Like Attracts Like Podcast 814: Living From The Expression Of The Highest Self

higher self May 19, 2023

Today we dive into the deepest levels of love, healing, and expansion that we probably ever have.. There is a huge shift in consciousness that is ready to pop... and through it we will be asked a very powerful question...  The answer we give to this question will determine the unfolding of the next loops of our life... Whether it is in business, relationships, personal development, healing... Everything will be affected by this... And only you will know if you are ready.... 
Join me inside !!!
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Episode 814: Living From The Expression Of The Highest Self

By Pat Mahan


Hey everybody, welcome back to today's episode of The Like Attracts Like Podcast today we are going to be diving into something that I really feel is happening, something that I believe is affecting many human beings on their journey. And the more awareness we can bring to this idea that I believe the more prepared we will be to help make these choices for ourselves as our lives or reality presents, the opportunities to us these opportunities are going to potentially appear as though they may be the exact opposite of what you asked for. They may present themselves in a way that would cause you to question why you were getting what you were getting, or what to do in this situation. What I believe is happening right now truly more than ever before is we are really being asked in whatever situation is being presented to us to choose you. And as corny as that sounds, it is what's happening here. There is some situation there's some scenario, there's some importance or some aspect of power that we're putting on a certain situation, a certain relationship, a certain expectation and the more power we give that expectation than the less power we are coming into that situation with and it can be very difficult to resolve it. So my promise is that by the end of this episode, we will have covered not only the awareness of what might be happening here, but also some ways to be able to shift our perspective so that when we are given the opportunity to show up as the version of us that we are wanting to when we are given the opportunity to actually shift internally and externally our lives we know we are ready to do it. Stick around we're diving in deep when we come back.


All right. All right, here we go. Once again, beautiful humans. Thank you so much for joining me on the show today. If you are a new listener to the show, I want to say thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, I really do love and appreciate each and every one of you. My name is Pat. And I work with people on their self realization journey to help find a deeper truth of who they are to shift perspectives on any limiting stories so that you can live in full faith going forward inside of the flow of life and less resistant to it. Because let's face it, many of us, myself included can find ourselves at times resisting the flow of life. Sometimes we are well aware of why we are doing this and other times the reasons why deep, deep deep inside of our unconscious mind or the story of us and every single moment of every single day, we are asking ourselves one very important question and that is who are you now you might find yourself accessing multiple infinite different versions of the answer to that question, who are you? I am this I am that I do this? I do that? And what we find is that none of those answers actually do the job of convincing us that that's who we are. And in fact, what I found for myself is that the answers that I had been searching for inside of my own life's journey have less been the type of answers I thought I was looking for and more an internal acknowledgement or no wing of certain truths, certain ideas that regardless as to what my mind would say, the answer is as to who I am, there's a deeper sense of knowing there's a deeper truth. And it's one that people have been talking about or trying to teach or explain since the beginning of human self awareness.


And so the journey to access that truth can be a complicated one. Because in the Self Realization journey involves a process of removing your identification and your attachment to the story of you to the physical body to the patterns in the conditioning that we have been led to believe our whole lives is who we are when we think these things are who we are. And that identification is wired into us. It essentially just becomes an unconscious program and if there are negative we'll say as perceived by us portions of that program operating without us being aware that we can change it, it can really create some havoc and some chaos in our life. So what my mission is what this show does, and what like attracts, like evolution is focused on is helping people become more aware that they are much more than their patterns and their conditioning much, much, much, much more than any story you would be hearing about who you think you are, could ever tell you about who you actually are. And there are some amazingly profound experiences that happen when we allow that truth to be the identity that we allow ourselves to operate from. So what's interesting about this journey is and again, a little bit down the rabbit hole we are experiencing our life in a current moments, we talk about this often on the show. But sometimes we need to bring ourselves back to this realization in order to really re receive the value of it because it holds the power to be able to transform everything in your life. If you allow the significance of it, to expand your sense of self in the moment that you're in knowing that you only have this moment you've only ever had this moment, this is what is required, as I like to say as the anchor to be able to make sense of everything else.


So today, we're going to talk a little bit about why the moment you are in is the anchor to make sense of everything else, and how to use that anchor. And these truths that we're going to talk about to really show up inside of the opportunities that might present themselves to you over the next day or two. So you can reconfirm to yourself, what is the most powerful acknowledgment? And it really is just the answer to the question that you've been asking, even if you're unaware that this is the actual question, you've been asking the Who are you, once you realize who you are, everything will flow from that point to match it. But if you are believing that you are something other than what you truly are, then everything will flow from that point to match it, you are getting absolutely 100% That what you believe yourself to be. And then therefore the reality you're living in is a reflection of what you believe yourself to be. So this is a journey that we are on experiencing ourselves from different points of view to confirm one thing to us back to us. And that is who are you.


So here's the trick to this as we are experiencing life, yes, in the moment we are in we also as human beings, that our unconscious and the higher conscious state have access to what we would call a personal mind, it is the personal story of us, some may call it the ego, it is the part of you that identifies with being separate a separate being in the world. And therefore that identification to something separate means that whatever story you've been told about who you are, or whatever story or aspect of the story you remember about who you believe yourself to be, or whatever it is that you think you are based on the story that is your own version of you will call it and that story can do two things. One, it can project your sense of self into the future, causing you to worry about the new things that are coming or if you are prepared, or can you handle them? Or what are you going to do, or it can actually send you back into the air quotes past, which is not a thing. The past is just your version of recalling other previous current moments. That's it, you are recalling a past moment in the current moment, and you're calling it the past because it was a current moment in linear time. We're saying before this one. So 20 years ago for me, as I sit here now in what appears to be 20 years time, I can reflect on 20 years ago, and that's my past. And if something not great happened in my past 20 years ago, I can literally recall it reattach an emotion based off of my perspective, or perception of what happened, bring that 20 years ago moment into right now and re experience it fully in my imagination. And then in my body physically, even though it is not here. Now I recreate the past now without it being here. And what that does is it answers the question, Who are you right now, in that moment, I would be someone who is avoiding right now because I believe there's some greater need for my attention to be placed on something that happened 20 years ago, and therefore to answer the question, I'm someone who is recreating or stuck in my past, I haven't let go of it. I have no new perspective on it. I have yet to be able to release this. I can't allow myself to feel bad without beating myself up over it. I can't make sense of why this would happen. And I'm using my current moment to do that in so as I'm asking the question, if you could just imagine walking through every day and experiencing every current moment and the core thing underneath me, everything that's happening is you're asking yourself who you are. It's just unspoken. If you don't think you're asking yourself who you are, trust me, you are expressing who you believe you are, even when you don't think anyone else is asking you who are you.


So if we are living in the past, which is not a real thing that can only be in our personal mind, that's the ego. So the beautiful part is you can separate your sense of self, you can separate who you are, from that voice, from that personal mind from that separate story and separate self because it is that separateness that is not true, that is keeping you from entering the flow of life with any level of faith. It is that personal story that has been designed will say initially in the part of our conscious evolution to keep us safe, constantly worried about every thing and letting you know about everything there is to worry about to keep you alive. Now there's some value in that there's some value in knowing that if you walk off of a cliff, there's a great shot, you don't come back from that there's value to that. But ask yourself, what level of your awareness shifting to that story or that fear? Or that anxiety state is serving you? How often are you living your life from that place? And every time you are under the surface, asking yourself, Who are you you're responding with, I am someone who has no faith. I am someone who does not believe in myself. I am someone who needs to distract myself, because I'm so scared of the voice in my head. I am someone who is unlovable. I am someone who is always struggling and working so hard to get ahead. And I never can. I am someone who doesn't believe that there is any guidance whatsoever. I'm someone who believes I'm on my own. I'm someone who believes that this is just life. And that's the way it is with no ability to change it. I'm someone who believes that other people have been able to change it or just lucky they have things that I don't have none of this is who you are, all of this is a projection of ego. And if we are unconscious to our ability to change it and what the process is to be able to do that, then we will live in an illusion, believing that this lack based limited character insert the name of you here is all we've got. It's all we can do. And we will live in the patterns and loops of that situation. But it feels bad because it's not who you are, it doesn't feel bad, because it's the truth. If it was the truth, it would feel fine. It would just be what it was, there would be no contrast for you to know that it's not where you want to be.


So if there's something even if you're not struggling or suffering, sometimes it's just like a choice that we need to make, we're actually feeling pretty good. But I've maybe never believed in myself enough to try this new thing. Maybe I've never believed in myself enough to set this boundary with this person that used to walk all over me, maybe I've never believed in myself enough to honor my own time or my family. Maybe I'm not someone who was able to stop working and running myself into the ground. Because all of my value comes from the story that says that if I'm not working, I'm useless. None of this is who you are, we all have our own version of what that is, but none of it is who you are. So what this show is dedicated to today is the idea the understanding that there are different shifts that are happening in different places and spaces and all of our journeys at different times. But sometimes there seems to be such a powerful theme in our current moment where we are being asked to shed layers of that old story, the ones that no longer serve us, we're being asked for ourselves to know who we are. And I will tell you that this is not an intellectual thing that I believe we can do, we are in a physical reality, which means that we will be put into positions in our world in our life that may scare us, they may ask us to set that boundary, we don't hypothetically just go on with it, I would set that boundary of so and so did such and such, it's very easy to say the things that we would do and say that's who I am, you really get to know who you are when you're given the opportunity to present that in the world.


And the question is, do you choose you? Do you choose you this time? Do you choose to set that boundary? Do you choose to be easy on yourself and hold space for yourself? Do you choose and understand that you can feel off and you can feel down and you can feel sad and still not agree with the story that says it's this terrible thing and it's suffering and it's never going to change? And oh, why did this happen? You can let go of the story, the emotion if you're trying to shift it and the story you tell about it are two separate things. You can very much let yourself be in a state where you are not feeling okay today. And then tell yourself that because of who you know you are what you believe now or know to be true about that and how powerful you are and your ability to hold space for yourself. You can actually feel off and still tell a positive story about what this means or represents to you. It's not feeling better and it's terrible. And I'm going backwards and this is awful. I was doing so well. And now here I am, oh, no, no, no, no, I have to start over. And none of that that's a story from an old level of self perception. And you can disconnect that story from the emotion you're feeling. And you can go through something, what you might call challenging, and encourage yourself and be easy on yourself and hold space for yourself, and release judgment from yourself.


And you'll find a weird, amazing thing happened, you're gonna feel off, you might be under the bed. But there's a part of you that smiling because and I use this example in a mentorship session the other day, and it was so powerful that I really couldn't wait to get on here and share it. It really is the metaphysical or the conscious version of someone who was training physically for something somebody was training physically, their body for something, whether it's endurance, whether it is strength, whether it is some level of conditioning, or to achieve or gain something through some physical action, there may be days where that human doesn't want to go to the gym, that human doesn't want to run up that hill, that human doesn't want to do X, Y, or Z. Because we might say that there's a level of suffering, right? Oh, you suffer through it. But I want to kind of break that apart and separate it.


There are also some humans that know what's happening, while they are training and working out. They know how much stronger they get, they know how much more endurance they're going to create. They know that they are going to access a deeper level of what they know they are able to do and what you might call challenging scenarios. And it's not that this sucks, oh my god suffering. This is terrible. Why is this happening? Why does it hurt so bad? There isn't that level of story, there's another one that's like this eager, intense, like I can take more of this, this is a good thing I am growing, I am getting stronger, I am more powerful. I am excited. one more rep. one more mile one more time, the story of suffering is the one that continues to perpetuate suffering in your life, you can feel off as you make challenging choices in your life, and still blanket it through a lens of self perception that knows that you are ready to go, you are ready to do this, you are ready to move beyond you're ready to let go and no longer attach that negativity to you, you're ready to listen to another story, another dialogue that is also you but it's from the highest self aspect of you. It's from the highest self that does not contain any of the limiting beliefs you've been living by in any of the situations that you have been looking to shift. That's a beautiful thing. And honestly, if I'm being honest, it's challenging to do this for me, because this content is not niched down, I don't help you just with money. I don't help you just with relationships, I don't help you just feel better yourself or in business. So it's challenging for anyone to know if this content is for them. But the truth is, you will apply these truths. They're not my truth, they are just available truth to each of us as we access higher consciousness. And that truth is that anything limiting is not the fullest essence of who you are you without the story, the observer the experiencer of life, their true heart that is beyond words, like we all have that some of us are put here to go on a journey where we are initially very, very blocked from it. And that is the contrast of the human experience. And fighting with that or arguing with it continues to perpetuate the story of it.


So it really is accepting the best you can that you are in the only moment that there is or has ever been. And what you do in this moment matters and how you shift. What you do in this moment will come directly from who you believe yourself to be and from who you believe yourself to be, you will take different actions in the world. As a result, you will persevere through more as a result, you will allow this deeper truth through this process to help guide you through some of the challenging choices you might need to make. As the onion peels back and the parts of you that are no longer serving, you look to be released. And so to close this out, what I again wanted to focus on is whatever you're going through in your life, whatever you're experiencing, and it doesn't matter, it does not matter what area or aspect of it, you are navigating this message is for every one because we all have access to this level of higher self and it is only the story of personal mind that prevents us from living from that place. And when you can live from that place as you continue to prove to yourself through these challenging situations that you are someone who is more powerful than them your life shifts as a result because your external world is not separate from your internal world, your inner experiences, what reflects and projects on the blank screen of consciousness we give meaning to everything in our own personal experience. And we only have the moment we're in to do that realizing these things today and applying them to whatever you are going through is necessary to shift beyond them, break the loop, break the cycle shift from the addiction, you are that potential, any potential you want to create exists, but you a have to really want that potential to be the life you live, you really have to understand that it's going to be an intention setting process going forward, and then do your best to walk in faith.


If you can agree that you have been guided to this point in any way, shape, or form. Don't think for one second that you're just going to stop being guided you are guiding you, and all you are doing is waiting for you, to confirm to you that you are ready to be the you you know you came here to be. And we prove that to ourselves through the choices that we make inside of the situations that would scare us or challenge us. So today again, I asked you in the moment you are in to ask yourself, Who are you are you expressing yourself from the you that you want to be or the limited version of your story that has convinced you that that's the you that you are deep breath, deep breath, deep breath, and know that these things are happening for you. And you have the power and ability to shift your reality at any given moment. Any given moment that you choose to understand that you can express yourself from an open, expansive, loving, creative, faith based potential of the best version you can allow yourself to imagine yourself to be and that is what I wish for each and every single one of you.


Thank you so much. I really, really am excited this time of the year, this time of the season, this time of the experience, whatever this is, it really is asking so many of us to be very, very clear going forward inside of this next loop who you are and lead from that place. I'm just I'm so so excited. And then of course, before we go, I don't think I said it in the beginning. But before we go, we brought back the free masterclass, it's taken right from the 21 day challenge, you can download that there's a link below, it's again, 100% free, and there's even a way if you are interested or if it resonates to take the challenge right from the master class. So again, the master class is designed, it's an hour long for you to be able to take everything in it. And if you are that person, take it and integrate it into your life because the information is out there, it's everywhere. And you can really get a powerful result even on your own if you're someone that wants a little bit more guidance or a little bit more clarity or accountability than the challenge is designed to be exactly that it is a 21 day self paced, but daily dripped course or challenge going over this exact process of self realization and embodiment so I'm really really pumped on it. It's one of the one of my favorite things that I've ever created and the feedback on it has been very very very powerful. So I wouldn't put it out there if I didn't believe in it. But even if you don't want the challenge you can get the masterclass for free.


And for anyone looking to shift through anything personally with me next week's one on one schedule for the single calls is up so if there's a date or time that suits you the best whatever you are going through, we can work through it together one on one it is with that I leave you as always have an amazing day, a wonderful night and I will see you next time.

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