Like Attracts Like Podcast 817: Removing Blocks And Contradictions

limiting beliefs Jun 01, 2023

Today we dive into one of the most profound secrets of reality shifting Self Realization.. We sometimes ( a lot ) contradict ourselves and what it is that we are saying we are wanting... Our internal dialogue and our "external" dialogue are very different. This can create intense suffering and a loss of desire or motivation to carry on...  Let's resolve these energetic blocks in the quickest most powerful ways possible.. Join me today while we not only bring attention to this game... but we learn how to play it and move beyond it completely ...  Join me inside !!!   If you found any value in todays post please feel free to Share, Subscribe or Follow :) It truly does help the show!!    Much Love    ~Pat


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Episode 817: Removing Blocks And Contradictions

By Pat Mahan

Hey everybody, welcome back to today's episode of the Legotracks like podcast. Thank you so much for joining me on the show today. Now, on today's show, we're going to talk about something that actually could potentially trigger a lot of you who are in a position where you are asking for answers and feeling like the guidance isn't there. You're asking for the answer to a question that you have. You might even be asking for the question itself because you're unaware of what question to even have. So this episode is really for anyone who finds themselves ready for the next step and not knowing what to do.

Thinking you know what to do, but wondering why you haven't been able to do it yet, or really just at a standstill or a stall all together. There's been a theme in many of the mentorship calls that I've been having, and I always do love to share those themes with all of you because I feel like they really do represent these energetic shifts and what's happening inside of many of our journeys. So if this sounds like you and you are ready to potentially find out if you are willing to take the next step, this episode is for you. Stick around, we're diving in deep when we come back.


0:02:00 - Pat Mahan
All right, all right, beautiful humans. Once again, thank you so much for joining me on the podcast today. If you are a new listener, my name is Pat and I work with people through all different phases of what you would call a self realization or an awakening journey. This is the path that many people find themselves on and don't even know that they're on until certain things start to happen. Now, when these things start to happen, it kind of could feel like the world that you've been living in, the life that you've known, and the version of you that you thought yourself to be, all comes into question. The why is this happening? The who am I and what am I doing? The what do I do from this point on, or how do I handle this situation. They all seem like very kind of surface level type questions that we have been asking through the course of our life in one way or another. But when we really are ready to move beyond certain things, when we really are ready to heal certain parts of ourselves and when we really are ready to shift into what you would call the highest, most loving, open version of ourselves, we really start to ask these questions in a different way. We start to ask ourselves from the most deep place that we will allow, who we are and what are we doing here? Why are these things happening, and do I really want to move away from situations that are hurting me, ideas or thoughts or concepts of my mind that aren't supporting what it is that I'm saying I'm wanting? Am I living in victim mode? Am I saying the world is attacking me and it's all happening to me and that there isn't a single solid perspective that I can find other than the negative one that I have allowed myself to live inside of for so long? There are ways that we are looking to ask ourselves questions. If we will allow ourselves to do this.

There's a version of us that has done what it is that we are wanting to do in potential. There's a version of you that exists, that isn't hurting anymore. There is a version of you that exists that is doing what it is that you choose in your life. There's a version of you that is with a person who treats you with love and respect, because you treat yourself with love and respect. This is a reality that exists in potential, no matter where you are finding your sense of self or your position in this life. Now the first part is getting us to accept that that's possible, and this will be kind of the first litmus test as to how far in attachment you are to the victim's story, meaning that if you think that the voice that says no, you can't, is you, then you are deep in connection to a victim's story or an egoic sense of self that is actually sabotaging your interests in moving forward, because you are believing yourself to be a character who is limited. You're believing a limited story through a lens of self perception that was most likely created from traumatic experiences in your life or events that you felt were outside of your control.

It's possible that many of the ideas or belief systems that you are running as programs unconsciously came from other people. We kind of repeat things that others who meant something to us said as we were growing up, and then their ideas and their lens of belief now becomes ours, and then we repeat it so often that it literally becomes part of an unconscious program running itself behind the scenes And we do things and behave in a way that aligns with those belief systems. Now, since many of well, not many of all of those belief systems that are rooted in lack or limitation, or a negative self image or sense of self. All of them are not in alignments or in line with the truth of who you are. Now it's required, we would say, in a world of contrast or in a three-dimensional space, such as where Earth is, it's required for you to know all of what you are not in order for you to understand all that you are.

This is why, when you're experiencing things that don't serve you, when you're listening to and believing a negative story, when you are scared or worried about future moments that you believe to be outside of your control, it feels bad. It doesn't feel bad because it's true. It feels bad because the inner, most highest aspect of your being and consciousness disagrees with the belief you are focusing your attention on. It doesn't feel bad because it's true. It feels bad because your inner, most highest, authentic, loving, expansive, creative self disagrees with the belief system that you are choosing to give your attention to. Now, the degree in which you hold yourself to be powerfully connected or not connected to something lies in where you put your attention. So, if you are putting your attention on a limited belief system, it's not because it is true, it's because you believe it's true, but since it's actually a lie against who you are, our inner GPS is designed to show you that you are focusing your attention on the lie by making it feel terrible when you do it. So this is our law of contrast.

This is why, when you're in a good mood, there are certain truths that we have access to. When we're in a good mood, let's just say we say we're light and airy, we're on cloud nine. Light is a feather. That's because you're free of the negative, limited story that's been holding you down in that unconscious space for so long. So it's very, very seldom, if ever, that someone will talk about being in the best mood of their life and then talking about how they hate everyone and everything in themselves. So there is valuable information here. When you understand that this journey of realizing your sense of self to be the truth and nothing other than that, we start to come down to these choice points Again. Why are we doing these things? Why are these things happening?

Reality is designed in a way that you will allow yourself to suffer as deeply and as long as you need to to really begin to ask for and be willing to allow a change. We will accept or tolerate that which we believe we deserve and that which we believe to be true about ourselves. They are connected. When you believe you are worth more, when you believe you are connected to something greater, when you no longer believe the lie of your previous version of your limited self, you will take different action in the world. You will feel differently. You will shed your attention on that story and those belief systems, and the second you shed your attention from them, you instantly raise unconscious access to a new potential that already exists inside of you.

So at the top of this episode we talked about how many humans are ready to make a change but not willing to make the change, and today I wanna talk a little bit more about that. Being more than ready, but understanding what it means to be willing is what will allow the shift in your life to take place. And then the next question is and you'd be amazed that it's even a question is do you really want to change what you have been absolutely saying? you want to change, realizing that you're not changing it or you're not doing what you maybe already need to know or won't allow in order to change it? there's valuable information there too. There's some kind of a payoff or there's some type of a fear existing around what you believe will happen when you make this change that you are saying you want so badly? Shameless plug here, but below, where you're listening to this.

As many of you know, there's a 100% free intention setting, transformation and manifestation masterclass. It's free, you can get it. It's taken right from the 21 day challenge, which is designed 100% around this Setting intentions, uncovering the limiting beliefs regarding the intentions that you've been setting and then embodying the version of you that would actually have it and show up and do this Now. We've been doing this for years. I've been working with people in this exact arena for years. I've been working on this for myself for my whole life, but for real, for decades, and I can tell you that there have been times in my life when I have been screaming and crying and raging for a change in my life And I wasn't aware until I really did this work and really challenged myself to kind of look at what would it be preventing me from taking a different action? And you'd be amazed at every single time I was preventing myself from doing the thing that I was saying I wanted most in this world, because I was actually scared to leave my limited story. There was something that was scaring me about getting what I said I wanted.

Now this I've seen in humans all over the world can be an infinite amount of, or array of different things. There is no really one answer. It's really dependent or specific upon what your intention is and what might be holding you back from it, but it's always something. It's always something that you can uncover, it's always something that you can move beyond. And one of the most powerful moments in your life will be when you realize that you are the only one holding you back from the thing that you're wanting. And then it's just simply not a right or wrong answer. Just do you actually want it? Are you ready and willing to accept what needs to be done in order to move towards it? And you'd be amazed at how many people initially say Nope.

I do not want to let go of that part of my story. I do not want to let them off the hook. I do not want to hold myself accountable for that. It was not my fault. I do not want to change how I spend my money or my dollars. I do not want to jump into this business that I know will make me more money, because I don't know if I can hack it. I don't know if I can do it, so I'd rather stay in a job where I work for somebody else and I make them money very successfully and then complain about it.

I say I want this perfect relationship. I say I want everything to be even. I say that I want to be open and free, able to be myself. But I hide everything from the person that I'm with, my phone's locked absolutely at all times. I never tell them the full story. I can't be that open and vulnerable because of all of the relationships that I've had in the past, or because the person I'm with is not somebody that I fully trust.

You'd be amazed at how many humans are just living like this normally inside of relationships. Hey, do you 100% fully trust the person that you're with? No, oh, my God. No, no way. Yeah, no, fully No. And that's just a normal common answer. And then it's like, well, what are you wanting, what are you craving out of a relationship? Well, full honesty and openness and love, and I want them to be completely transparent with me all the time. And it's like, okay, well, there is no other, so are you being that for yourself? Like, are you being that? And then no, i can't be.

And then we blame why we can't be on the person. So in order to get what we want, we have to be fully open and transparent with ourselves and trusting with another person. But we attracted someone to us that we could never do that with. It is wild. It's always coming back to us. There's no one responsible for us other than us.

But when you're so used to kind of pointing the finger outside of you as far as who you are and why you are the way you are and why you suffer so much and why you can't do what you want because of this and it doesn't work out Like that is not true, first of all And second of all, it's only as true as you believe it to be, and that doesn't mean it's objectively true. It just means it's subjectively true to you and that's all that matters. We fight for our limitations over and over to the death, because there's a part of us that doesn't actually want the thing we want to be true to be true, because if we got what we wanted, that means we have to let go of all of the times we said we couldn't have it, and that means we let everyone off the hook as far as who we hold accountable for why we can't have it. And some people aren't willing to let that go. They would rather literally sit and suffer and complain about the life that they can't have, even though they can't have it, instead of letting go of the situations from their air quotes past that created the version of them that stands before you. That's too stuck in their ways to allow themselves to be happy or to allow themselves to be sad, and let that be okay, to allow you just to be you and experience this wide array of emotions that we have in life. You are not here to be happy, i promise you. You are here to live your life and to live as life, and that means the highs and the lows, and the perspectives and the failures and the perceptions and the guidance. It means all of it.

But we put some weird expectation on what life is supposed to. We have no idea what life is supposed to be, other than to know that you are life, you are living it and also being lived at the same time, and when you go and put expectations or conditions that life needs to meet in order for you to say that you'll be happy, you are going to suffer. So the question is can you live in a place in your mind, in your body, in your consciousness? can you live and come from a place that says, no matter where you are on this part of the process that you are in, whether you are unaware of what choice to make, whether you are really struggling with why the choices you have been making haven't yielded the change in your life that you wish they would. Yet if you're really unsure just of what to do next, i want to leave you with something that i feel could really really help, and again i say this i have to say this generally, because there are so many humans listening in so many different areas of their life, and i want to say something that applies to all of you. The things we are saying here can really just allow the initial layer of the onion to peel back so that we can work more diligently on the specific things as we go, but if we don't get past the first part of the onion and bring some truth into our life, we'll be stuck. We'll stay stuck at the same level of loop that we've been living over and over again.

So the first part is ask yourself if you are holding yourself currently accountable for a past choice. Are you holding yourself currently accountable for a past choice? are you holding someone else accountable for making a choice that has affected your life in some way and now you are living your life to the frequency of the choice they made that you felt was outside of your control? are you holding someone else accountable for why you aren't living the life you're living and kind of on the inside saying, well, i'll show you, think about that, i'll show you that i'm exactly what you said i was by not living the life that i want to. Are you living that life? are you living a life where you are showing other people that what they said was right because you believed what they said?

when you believe what someone else says about you and it matters more than the opinion you have of yourself, you're turning your back on yourself. It's not their fault. There's no fault. They're just projecting what they have internally on to anyone who will receive it, and the only person who can receive it is someone who believes the frequency of what they are saying. If you don't believe what another person is saying or projecting to you, it will bounce off of you and it will go back to them. It will be reflected back to them for them to look at. You have to agree with what someone is saying in order for it to affect your life. So are you agreeing with what someone has projected on to you and then living to that level of their truth? what a powerful question that is and what a powerful liberation it is to realize that you don't have to do that. You get to decide what is true for you.

And i think i know once you start playing this game of trying to figure out what is true for you, you will start to uncover and peel back the layers of the onion even more and realize the powerful truth that you actually are. And the one thing i can tell you is that there are no words to describe that. It is a feeling, it is an acknowledgement within yourself that you are this and that everything that represents anything other than this is the lie. And at that point the next part is are you giving your attention to the lie more than you are, giving your open willingness to accept the truth in your life? are you giving your attention to the lie more than you are willing to give your open attention, awareness and willingness to the truth. The second you answer that as honestly as you can, you will have a profound shift in your life. You will have a profound change.

There's a part of the 21 day challenge that we do where one of the days inside of week two is what story do you tell? it's one of the most powerful days. What story do you tell in a world where you are the awareness of two potential stories one that is in line with the truth of who you are and one that is in line with the lie? at some point during this process, you will wake up to be aware of both of them, and the only one that is true is the one you choose to give your attention to more than the other. And what I believe you'll find is that the more you start to give your attention to the one that serves you and the one that shows you that you are connected to everything and everyone, the one that shows you that it's all one thing and that you are that and you get to express that onto others, the more you accept that it's all by design, it's all happening for a reason, it's all guiding you back home to you so that you can shed the layers of lies. But you needed the lies to introduce you to who you are, because how would you know otherwise?

When you can live and accept in the moment you're in from that place, a weird, amazing thing happens, and it's human beings begin to understand that it's not just some story that we're telling ourselves that we wish were true, but it is the truth coming through in words that we can understand. And the second you get it, the second it clicks, the words go away and the connection comes in and it is nothing but emotion and the experience of liberation from your past, liberation from judgment, liberation from lack from limitation, from believing at all that you could be anything other than life itself, because that is the only thing we can confirm to be true. But inside of that experience is everything, and when you let go of needing to control it, you'll find that you can still set intentions based on things that you prefer, things that light you up, things that you want to see, and they will begin to flow to you, because this is an inside game. Nothing is happening in the external world without you initially experiencing it internally first. How much momentum will you allow yourself to build internally by choosing to give your attention on the story that you want to live, not the story that represents all that you wish you never did live, or all that you wish wasn't happening, or all of the reasons why you tell yourself you have to be sad and there's no other experience other than sadness for you, no matter what degree of trauma you have experienced. Know that I feel you, i hear you, i see you, and it's still a lie to believe that you can't, powerfully and with love, move beyond it or integrate it in your life or help other people go through similar experiences. Now, in no way, shape or form and in no part am I saying that you feel happy and skip through the tulips all day, but what it means is that there's something that we call grace and that's where you can feel so heavy and still so sad and feel so powerfully in that deep, deep state of loss and still maintain a positive, loving perception of yourself and of what you can do with that experience. So there's no part of healing that suggests that it's just a smiley face. It's not supposed to be it's.

Can you move through all of the different states of awareness of your emotions and accept all of them. But no matter what is being shown to you, you don't believe it if it comes with a negative filter or a woe is me filter or a why me filter, or it'll never change filter. I don't care about the emotions you experience. I want you to experience all of them. It's the filter. I'm trying to ask you to consider challenging the filter that we usually attach to that state of emotion. That's what I'm asking you to challenge, not the emotion itself. Let all of the emotions be there, be present with them. They're very, very valuable, but the filter can go. You can choose a different sense of self perception, filter that you will then project onto reality from any emotion, and you can really experience powerful changes in other people as a result, because there really is no other person The others, if you will, that you are also connected to and one with, just because you're connected through consciousness will feel your change and you will then be in alignment to do what we said in the beginning of this episode Be more clear on what choices to make, be more clear on what answers you want clarity on and, in some cases, to be more clear on what questions to ask in the first place, and that is what I wish for each and every single one of you.

I want to say thank you so much for taking the time to share with me on the show today. I love you so much and I appreciate each and every single one of you. Again, as we mentioned inside of the show, there are resources available in the description. If you are looking to take a more personal stance on your journey, if there's something that you're really, really looking to shift powerfully in your life, you're ready to give permission, you're ready and willing to do what it takes to move beyond it, there is a 100% free masterclass that's designed right from the 21-day challenge. That has been a worldly success. And if you're somebody that wants a little bit more accountability, we took the 21-day challenge and actually made it available all of the time. So we have people taking it right now, because the content is drip fed daily with lessons and accountability, so that you could actually get a result after 21 days.

Because, for me, i found that I was stuck in like knowledge land. I had all of the knowledge, i had all the info. I was doing even things in the world that should have made a difference and they didn't, and that's why the challenge, literally, was created, and the results speak for themselves. So if you're someone who is like me and is tired of doing everything but not actually seeing the result or not knowing why you're blocking the result, then if you're interested after the masterclass, if you want to take the challenge, it's available for you, and this week's one-on-one mentorship schedule is also open. So, for all of you who do the one-on-ones with me, the single session schedule for this week is open. So I hope to see you soon. As always, have an amazing day, a wonderful night, and I'll see you next time.

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