Like Attracts Like Podcast 820: How To Integrate Your Awakening

expanding consciousness Jun 09, 2023

Today we dive in fully to how to integrate all of the higher conscious insight and truths that we gain all along this Awakening journey.. We came here and forgot Who and What we truly are.... Then we experience much of what we are not in this world, that helps us to remember what We are.... Integrating those truths once we forget what we have learned, at the level of our "old" beliefs is where most humans struggle...   By the end of this episode I do hope that you find a new sense of clarity and trust within yourself, to help guide you to make new choices through your old story of fear.. Into that which will lead you to your Highest Self in Love.. Join me inside !!!   If you found any value in todays post please feel free to Share, Subscribe or Follow :) It truly does help the show!!    Much Love    ~Pat 


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Episode 820: How To Integrate Your Awakening

By Pat Mahan

Hey everybody, welcome back to today's episode of the podcast. Thank you so much for joining me today on the show. Today we're going to talk about something that is a really common happening inside of the experience of people who have had what you might call higher conscious experiences or an awakening, or some may refer to it as a spiritual awakening whatever label you choose to use to describe a part of you that has found an incredible amount of clarity from experiences that you've had in your life that were unwanted. Whether you've had some type of a higher conscious experience through meditation, a traumatic event, plant medicine, experiences, your entire world seeming to crash down around you. Whatever it is that sparks us to break out of our patterns or conditions for a period of time, it's all being presented to us in a way that offers one very, very important thing, and that is a degree of clarity, a degree of insight, a degree of inner knowing that, without anyone in the external world or relationship knowing about what this clarity is, we define it for ourselves as something we powerfully become aware of, and it represents something in the way of a choice we need to make a person we want to become, something we need to let go of or something that we need to allow into our life, but we're having a hard time. We feel blocked to it. We don't know why we can't do or won't do so many of the things that have come from these clarifying moments in our life.

There is this idea that we are forgetting that we remembered. So I'm going to talk today about this cycle, the cycle where we forget who we are, remember who we are, fall back down to the version of us that we thought we were and what we would accept and tolerate and choose, and how. We are being guided by ourselves, through experiences, for us to make choices and to integrate all of the ideas that exist at that higher level of consciousness. This is a process. You are being guided. It's nothing separate that's guiding you.

It's the you that is more aware, the you that knows that you are in a game right now. It is a you that you can trust. It is a you that you can ask guidance from. It is a you that has been waiting for you to remember that you forgot, so that you could wake up from that forgetting to remember. Ultimately, to fall back to who you thought you were, so that you can integrate in the world, the ideas and concepts that will lead you to a full knowing and understanding of who you truly are, what you came here to do, what you are passionate about, what your purpose is and how you can express it from love, instead of requiring it from others, from ego. This is it, this is the transition, and I know so many of you are right there and ready, so we're going to make sense of all of it today. All of it Stick around. We're diving in deep when we come back.

Alright, alright.

Once again, welcome back to the show. Everybody, thank you so much for being here with me today. It was a beautiful day outside. I'm feeling good, really, really good, and excited about this show because in many ways it is calling in a lot of the higher conscious concepts that we talk about on the show, that we've talked about for years, that have been a part of my life and my journey for years. So I always like to try to and, if nothing else, mostly really, i try to bring things from my own experience. Yes, we touch on other teachings that have been in the collective for a really long time and spiritual teachers and guidance, but there really is no separate guidance, all of the ideas that we talk about in the concepts. There are no people that own these ideas, although we each have our own unique way of expressing them and hopefully offering them in a way that other humans can kind of access these ideas and make their own way to their own guidance. The guidance is there. That's the whole point, really, of what we're trying to do here, of what I'm trying to do here is my understanding of even when I was the most what you would call off-path, and even that I can't even say that without following up with Even when I was off-path. That was what I needed to get on the path. So off the path is on the path because it's all required. So there is no off the path. But this was something that I struggled with for so long because there were so many times that my ego was like you're off the path, what are you doing? This can't be for you, this can't be good. What is this choice? I wish that never happened. Boy, do I regret that? So if you are someone who is really struggling with that version of the egoic, energetic voice of being separate and judgmental, the fix for that is to understand and accept for yourself as an idea or a truth, if you will, that there is no off the path. No, off the path. Now, you could hear that, you could read it, you can see it in a meme, you could listen to millions of people say it. But until you acknowledge for yourself that there is no off the path to the point where, when a voice comes up to suggest that this shouldn't have happened or that you're off the path, or what are you doing? It's an instant. No, it's an instant.

I acknowledge that you are here. I acknowledge that you are a voice from the depth of my fear and insecurity, from my negative lens of self perception. I acknowledge all that. It is no longer true. We can do away with this. This energy no longer consumes my moment. So, therefore, i release the energy of fear and regret and shame and past that used to keep me in those limiting circles.

Well, how did you do that? I simply know for myself that there is no off the path, and I know that to be true for me, and my knowing of that is so much more powerful than my belief that I could be off the path and all of that that suggests that I'm no longer affected by anything that I am going through or experiencing that would suggest that I shouldn't be going through it. That idea, that concept, that truth of hey, there is no off the path, because even when you believe you're off the path, it's part of you getting back to what you think the path is, and so, therefore, that was required of your journey. So, off the path, on the path, same thing Once you get really, really good at being like okay, this is definitely on the path And this feels like the off the path version. How do you know? Because I'm so clear of what the path is And this is my old stuff, so I feel like I'm doing my old stuff again. Well, that makes it feel like you're going air quotes backwards, but you're not. You're getting more sure of the patterns that you used to do And, better yet, you're so sure that you're in that old unconscious pattern that you now have clarity to say I'm off the path. That is brilliant. It's brilliant because how many times have we gone through this process where we just unconsciously did this terrible stuff according to us Terrible, the stuff we didn't want to do, the stuff that wasn't authentically us, the stuff that was just stuff we said we needed to do, old choices that we said we had no choice.

So to be hyper aware that you're off the path is a beautiful sign that you're on the path, that you're ready to question why, at a different level, you keep doing the things that you are now really clear on being off the path. So eventually you get so sure of what off the path is that you don't veer what you would call off the path anymore. You're much more likely to stay on the path, which simply means trusting your own inner guidance, being connected to your source as being you, following your heart, giving more than you expect to receive And, again, trusting the flow of life and this process connected to one with every moment. That's on the path. So on the path while being off the path is something that is accessed in higher consciousness. It's when we are ready we will gain an insight. We will hear it when they say when you are ready, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

The teacher is not necessarily a person. It's sometimes and I believe, almost all the time really, initially your own inner idea, it's your own concept that comes in. That's the teacher. You are the teacher for you. It's just sometimes we think that you is not a version of us that we can trust, because we're not used to trusting ourselves. So when a higher conscious concept comes in, when insight comes in and guidance from higher awareness which is you comes in to challenge a choice or a belief, we don't have enough momentum of that powerful, loving, trusting voice being us.

We're too attached still to the old us And, believe it or not, it's wild, but we have a hard time letting go of a limited version of us to access the most powerful, connected version of us because we are addicted to our cycles of unconscious toxic behaviors. We're addicted to them because we are addicted to the rise and fall and the rise and fall and the dream and the crash. We're addicted to it. So, allowing yourself to accept these higher conscious concepts, you're literally breaking an addiction The addiction of being you, the addiction of being the you that you thought you were, that was lonely and sad When you used to get love for being lonely and sad or needing help, or being triumphantly victorious, always and egoically superior to everyone. When you're used to getting love from one of those two contrasting paradigms, to just accept that you don't need that because you are perfect the way you are and you don't judge yourself anymore and you are open and willing to allow the moment to flow to you and you're not in a rush to go out and get stuff to make yourself feel better, it's not exciting. It's not exciting to the parts of us that are addicted to the highs and lows. So, again, it is like a withdrawal from being you and many people would rather stay in those old patterns than access the them that they have always been saying they wanted to be. Because once you realize that you are, that you have to choose. You have to let go of one of those stories. You're always asking yourself who you are. So the reason this is so important, that we start with this, is because we're going from not being aware of who we are, which is the part where we forget. So, in order to accept this in a very powerful way, go along for the ride with me if you would like to.

The first part of this is acknowledge that who you actually are, the self. Now try to do your best to like, take that image out of being like you in your body when I say self, not your physical body, not even your personal mind and story, because both of those things are probably tainted in your view There's always, probably, something you're judging about your body or, if not your body, your mind and your story, And that's ego. Personal mind and body are ego. They're the first two things. That ego, or that level of our unconscious self, attaches our sense of self to your body and your mind. It's mine, this is my mind, these are my thoughts and this is my body, and it's all separate from you, and therefore you're setting yourself up to be a victim. You're setting yourself up to be egoically needing stuff all the time and never happy where you are When you're identified with your body or your personal mind.

Nothing is ever enough and it's designed that way because, just like what we're talking about, sometimes you need to understand that you're off the path in order to know what the path is. Sometimes, every time, you need to know what you are not in order to truly know who and what you are. So initially, that means that you forget who you are. You forget that you are a powerful, infinite, expansive, aware experiencer and experience of life itself, infinitely in the moment that you are in and it's the only moment that you have, and no matter where you go, there you are, whether it's the lowest, most dense attachment to body and egoic mind ever There you are. That's you, that's the you you think you are, or whether you break out of that and you are literally so expansive that every moment and every movement you make, you know is one with life and the universe itself and you can't separate it and you have access to the most loving, expansive, creative ideas ever. There you are too. You are there. No matter where you go, you will be there.

The question is, what level of consciousness and of yourself are you expressing in the world? And the answer to which of those you would be expressing is to what you believe you are in that moment, which is why we say, or I try to say often you don't get what you want. You get who you are being. And who you are being is based off of who or what you believe you are, and your reality is designed to be a reflection of that to you, so that you have real live data reflecting either something you believe you are or an experience that needs who you are being, and you can use this experience of life to dive deeper than you have ever gone into actually understanding what that is. So, in order for this to work and you'll find out right away if I say, do you understand that you are way more than what you have thought you were previous to, even maybe this moment, you thought you're your body. You thought you were your mind. You are connected to the infinite mind that thinks and experiences and expresses very different than the body and the personal mind.

If you're like, nope, this is it, just my body, just my personal mind. When I die, that's it, this all goes away and it's black and dark forever. That's awesome. If you think that I don't, i couldn't tell you that I know. What I'm asking you is does that feel right? or does it feel like there's something going on here beyond that, that there were times in your life where everything you thought you knew in your body and personal mind was wrong, and that you got to a place and you were like, whoa, this was wild and I don't know how it happened. And since I don't know how it happened, there must have been a knowing that was beyond me, that existed, because here it is.

So, if you can get to this idea and accept but I mean really accept like, okay, there is you. That's not your personal mind and body. There is an awareness that is aware of everything. It has to be, because you don't know everything. Humans don't know everything. Every human that's on this planet right now. We don't know everything there is to know. So where is everything that we're about to find out contained? Where does it exist? Really, ask yourself that question. Where does everything that you're going to know and experience Exists right now in your brain? It's just all physical, it's just all your story to this point and that's it. I have a hardcore nope to that, that everything exists. And again, wherever you go, there you are. So, whatever version of your sense of self, you allow yourself to acknowledge yourself as you experience it. So there's a you that's done this already and knows the things that you truly want, knows what you really are, and Knows that you came here and forgot that. You forgot you had to, because how else would you know Who you are unless you experience all that you're not? so the only way you can experience all that you're not is Bouncing off of things, trying to find out who you are.

So many times We live from a place of trying to be something or someone for someone else, because we are reducing our power and giving them The power that we wish we had. And this cycle is designed, whether it is relationship based or Chemically based or achievement based. It's designed to show us that that is not where your power lies. It doesn't exist outside of you. So all signs, all roads lead to us asking ourselves Who are we being, in an attempt to remember that which we are. So what I do, the work that I do and basically, what I've Dedicated my life to, because of how powerfully it has helped me, these realizations from within myself, which I believe are equally available and accessible to everyone else Otherwise I wouldn't do this have helped me so much that I feel really compelled to share So understanding that there is an aspect of us that becomes attached to something We are not in an attempt to remember who we are. You can see what's happening here.

The title of this episode is forgetting that you remembered, and what that means is what we had to understand first, with this Lead in to understand what this episode is really saying. Forgetting that we remembered is what happens inside of the work. That again that I do when people have had these glimpses, this access to this guidance within themselves, you've gone from level three of your awareness of who you are in your game and your unconscious life, your non-player Character, victim story. You've gone from like level three and the insight that is gained at level three, which is everything is separate. I'm a victim. I can't make choices that I want because of blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I'm not lovable or I am broken, or I'm a victim. Life is scary and I can't trust anything, especially myself. Everyone's out to get me. This is like a level three. This is you are identified with your body.

So everything is scary and your personal mind has been tainted with and projected upon by so many negative beliefs that exist in the collective from Humanities unconscious phase, which is also evolving at the same time, and you've accepted those ideas as being who you are, but it's not your truth, which is why it feels bad when you believe them so many times. We get wrapped up in these loops and we Experience, or we run, if you will like, kind of like real-world simulations on our ideas and our beliefs. So if we believe we're separate from and we believe we are less than and other people have power over us, or things would be different if we only had such and such, we are allowed to go out and run that simulation And we are unconsciously running them as of core belief system most of the time, and not even knowing it. So we go out and get these results and they fall flat, and then we get this person and doesn't do it. These are the what you might call off the path moments where we're realizing that something's off And we don't know what it is and we're really struggling, wanting to find it in the world again. So this is where the spiritual concept comes in, where people stop searching in the world and they start diving deep Inside of themselves to gain answers, clarity and honesty, to finally find what is accessible when you do that. But it means letting go of or, as a very popular teacher would say, overcoming the world in order to access the universe. This is the journey.

So sometimes people go from level three and making these numbers up to level 11, whether it is again as a traumatic breakup. You got everything you ever wanted and it just ruined your life because you can't believe it didn't make you happy. You lost all of your money, serious illness or disease. Something popped you out of your story and got you asking really serious questions About what matters. What matters who are you? What is this? What is my ability to move in this space? What? why am I here? These are the questions that allow you to access who you truly are.

And when you break out of the character sitcom that you're in and you raise in frequency of awareness from level 3 to level 11, you hear things like all things are one. Everything is happening by design. You're right where you're supposed to be. Let go of that toxic trait. Let go of that toxic behavior. Feel how open and expansive this is, this can be your life. Do you feel that nothing feels better than being authentically the expression of who you are, that nothing can ruin your day today again, that everything is by design you are connected to and one with Infinity itself? have you had one of those moments or anything like that in your life where you questioned everything and New information came in and it seems like that information was definitely not something that hit that hard before You were aware of it. You heard people talk about it, but now it just means something different to you because you were ready to hear it. So this is where we understand that like, oh, wow, i remember, like a dream, i remember. I remember some of the most powerful Experiences that I've ever heard of in the work that I do and in my own life is remembering that I forgot and being like, oh, boy, now I remember. But what happens is similar to a dream. Here is what happens.

We I say the word fault we drop back down to the level of consciousness in most cases that we were at before. We have this guidance or intuition available to us and we remember that it was there. We were sure of how true it was, but we are living in and looking around in the world that was created from level 3, and we say to ourselves it can't be, it can't be. How do I, how do I get back there? It was crazy. I was there, i felt it and I was walking around, still in level 3, but I didn't care. I felt amazing, it didn't matter what was going on around me, my story didn't even, i couldn't even hear it. How do I get back there? and then we fall back again into level 3, where we're like closer to the voice That is existing at level 3, which is separation and fear and lack, and it's not worth it And it's not enough. You again kind of forget who you are, but at this moment you remember just a little bit. So what is looking to happen here is the only way that you can. This is man. I can't even express how important this is. I'm just gonna take a second, because it is the piece that is missing. It is the piece that's missing. It's the piece that's missing.

You can't only know yourself, consciously or intellectually, intellectually here, anyway, not on earth and that's where many people, myself included, for years get stuck. You have these ideas, you know them, you intellectually understand them. You even might even feel good when you think of them, but you don't understand why your life's not changing. You don't understand why the reflection of the mirror doesn't seem to line up with all of these new ideas and beliefs I have. What's going on? it doesn't work. I guess I really don't feel that much different, or I keep doing things that don't suggest that I get it, and then I Beat myself up. What's happening? So, just like we have to accept, in order for this to work, that there's a you that is well beyond The you that you think you are and it's dropping you clues and cues as to who you truly are when you are ready for them.

But the next step, after you have the awakening, is Integration, and it's something that I did not want to do. I rebelled against it for years, years. I rebelled against it, literally contradicting myself, saying that I understood all of these concepts, but why isn't my life changing? or making Slow changes, progressively, kind of showing up in a better way but then not really, and then saying I'm doing enough? Why isn't this working?

when you realize that you fall back after you remember who you are, we fall back to forgetting it, and the answer is to try to remember Anything we can and write them down and remember how true they were and then live to the level of truth that you experienced, even if it was just for a brief moment. Live to the level of truth that you know to be true when you received the Insight that you got in your expansive, awakening moments. And that's the hard part is being down here where you're not connected to it anymore, and making the choice, not because It's so easy, because it's who you are and who you feel you are and you know it to be true, but because you forgot how powerfully you knew it was true. So this is your faith and your trust you make a choice based off of remembering What you don't remember anymore, because you are sure that it's true. You trust, you have faith that if you make this choice, you will get to walk around on earth as it was on your level 11, realization, or level five who cares what level it is, what a level above the level that you were at, in Awareness of what you can do here, what you came to do here. So imagine you're walking around on level three. You've suffered enough and from that suffering you expand Instantly because you are done with what you are getting and you gain access to a higher consciousness and truth and a knowing. You have Literally shifted your vibrational resonance in this reality and, because you have tuned into a new station, you heard a deeper level of the truth within yourself and you were like this is it, this is it, i know it. And then you forget that. You remembered who you are and you have to make choices From where you are in the world and face those levels of fear and those patterns and that conditioning in Order to line up in the world as who you are from that higher level. There is no way around this unless you want to lock yourself up in a cave and Meditate and never actually walk around in reality, which is fine. You can do that too. But I believe that most of us are looking to really dive into and integrate into this world that we have believed we were separate from and kind of probably not even wanted to be a part of for a long time. You can shift from wanting to absolutely get off this rock and not experience life or live in life at all. You can go from that to being fully connected and integrated and enjoying really, really enjoying your moments and having the best of relationships, the best of experiences.

Cool synchronicities happening. They're not even synchronicities at that point. They're just literally how life works Things lining up, because things are lining up always, unless we are blocking ourselves from seeing it. I want to say that again Your synchronicities, your number, whatever it is, we're kind of not making up but creating to show how in sync the universe is. Yeah, that's never not happening, even in the chaos of chaotic. Absolutely no reason for them. Experiences. There's a reason for them because you wouldn't know what synchronicity is without chaos. So there are not two things, they are one thing that need each other for either of each other to exist.

So when you realize that things are lining up all of the time for you, unless you are blocking them, it can make it easier to make choices from trust instead of from fear. That's all I want you to do. Consider the choice you're about to make today, the choices you are being asked to make today, internally or in the world. Is it coming from trust and faith and doing the next step, because that's what you've been told to do, no matter how insignificant it may feel to you or the ego? or is it coming from fear? Is it coming from lack? Is it coming from I don't have this and I need it to feel something? or giving someone else permission to make you feel a certain way because you think that's their job. You'll never be able to know what truly, truly is your choice until you remove a certain degree of fear from the choice.

This is not to say that you don't make choices through fear, but what it is to say is that you don't let fear be the reason you make a choice that doesn't line up with what you want. That's the distinction. Remember, if fear is the thing that is compelling you to make choices because I'm scared, because there's not enough, because I'm not enough, because I can't do better, because I guess I just don't know or understand how this works If that's what's compelling you to make the choices you're making, i'm asking you to consider whatever the other choice would be that doesn't go down that road of ego and lack. There's another choice available that you're saying you're not making, and you're saying it because of fear. The next level of this is realizing that that means, because you're still going to feel the fear, that you make a new choice, which is what you are actually wanting through the fear that you feel, because it doesn't just magically go away because you say so. You're making a new choice through that fear, but you are trusting in the version of you that is guiding you along the way, more than you are believing the voice of egoic fear that says you're small or that you can't, or that it's not for you. So it's making the choice that represents what you want from your heart, through the fear that was conditioned into your patterns of mind, from other people's fear which created the story that says you're not worth it or that you're small or that you can have what you want. It's making the choice through that fear towards your guidance that will develop enough momentum and your ability to trust that guidance so you can be more fully free from the voice of ego and limitation and fear This is again just to wrap this up, and it always is just so amazingly comes back full circle.

You will see that all of the times you made choices from fear and limitation that you felt you are now off the path. They were required for you to one day maybe today be able to make a new choice from love and that inner guidance so that you could really know for sure who you are. How do you know who you are? Because I'm just so dumb, being with what I thought I was. I'm tired of living this way. I'm tired of feeling this way. Make a new choice. Make it through the fear and trust that there is a you that knows that you forgot that you were that you, so that you could go on a journey to remember that that's who you are, so that you could come back down to the level of you You thought you were, and make the scary choices that would imply that you know yourself and trust yourself enough to line up with or align with the highest version of you that you can in this world.

It's like walking up stairs. You put your foot on the stair and then what happens? There's another stair, you put the other foot on that second stair and what has to happen for you to move forward? the stair that's on the step below has to, like trust your other foot that's already on that stair has to trust that your legs going to hold your weight. It has to trust that you're actually on a stair. It has to trust that you can, with confidence, take that leg or that foot from where that stair is, and put it on the second one, you have to move in the world to rise up the stairs of your consciousness.

The same exact process is happening here with your conscious mind, your personal mind and your physical body Your conscious mind, your personal mind and your physical body. Your conscious mind has access to the highest levels of insight and guidance that there are. Your personal mind does not believe that for one bit, and your body is what you use in the world to make choices, through the fear of your personal mind, to line up with your higher conscious self, because that's who you truly are. That is self realization, that is the awakening, and that is what I wish for each and every one of you.

Thank you one more time for joining me on this show today.

This really has been one of my favorites, and when I started this episode, i literally only had the title in my head, because I had done a few sessions this week where it was just so apparently clear of what the theme was and I had been asking questions myself on different or better, if you will, more clear ways for myself to understand these processes, and I'm just so pumped and so grateful for the way that it came through and for all of you who are still here listening to it with me.

And again, just a final two announcements This week's one on one mentorship schedule and next week's, i believe, is uploaded and updated, so you could check the link below if you are looking to schedule any time this week or next week with me. And also as a free resource and a gift to you, the free transformation and manifestation masterclass is still available and there's a link below where you can click that and download it right away. That talks a lot about the process, if you will, or an understanding of the process, from intention setting to embodiment, and it's taken right off of the really amazing 21 day challenge. So I do trust and hope that those offerings serve you well until next time. Have an amazing day, a wonderful night and I will see you next time.

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