Like Attracts Like Podcast 816: Waking Up To Who You Truly Are

expanding consciousness Jun 01, 2023

Today we are diving into the process of your awakening, and what the most powerful question of all might be.. The one that really can help us shift into the version of us that has been looking to be expressed in this world in the most amazing ways... Join me inside !!!   If you found any value in todays post please feel free to Share, Subscribe or Follow :) It truly does help the show!!     Much Love    ~


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Episode 816: Waking Up To Who You Truly Are

By Pat Mahan

Hey everybody, welcome back to today's episode of the Like Attracts Like podcast.

Thank you so much for joining me today on the show.

There really has been an overwhelming amount of feedback that I've had or comments that I've received asking if I would do my best to touch on some of the things that you might be seeing or feeling or becoming more aware of as you're navigating the processes that we talk about on this show.

This self-realization, this awakening, this shifting from one version of yourself to a more authentic version of yourself, from a version of yourself that does things for others so that you get something in return that you believe you're lacking, or to someone who is so connected authentically with yourself from a place of love that this radiates off of you and out of you.

And the only thing that can happen from this place and space in our experience is that the reflection that you are seeing, that we'll call your life experience, shifts, it changes, and the one component necessary for this to happen, even after your awareness, is that it's greatest, even after you've shifted perspectives and found some depth of clarity on why certain things have been unfolding the way they have, even after you have been embodying this new, more authentic sense of self in your life and your relationships and your experiences. It boils down to the permission that you give, for the life you are living, to change. If we don't grant ourselves this permission, we'll find ourselves falling back in the same loops we've been experiencing until we learn or allow what it is that we are asking of ourselves to be expressed. This is going to be one of my favorites. Stick around, we're diving in deep when we come back.

All right, all right, here we go. Here we go Once again. Beautiful humans, welcome to a new day. I hope your day is amazing. Thank you so much for joining me again on the Like A Tracks Like podcast.

If you are a new listener to the show, my name is Pat. I work with people through all different aspects of what we are calling a self-realization or an awakening journey. It's an interesting topic because if you ask the average or the unconscious person about self-realization or an awakening, they're going to most likely stare at you like you are a bit out there or confused yourself. There's definitely not really a dialogue in the collective around this idea. It's becoming more and more. Yes, that's true. What you really find is that most people would raise an eyebrow. I think that the more interesting thing is that once someone hears what this content is, what someone understands, what the topic is and what it's referring to, they're like oh my God, that's me, that's absolutely me. That's exactly what's happening in my life. It's one of these things where, once you realize that you're on the path, not only do you realize that you've always been on the path, you just weren't aware, but you really want to start understanding the path. You really want to start being able to utilize what is spoken at this level of consciousness in your life, because most likely we are tired of a lot of the things in our life going the way that they're going. If any part of us gets the idea at all that there can be something done about it, one of two things will happen. One is we will jump on board and try to digest all of the information so that we can make these changes and see these results, or we will not maybe be ready to do that yet and we'll still kind of stay inside of, or live inside of, a victim story, because for some humans at that point in the journey, it's easier to complain about where they are and blame and point the finger outside of themselves than it is to turn those fingers back in on yourself and do what you would call the work, that is, the conscious and physical work required to actually shift the reflection which is your life that you're walking through.

Today is going to be really, really fun, because I actually get to touch on much of the process. I am a fan, believe it or not, of the process, even though it's not actually a process. It's happening in every single moment that you're in, you're just finding yourself at a different point of the process that's happening infinitely, always right now, based on where you're finding your sense of self or your lens of your self perception, how you view your life, how you view yourself in relationship to the life you're experiencing. So the process is unfolding everywhere all at once in the only moment that you have, which is the moment you are in, and there's valuable information there, because the questions that we're going to talk about today and the process that we're going to talk about today, when you realize that there's really only one choice that is being asked of you and you are the one asking it of you It can help us make sense of a lot of what our mind does as far as trying to navigate time and the past and the future. None of that is an actual real thing, except for our mind's projection of it. This is why it's so important, if you will, that we continue to focus on the moment we're in, because that is where you are truly present, you are connected to and one with the life you are living, the life that you are.

The thing that separates us from experiencing life in that way is an identification to your mind and the person of you, the story of you, the highs, the lows. We're going to call this your lens of self perception, your sense of self, which is a non-physical component of you. It's that knowing that you have that tells you that you exist. It tells you that you are a being here, it tells you that you are an experience of life and it seems like it's your own. It seems like it's just your one little personal bubble and we're going to call it your life. But it's not. It's just kind of an illusion that's presented to you in that way because, in order to experience this reality and the contrast of it and by contrast I mean the highs and the lows, and the ups and the downs, and the lefts and the rights, and the hots and the colds, and the light and the dark, all of those things, although they appear to be two different things, they are one thing. They are just one thing.

At varying degrees and depending upon where you put your attention, you may only see the one side of the thing. You may only see the hot, but you wouldn't know what that was if you didn't know what the cold was. You might see the down, but you wouldn't know what that is if you didn't know what the up was. So what we're doing here is we're pulling back the layers of the onion and cleaning up, if you will, the screen or that filter of your sense of self-perception, so that you can see all things, including yourself, as one thing. And once we do this we can kind of dive into the story and see what's going on. We can see why you're repeating loops in relationships, why you're repeating addictive loops of behavior, why you tolerate what you tolerate, why you over-give, what you over-give, and have a story that says that it's never enough, why you might do things in your life that you wouldn't do if you felt you had a choice to do otherwise. But there's a story that says that you don't have a choice, so you keep doing it, the patterns of conditioning that we are kind of indoctrinated into the personal self, if you will.

The ego latches on to these ideas and it just creates this fog on the lens of your potential experience of your life. And, depending on how attached we are to that character, it can be really challenging to break out of it and kind of crack the shell into the flow of life. Because here's the truth, the flow of life for someone who is new, or just kind of like dabbing their toe in the water of trusting and having faith. That flow of life exists in what we would call the unknown, the ego that separate self. The character of you, the pat my hand of it all, has no idea what's coming next And that would terrify that character, because the character is created from separation, it's created from lack, it's created from fear, it's created from not enough, it's created from comparisons and it's created from judgments. It is created from all of the things that would be created if you were allowed to think a thought that is contrasting the idea that you are one with everything. So we are one with everything.

At least, this is the message that this entire show and all of the work I do is sharing. It. This is what I am sharing that I've had experiences in my life that have allowed me to see what I believe the truth is, and now I get to call that my own, and you can agree and disagree, and that's the beautiful part about this. You get to like I used to disagree with this and call people like me out of their minds, and that's another point is you kind of have to be out of your mind in the best way to allow the truth to flow to you, because it is your personal mind that believes it's separate from the truth, that's blocking it. So, yes, when I was in my mind and thought I was thinking rightly as Pat Mahan who said This is crazy talk I was blocked from the truth. I was a separate character in a story and I was the victim or the hero in that story And, depending on what happened in my life, that's how I would tell you whether I was the hero or the victim And that created a lot of chaos in my life and that created a lot of entropy and downfall And I wasn't happy in a balanced state flowing with life. That wasn't exciting to me. I needed to experience and keep myself experiencing the lowest of the lows And then I would dream of the highest of the highs and I was completely out of balance.

So today, what we're going to do is we're going to walk through a bit of the process that I teach so that maybe, even inside of this episode, whether you are someone who's been on this journey for what seems like eons, or you are new to the dialogue, you're new to the lingo. You're new to being aware or awake to what's happening in your life and that there's something that's looking to come through you that actually is you, but in order to access it, there are aspects of who you thought you were that would need to be resolved, we'll say, or loved, or accepted, integrated into your current moment so that you can actually access the more connected, the more powerful, the more Zen, the more balanced, the more you you that is, one with the entirety of all of self and expression and love and experience that we are here it seems to be. So the first thing I want to start off with is how might someone who is new to this equation confirm for themselves that this is the path that they're on, that this is again, these are just words we're using, but you're on an awakening journey. You're waking up to certain things. I know it sounds esoteric, but I really haven't found a better word that I can express that sums up in its entirety what is happening here, collectively and individually, for human beings. But how would you know that you're on one?

So the first thing is to understand what it is and remember that we're talking about waking up to who you truly are. It's challenging because you've always thought you were who you always were, so it kind of is non sequitur. For a while It's like what are you talking about? And then you start to realize that who you are does different things than who you were as you wake up further in this game. So some examples who you thought you were previous to this awakening may have thought it was completely normal, absolutely not out of the ordinary, to sacrifice your full self and time and being for someone else because you valued their opinion of you more than your own.

So the journey that you would go on believing that that is okay and that that's who you authentically are, would create, or could create, so much suffering, so much of the unwanted aspects of things that you would not prefer in your life, that you would find yourself in these unbelievably crazy loops and patterns of justifying and judging and pointing the finger outside of yourself and blaming and holding others accountable for the life you are living because you don't deserve that. And now there is some truth in that. There is no deserving here or there. But what we realize is that the game is designed so that when you are not in alignment, when you are not in line with who you truly are, then you act from a place that isn't authentic to that energy and that we can kind of classify or define as from fear. You take action from fear. You take action from I'm not enough. You take action from less than You take action from scarcity.

You take action from conditioning and patterns of behavior that you have lived in your life, most likely projected upon you from others, and then you grabbed them and you attached your sense of self to those ideas and to those beliefs and they became what you would have considered to be parts of who you are. And they get buried so deep in our unconscious, in our subconscious mind, that they actually begin to play themselves out consciously and behaviorally in our life. And then what you learn a little bit more down the rabbit hole and esoterically if you will, when you dive into the energy of this, is that your external world, your life, if we're looking for like a grid or a map in the game, your external world is a mirror of who you believe and what you believe you are internally, and you communicate with this grid based off of your thoughts for sure, the energy and attention that you give your thoughts for sure, and then the actions that you take in the world, people who believe that they are a character that is a victim and less than and never enough, and in scarcity and victim mode, that person behaves differently. Then the same person who has had an awakening as to who they truly are from the suffering that's created from believing the lies of that other story, and then they operate from a different sense of self, believing and knowing for themselves that that was what was required to live and experience in the contrasting agency of life, so that you could know what you are. Remember, hot and cold are not two different things. You would not know one without the other. So part of the things that we're resolving in an awakening journey is that we used to hold a lot of the things that we didn't like happening to us accountable for who we are, instead of realizing that those were the things that were given to you so that you could realize who you are, and without them there's a great chance that you wouldn't be able to. But some humans can't get past the idea that we have to either heal, accept or let go of those parts of us and that game in order to fully express and be who we are, because the highest self version of you doesn't hold on to those opinions, it doesn't hold on to those judgments, it doesn't operate from scarcity, it does not operate from fear. So during this part of the process that we're talking about here, one of those things have to go. So, if you're finding yourself in these loops of operating from fear, operating from guilt or shame, there is a process to allowing those aspects of the journey to not only be integrated but to be actually the catalyst for the light that you are, and it will all depend. Your journey and progression in this moment will all depend on to what degree you are attached to those ideas.

Needing to be who you are because it happened and it's the truth And it's my story Like that is a very challenging thing to overcome. So typically, when people come to work with me or they have questions, there's usually very much I would say 90% of the time a very open, expansive, at least desire to want to be rid of these patterns, to want to be rid of this behavior, to want to really find clarity on a new way to look at something as far as like well, why? I'm unable to figure out why this would happen, but there is an answer. It just exists at a higher frequency of awareness or consciousness than what the attachment to ego is able to access. So I say often, almost all the time on the show, that there's nothing that I am doing to help anyone. But I will say is that I really don't have an attachment to many of the lower fear based ideas that I used to. So to be free of them, i can really really see and feel them when others are holding on to them. And then we allow an access to that higher sense of self for yourself, because it can't come from me, it can't come from anyone, it has to come from you.

This is a journey of removing power from other people, places and things so that you can kind of take back those karmic connections and attachments as you realize the power that's contained within yourself. So really diving into what is going on that you are unhappy with or that you wish were different. And then what is your story about? why you believe those things are happening? And then do you believe that there's something that can be done about it? And then, if you do, do you understand that it's not something in the physical world that needs to be done yet, but it's something that needs to be resolved, reconciled, accepted, healed, loved, integrated or shifted in your internal experience, first, because you are the source, and then from understanding your power as the source and integrating and moving beyond those things that were no longer serving you.

You have to do one very important thing And it's where many people are finding themselves at as I speak to them And it is the will you give permission for your life to change? It sounds so wild, like, oh, you've been really, really, really unhappy. It's like, yes, but you found new clarity and you understand why those things have happened. Like, yes, amazing, and you've resolved those things. Like you're working on it internally, you're doing your best and loving and accepting yourself and no longer doing a lot of the things that the old version of you would do, so you're no longer creating that chaos in your life. It's like, yes, awesome. Well, some amazing things are going to start to happen. From that, you're going to be ready for life changing, mind boggling, reality, altering shifts in your life that will now reflect that new sense of self and worth that you have. Are you ready for your life to change? And it's like nope, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. The second, we start to see it move, it's because it is moving in the unknown. It is the unknown happening. We cannot predict when or how or where these amazing things will happen, but we sure can prevent them from happening.

Because this is what I want to call attention to today The ego. You're old, if you will sense of self, and I put parentheses here because you're always going to with this dimension of life and reality. You're always going to have, it would seem, a subjective sense of self meaning like an individual. I am an individual unit of consciousness. I am my own self, and it seems and feels true down here. But you're not. You are one with the one self and we just get to kind of play a game here where it looks like everyone else is also a separate self, but we're all part of the one thing. I don't care what you use or what ideology or what religion or what spiritual texts you refer to. That's what they're saying. So the best parts of all of those things are right Anytime you read something where it looks like a human got involved and tried to manipulate it.

They probably did. But that's important because you are constantly going back, if you will, and forth between the one most pure truth and thought of who you are and what you are and what you can do from that place when you realize it. And a voice that says you're not that. And a voice that says you're garbage. And a voice that says that other people are garbage And that you get mistreated And that you have to work really, really, really hard to make any money and that things shouldn't have happened the way that they happened at all. I wish they were different. Like that is a different voice And it's the voice that's preventing you.

It doesn't matter if it's true, i don't care if it's true. Some of the most powerful negative things that I used to say in the story of me and my life were 100% true. So it's not about not making it true, because that's resistance to the things in your life are true for you. What I was doing was I was making them the only truth, and then I kept living them over and over and over like a nightmare, because the game doesn't care what you're giving your attention to. Life doesn't care. It's designed to give back to you that which you focus your attention the most on.

And then if you are saying you want certain things or you want to be certain things or have certain things, then it's also designed to give you the things that you would need in order to access that sense of life, that sense of purpose, that sense of being, that sense of accomplishment. And we don't get to pick what that is. You just have to do your best to trust that there's not some separate thing judging you, there's not some separate entity that is either preventing you or not preventing you from getting the things that you are wanting to experience in this life, and by that I don't mean physical things, i mean how you feel inside. There's nothing stopping you, but you. And sometimes we don't understand that.

We ask for things and then think we get to control and determine how we should get them or how it happens, and we down here in Eagleland don't know better than the highest version of you that already knows how this works. You there's a you that's already done this. We live in it. We have to think this is like again down the rabbit hole, but it's not. It's all around us. You live in an infinite reality, an infinite reality of potential, which means that anything is possible going forward, because there is no forward. It's happening now and you're creating what you think would be forward or your future now, and you do that by what you focus your attention on and how you allow yourself to express yourself in the moment you're in, which is the only moment you have.

So in the beginning of the show, we said you're asking yourself one question. There's one thing that you're asking of yourself, and that is you're asking yourself who are you? Who are you And what expression of yourself are you projecting in the moment you're in? Is it the ego version of you? Is it the sad lacking, limited? There's no possible change I can make other than the one that I have you, or is it one that's willing to kind of venture out into the unknown and see and feel what happens when you just allow yourself to be rid of the burden and the lens of suffering that we put over every single thing that we see, every single event that we recall?

it's so funny not funny, haha, but so interesting that, again just to call attention to this, i'm fortunate enough that I get to work with humans over the course of, or the span of, some really, really challenging experiences in life and to go from like mentorship session number one and the story that is being told in that session And I'll just let you go. I just I want to hear it, i want you to express what it is that you are feeling and seeing and what your lens is. And then it's just so amazing on like session four. I'll joke and I'll be like, hey, go back and watch the first one, and like we can't even believe that it's the same human talking. And it's just because the lens gets to get removed, it gets to be integrated. There's a calm, there's a balance. This is something that's always available to each human. Whether you're reading a book, listening to a podcast, meditating, working with someone, it doesn't matter, it's available.

So giving yourself permission to allow that availability of higher consciousness to come in in most cases requires us to let go of the story. To let go even if it's just for a few seconds. You'll feel the shift. And then, once you feel that shift in this part of the process, when things start to change and it looks like, whoa, the world's starting to change a little bit, even though it's for the better, you have to do your best to still give permission, even if you're holding on tight. Still give permission for it to change, because it's changing based on the intentions that you're setting. Trust, trust, trust, trust. Even if it looks like this terrifying, scary thing that is a lens, nothing is terrifying and scary, it just feels that way. So what do I want to leave you with today? if I could offer anything And this is something that's taken right from basically every program that I have and I just want to offer it to you here because it really can be the beginning of not just high conscious concepts floating around in your head or questions, or how do I do, or what do I do, but it really can be the beginning of allowing yourself to meet yourself where you're at and give yourself permission to imagine yourself from a different point of view, one that is no longer trapped in or contained inside of or limited by the story that you are shifting away from or maybe attached to, or the life that's been created that feels so hard and real because of that lens.

There's a way out of that, and it's more than a way out. It's designed for you to get out when you are ready, when you give yourself permission. It's designed. It is not as hard and structured and rigid as it appears. We do that because it wouldn't feel as good as it feels to break out of that, if the illusion wasn't so convincing about how hard it is. So today, ask yourself what would the new you do? Yup, super corny. It has really been one of the more powerful parts of dozens and dozens of transformations that I've been a part of. What does the new you do? Give yourself some guidelines, but be open to moving beyond them.

This will only happen when you are really ready, when you're ready to shift to another level of what's possible for you, because it's who you really are. When you're ready to actually embody and embrace that and see the results of that in your life manifest more than you are wanting to attach to and justify and defend the limited story that you've been living for any reason. I don't care what the reason. Ego can create infinite reasons as to why you could or shouldn't, or it's so hard, or it's not available for you, or did you know what this person did? Ego can do whatever it wants and it's always our choice to listen to it, and what it says in most cases feels real, true, because we lived it, but it doesn't mean that there isn't another possibility. As a matter of fact, because it tells such a convincing story of contrast, meaning this isn't what I want or prefer. That just is proof that what you prefer exists. So, then, the bridging of the gap is whether or not you agree with yourself that you are someone who can access it, and again, your answer to that question will be true. Not because it's true, but because you agree it's true and that's all that matters.

So, what would the new you do in the moment you are in and let yourself if you want to use this word dream, let yourself imagine, let yourself finally break out of one of the shells that you've been containing yourself in, and write out a quick five things. What are five things that you would do differently? Not that you would have, not that you would want to get if you could. Who cares, you'll get that stuff later. What would you want to do today? What feeling do you wish would kind of like shift? finally, what is creating that feeling? Be honest with yourself. What is it that's scaring you? What is it that's triggering this? And then, what is the you that doesn't have that feel about the situation that you're saying is referencing or creating that fear? There are different stories, and you have the potential to live either one of them based on what you're giving your attention to.

There's a reason we're giving our attention to all this unwanted stuff and that's why we live in confusion and conflict all of the time, because we can't possibly imagine why, if we have the choice not to do that, why would we still do it? There's some payoff, there's some benefit. There's some reason we choose to tell the story we tell. We just sometimes don't want to admit what the reason is. We sometimes don't want to look at what the reason is, or sometimes we're so attached to what it is because it's so part of who we believe we are that we don't know who we would be without it, even if what, that image of what we would be, is better.

But there is a process, there is a way. You're on the path. You're doing it right now. Just give yourself permission today to walk a little bit deeper into the land of the unknown, and what you'll find is that it's only unknown to the ego that you used to think you were. Once you end up there, you'll feel right at home, because it's who you truly are. But you have to venture past fear to realize it for yourself, and that is what I wish for each and every single one of you. Thank you so much again for taking the time to share with me on the show So many amazing things happening, so many amazing transformations. I'm hearing from all of you and I love this.

For any of you who are new to this journey, you know what. For any of you period who are still listening to this point and just want a little bit more structure or guidance, there is a 100% free masterclass that I created on one of these processes. It's linked in the description below. Here It's again it's free, you can download it immediately and you can start it right away. It's taken right from the 21-day challenge, which has been wildly successful for years, and if you were somebody who really wants to do this and really thrives on your own accountability and a process and a plan, then right from the free masterclass, you can actually enroll in and take, starting today, the 21-day challenge.

We used to wait, we used to have big launches and enrollments. We changed it all, so it's available now. You can take the masterclass and, if you feel called, you can literally take the challenge right after, when the intention is really powerfully in your awareness, and make those shifts. If you have any questions. Of course, you can always email me [email protected], or message me on any of the social media apps, and I'll make sure to get right back to you, as always. Have an amazing day, a wonderful night, and I will see you next time.

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