of service to self, which is egoic in nature, believing that you are separate and lacking and limited and in danger always in some way versus service to others, which is now you have realized the true potential of who you are, you're no longer scared of the narrative of the unconscious fear base delusion, and you are ready to figure out what your gifts are, and share them no matter what that is.


So the question that we're talking about today is one that can reveal quite a bit. And it's challenging to even bring this question up because of what it can trigger. But it's one of those things I really do like the things that trigger humans or even myself, I found that the things that trigger me the most are the things that I need to dive into the deepest. So when we ask a question, like we talked about in the intro, does everyone deserve to be loved? Your initial response might be like, Yes, everyone deserves to be loved. And then you might scan or watch your mind scan all of the different experiences of humans who maybe don't, are the worst people or the people with ideas that you don't agree with, or the people who have done what they call terrible things, or the people who are in jail for some reason they've been held accountable by the law to those people deserve love. And so what I want to do is take this even one step further. And I like to kind of present this in a way that will allow us because again, remember the theme here, this is not about trying to get you to love other people who do terrible banks, it's trying to get you to understand that even the existence of those things that we are claiming, or judging as terrible. It's not meant for any other reason than for you to decide how you feel about it.


What do you believe about those things when we're talking about a person that you might be like, no, they don't deserve it, they don't deserve love? How do you love someone who does such and such I can't love so and so because of such and such, and then the mind comes up with a story as to why we cannot allow ourselves to love someone who maybe has hurt us who maybe has led us down, I can't I just can't let myself love someone who has hurt me in that way. And so this is more important in many ways than you might even imagine. Because what we know and what we teach on this show and in these classes is the one thing that would be preventing someone from moving on beyond something is the idea that something outside of them has more power over them than they have to transcend it. And the first thing it is that we need to do is look at all of the connections and attachments we have to holding people accountable outside of ourselves to holding people responsible in some way, shape or form for where we are or how we feel regardless as to what they have air quotes done to us.


The first thing that we need to do or can do to make incredible shifts and changes in our life is to acknowledge of nothing else, the idea of forgiveness isn't letting someone off the hook. It's not saying what someone did or what we perceive them to have done is okay with us. It's saying we are no longer allowing that experience to diminish our ability to be more powerful than we actually came here to be. And in taking your power back from situations that you use to hold people accountable for an interesting thing happens and that is we start to feel this incredible sense of what you might call love inside of us this tingling this really, really buzzing higher vibrational sense of energy inside of us. Like Wait, I have felt powerless for so long I have let this person be responsible for how I feel I literally carried this with me. And that treatment with me for years after it stopped happening, they stopped treating me poorly a long time ago. And I still treat myself poorly every day because of them, like wait. So now I've taken my power back, I choose to no longer hold them accountable. Forget forgiving them, I forgive myself for doing myself an injustice and carrying this lower vibe treatment for so long, when you realize that you have an ability to do that, regardless of the situation, there is an unbelievable overwhelming powerful realization that happens. And then from that point, this is literally what you might call a raise in consciousness, you are raising your consciousness as you realize your power, there is no part of you that is not the most powerful part of the universe, because You are the universe.


But if you have a limiting belief, like that person is responsible for how I feel, and I could never forgive that person because they've done, then you are limiting your sense of self based off of a belief system. And therefore your energy will be low, you are giving some of your power away to a person or to a situation, it's not to say that that person or situation didn't really suck, it just simply is that you are not less powerful than it you are more powerful, but it's in your ability to transcend it and move forward. And the second you do that, again, you realize I can't say it enough, you realize this palpable energetic shift, and that is a raise in consciousness with a raise in consciousness, there comes of course, a raise in awareness, awareness of what you might ask awareness of who you are in this game. And then you can raise it high enough, there are different levels of insight that come in. And that insight says, hey, you know what's funny, not only are you this self, and this higher self, but everyone else's, too. There's not seven, 8 billion things, there's one thing and that one thing appears to be broken up into seven or 8 billion things that think they're separate to different degrees. And the more you think you're separate, the more you act from fear. And the more you do things to other people that you may not have done if you were coming from your fullest highest nature.


So when you can actually stop pointing the finger outside of you, and start understanding that full responsibility for everything is your ultimate superpower. Not only do you stop living in the past and recreating those experiences, but you also again get to see that other people are just doing their best too, and that we've probably done a lot of the things we're holding other people accountable for to other people. But we were unconscious of it because it was a projection of pain that we felt inside that we weren't willing to go inside to release. So it's easier at that point to just point the finger at someone else and say you suck when we often either contain the same level of suck inside of us and aren't willing to look at it. Or we're trying to be so forthright and altruistic in our behavior that we judge everyone else. And so we would never do any of those things. And we put ourselves on a pedestal which is also equally as unhealthy because now you're just miserable, comparing your perfect self to everyone else who seems to be failing, and you don't understand why life is like this.


So it really does just come from a deeper level of understanding and faith and trust and love, the more you can shed any of any of this idea that something outside of you needs to be a certain way for you to be okay or that someone or something has more power than your ability to transcend it. So when you do this and start to see that everyone is just also you are doing their best Can you see that now how you feel about yourself and how you treat yourself and what you allow yourself to release from your story accesses a different level of inner knowing of love from us the more we shed the limiting beliefs more we shed the shame the more we shed the guilt instantly as a result, you don't have to do anything at all because this is who you are, you start to reveal more of who you are as this loving being. You start to see others as that and then you regardless as to what they have done because you're coming from a different level of understanding you get to show them love without condition you get to show them love without the need for an explanation. And you start to realize again and this is the deeper dive that not only does everyone including you deserve love, but everyone whether they know it or not yet is love it is the energy we are made up of unless again, we are believing a belief or a story that says we're not that.


That is the unconscious. That is the ego that is fear, guilt and shame wrapped up in a story based off of a human being experiencing or navigating life not knowing again unconscious of who and what they are. So we unconsciously respond from that place or react from that place through conditions and patterns and behaviors of that fear of that story. So as we realize, we can shed the story and find a different perspective, we start to access higher levels of self. And by design, the highest level of self, when you remove all of the limiting beliefs, I've yet to find a person and I will only speak for myself but also say, but I've yet to find a person who wouldn't say that that level of self without a limiting belief isn't love, or at least on Earth, you're more loving. When you are more loving, you are more expansive, you allow more creative flow, you have access to higher conscious ideas, higher conscious thought and higher conscious actions, you begin to respond and take inspired action from love sharing gifts service to others, instead of from fear closed off protection and scarcity serves to me that is the literal shift in self realization from the personal self. And this small minded egoic mind and perspective of life and reality to the universal mind, the mind of the higher self, the mind of the highest self, the mind of the highest levels of consciousness, we can access, here you are both of those things, you were all of those things as far as what you are able to experience. But half of that experience, the part where you don't recognize that you are Love is the illusion that is the mask that is the actual imposter.


So to get started on this, just a very, very simple thing that I want to leave you with. And it is because of how powerful this is, and what type of a shift will be allowed. If you can just allow yourself to do this. I'm really, really excited to share this. So even just to get started, even if you're like, I want to say that everyone is deserving of love, but I'm not there yet. I'm still really stuck on this thing here. I'm still really stuck on this person and what they did. And I feel like it's just too far of a jump. I totally get that. I totally understand that though. I don't want this episode to just be forgive everyone and love everyone, because that's easy. It's not I understand that. But if you can even begin this process by saying like, Okay, can I love someone, even though I disagree with the idea that they are attached to, or attaching their sense of self to, because they are unconscious of who they are. So I'm going to say that again, you are recognizing hopefully, and learning and acknowledging that you are loved. And that the thing that prevents you from realizing that is a belief that might say that you aren't or you listen to someone else's projection that said that you were less than or you're not worthy, you're unlovable, or who knows what else has been projected onto you and your story, you either believe that and then you would disagree that you are loved or you do absolutely do not believe that and you are sure that at your best, you are an amazing loving expression of consciousness and life itself. So if you can do that, and acknowledge your sense of self as being love and operate or express your sense of self from the highest, most loving place, you can imagine that you are that whatever you can imagine you can be and I'm not talking about like at the job fair, I'm talking about an expression however you want to show up in the world, you have the potential to do that. And that is what shifts and transforms your life.


So the next question you have to ask yourself is like Okay, I am if you're on board with this this far, like yes, I am love unless I have a belief system that says that I'm not. And it's the belief system that I have to shed there's no truth to it other than the truth that I give it. There's no objective truth that says that someone is less than that is just something that the person agrees with themself about and then lives unconsciously that way. So the next thing you would have to say is like, Okay, well, are other people different than you? Is there an other or you still have the belief that someone else is different, are separate from you in consciousness, because if you do believe that or agree to that, then that's still a lower mind point of view. It's still an egoic point of view, that's not understanding or zooming out in consciousness to the full story. It's still viewing things as separate and therefore scarce and different. Scary. When higher in consciousness, you realize that we're all the same thing. Put in different packages down here so that we can learn and grow and access different experiences with different aspects of ourselves so that the self can experience itself in different ways to know itself better. If you can agree with that, then you are one more step in the direction of being able to transcend this.


If not, you have to ask yourself what in your story says that someone is better than you? Is it skin deep? Is that the clothes they wear? Is that the things they like to do? Is that what makes someone different from you? And that makes it hard to love? Is the behavior is that their culture? What what is it that your mind is saying allows you to say that they are different? Or can you zoom out and see that the same I am that you reference before you say your name and story is the exact same I am that someone else references when they say their name and story and that we are all unified and connected into oneness through that one I am we're all just playing different characters down here pretending we're separate to see how we react and respond. So if you're on board that far, you are love unless there is a belief system, everyone else is loved. But they are operating from different levels of knowing that as well. Can you love someone else even though the ideas that they are attached to in their unconscious state of who they are represent ideas and behaviors that you disagree with, if you can say yes to that you will be released from probably years, if not decades of internally traumatizing yourself by attaching this karmic energy to what you would call others when what my promise to you is, is that if you can work on yourself with yourself with a journal, anything you can do to resolve that energetic attachment within yourself and love all of yourself. And even your ability to love someone who at one time may have said was impossible to love, you will literally wake up in a different reality, you will feel different, you will speak different, you will act different, you will feel more expansive, you will attract new ideas, new things, new people, it is the most powerful realization. But it's also the one that the ego has its claws the deepest in because of how often we are conditioned to hold other people accountable for things that they're doing wrong or things that they've done to us. And we can't usually separate the idea that the person is actually the behaviors and the ideas that they're attached to when that's not true. That's just the lens of self perception that person is believing themselves to be and they are projecting that outward into reality.


And the last thing I want to leave you here with is the knowing that if there's something inside of you that someone else is triggering, if someone else is doing something that you aren't loving, and it's triggering you what that actually means you're actually not upset with them. This is a reflective game, meaning they are in your experience for a reason. If you are feeling triggered, if you will, by someone's actions, period, period, period, it is inside of you. There's nowhere else that can be it is inside of you. There's nothing happening in the external world, that's not a thing. Your internal experience is the only thing that you have any ability to actually shift or transcend. And then yes, of course, your external world will shift as a result. But if you are triggered anytime I was ever triggered by something somebody did, I could go for years blaming them, and wishing they were different. And I can tell you that that never ever worked once. But the second that I asked myself, like why is this triggering me? What is the problem? What is this bothering me, it was always an idea. On my end, it was always a judgment. On my end, it was always something I was attached to or holding on to and wouldn't let go of. And then every time of course, because the energy is inside of you, you see it and it triggers you, it's not triggering you to piss you off. It's triggering you so that you can look at why you're holding on to whatever energy that would trigger. And when you release the energy, which is usually going to be some form of a diagnostic process of loving some experience, or some part of you or some belief or some dialogue, you have to let go up or transcend in some way, shifting from fear to faith and living from that new perspective. Not only will you see, even though you may be what you might call tested, or air quotes, given the opportunity to prove to yourself that you're past it.


Once you do, not only will these things not trigger you anymore, but you will actually be able to express and project love onto a greater amount of people because you've resolved that within yourself and you love yourself and understand yourself from a greater and higher degree. And again, that's the game can you resolve it within yourself so that the projection you're expressing onto the blank screen of reality begins in time to reflect that new expression of love for yourself and for others as being also you it is a game changer. Yes, everyone is deserving of love. Yes, everyone who is deserving of love has the potential to attach themselves unconsciously to ideas or beliefs that aren't in alignment with who they truly are because they are unaware of who they truly are. And yeah, that can absolutely suck sometimes, but you can still love yourself and love another even though you You disagree with the level of self realization they are currently at, we're all walking each other home. And the most powerful thing is when someone who has resolved these experiences energetically inside of themselves meet someone who the collective wouldn't agree deserves love when they meet someone who maybe has never experienced what love even is and that person shows that person love. That person shows that person that no matter what someone has done, no matter what someone is doing, no matter how unaware of themselves they are, you can still show or send love to that person.


Now, none of this means you have to hang out with that person or be with that person or ever see that person again. But if you are holding some lower energy attachment to someone's behavior, or to a certain person or group, you're carrying it with you, and it is sabotaging and traumatizing you internally and then therefore your projection is skewed. We as an individual experience and as a collective experience are capable of so much more than we are currently aware. We don't even know what we're capable of, because not enough of us, I believe are on the same page yet as far as accessing the truth of who we are. If you're listening to content like this, your path and your gifts are so important. Do your best without fear to share your gifts do your best without fear to really show up in any way shape and form you can to express the love you feel or have or want to have inside of you. For every single human that comes into your path they come to your path for a reason. They are in your story for a reason. And I've yet to find any other reason that it's looking to be transcended, reconciled, loved or let go of and the more you do that, the higher consciousness you gain which means the higher access to a potential of love and expressing that love for you and for others and that is what I wish for each and every single one of you.


Again I'm so so grateful for each and every one of you I thank you for taking the time to spend with me on all of these shows. I truly truly am so thankful before we go don't forget if you're looking for any free resources you can check the links below if you're looking to dive in any deeper to any particular topic and again as we said in the beginning, the free masterclass the transformation and manifestation masterclass is back and it is available also if you have any questions on any of these topics, please feel free to reach out you can email me at like attracts like [email protected] you could DM me or message me on any of the social media apps and I'll be sure to get right back to you as always have an amazing day a wonderful night and I will see you next time.

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