Like Attracts Like Podcast 821: The Journey From Personal Development To Self Realization

self realization Jun 16, 2023

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Episode 821: The Journey From Personal Development To Self Realization

By Pat Mahan

Hey everybody. Welcome back to another episode of the Like Attracts Like podcast. Thank you so much for joining me on the show today. In today's show, we're gonna be talking about something that I've been asked to cover for quite a while, and while I've done it in parts, I've never done it with any continuity inside of one show. And that is the difference between or the bridging of the gap between personal development and self-realization. I feel like again, we've talked about on this show a lot that everyone is in the middle of a self-realization journey even if they are unaware of it. And one of the points or parts of most people's self-realization journey is the part where they are realizing themselves as this self that needs to personally improve in some way. There is a self that believes it needs to develop or be developed, and the verbiage and the perspective of someone viewing their journey from this lens of self-perception is very, very telling. I was in it for most of my life. I still have challenges going back and forth between the self that wants to develop and be more for whatever reason. And letting that self and the narrative rest knowing that there is a higher sense of self that is looking to actually emerge through. And that that sense of self needs zero development, it is fully developed, it is absolutely the fullest, highest essence and nature of being that you truly are. It is perfect the way that it is because it's not doing anything. It is a state of being that you can find yourself doing things from. And that is the difference, that is the powerful shift that we're gonna make here today. So if you are ready and more than ready, willing to understand what to do next when you are questioning what that might be, stick around. We're diving in deep when we come back.
All right, all right, once again, beautiful humans, thank you so much for joining me on the show today. If you're a new listener to the podcast, my name is Pat. I work with people on their self-realization journey through all aspects of what you might call an awakening. Someone who is waking up to different possibilities, different truths, different options or a different lens that they are wanting to view life from themselves from. For many of us, it's really only when we have hit what you might call is a suffering wall or the how did I get here? Moment that we have what I like to refer to as wake up calls across our path, across our journey, there's something that is very, very true of this experience and that is that for many people, the suffering or the perceived suffering needs to increase so that it can become the catalyst for whatever growth or change we are looking to experience, even if we are unaware that we are ready to experience it.
And that's kind of where today's topic comes in. That's kind of where the work I do comes in. It's an understanding or a deeper understanding or knowing that there is a part of you that you are unaware of. There is the greater part of you actually that you are unaware of and it isn't blocked by or hindered by or resistant to. Many of the things that the versions of ourselves we find ourselves to be now are that version of us is free of those things, free of those limitations. And it's who you authentically are without the story of you weighing it down. So anything you say about why you need to do what you do or why you accept what you accept or why you're with who you're with when you wish you weren't or why you work a job that you work when you wish you didn't.
All of that story, all of the fear and the regret and the doubt, when we view our life from that level of our sense of self and what we believe is possible for us or what we believe we came here for or what we believe our options are, it's less than if you will, the truth of who you are and what is possible. So there comes a point where we will let ourselves live in an experience that isn't authentic to us only for so long before reality will create an opportunity for you to shift beyond it. And sometimes that is a beautiful experience of synchronistic events that guide you lovingly towards the next level of your life. And sometimes it is an absolute hurricane or show of anything and everything that you ever wished would never happen. We don't, I wouldn't say get to choose per se how these things unfold, but one thing can be sure that if it isn't a component of what you would call the experience of life, meaning with the experience of life comes change with the experience of life comes death with death, you wouldn't know what life is.
These are some irreconcilable for a lot of people, topics that seem to have an level of suffering built into them, depending on how far you're willing to zoom out or how far down the rabbit hole you're willing to go as far as who we are and what we are. And if you even believe those things or those concepts are real or if they're just earthly experiences that we believe are real so that we can get more value from life we are here, whatever that is. Everything else you can pretty much sum up as being some type of a human created level of suffering, the want or desire to be other than where we are, the constant self-sabotage and the beating ourselves up for not being who or what we want. And sometimes when we're not willing to dive into who we are, be ying as far as being the reason we're getting what we're getting, what we'll do is we'll point the finger outward and by pointing the finger outward, we're not able to dive into the truth of us to figure out where our blocks are, where our unconscious puppeteering is coming from.
We'll be blocked from that info and that truth and that level of change because we won't be able to be taking responsibility for where we are. And so what we're gonna talk about today is the difference between personal development and the idea or the belief systems or the energy behind personal development and self-realization. And the way that we're gonna do this is we're gonna talk about the first four levels of the seven known levels of spiritual or conscious comprehension. So this is where our sense of self finds itself inside of the story of who you are. And this is important because again, just to anchor this down, you're getting who you're being. You're getting who and what you believe you are. And if you're not ready to accept that and be like that's true, then you're most likely in a place of denying who you're being or what you're accepting for yourself.
And that would be the, it's their fault or it's this thing's fault, or if this didn't happen then I would B'S fault. So it's going to be whatever level you are willing to accept responsibility at, that will be the level that you'll be able to a comprehend what we're saying today and move beyond those limitations if you choose. So what I found is in my own journey and inside of the people's journeys that I work with, there are potentially going to be components that we're gonna touch on today that you might be looking to defend rather than to overcome or move beyond. There were so many points during my journey where I was so attached to the story about why I was something or wasn't something. I was so attached to that that anytime somebody would come and ask me to take responsibility so I can move beyond it, I fought to like basically the death to defend that limitation.
You don't know this and you don't know that it must be easy for you to say because you blah, blah, blah, blah. And well the other people, blah blah, like zero accountability. I had zero accountability. And looking back I understand that that was basically me protecting myself from moving on from my limited story because I didn't believe that I was someone who was competent, powerful, willing to take responsibility, trustworthy someone you could count on. I had a story that said that I was those things and I tried to act like it in the world, but I knew in my gut that I had not proven that to myself or anyone else in the world enough to know that it was who I am. So I literally would just continue to live in my limitation, even though I said I hated it because for me it was more scary to let go of that story and try to show up in the world as this person I wanted to be than it was to just keep complaining about all the stuff that wasn't happening or that I wasn't getting or that I couldn't get because how could I, because this person did this to me.
So I wasn't allowing myself to move beyond that limiting story. So anytime someone would challenge the story, it was literally a threat to who I was being. It was a threat to me, even though on the greater scale of consciousness the things I was defending weren't objectively true, but they were my truth. So it doesn't matter if it's true or not, period, it matters if you think it's true, if you think it's true, then guess what? No one really can argue against it for you and no one should. It's when you are ready to shift, that's when you will. If you are not, then you will fight to defend your limitation instead of accepting it, allowing it, understanding it was part of your journey to get to the point where you are so that you can release it and then move beyond it. All of this is part of the process if you choose so inside of the first levels of what you would call a self-realization journey, we are moving from the victim narrative, which we've touched on a little bit today.
The I am a separate character in the world and therefore being separate from the world since not everything goes my way and it seems to be completely all outside of my control, then I'm the victim of it. And your brain is designed to bring to your attention what you tell it you want to see. So if you have a victim story that says that you are always a victim, then therefore there cannot be a victim. If this is your truth, there can't be a victim if there isn't a villain. So not only will your thoughts attack you, meaning your lens of self-perception, the lens that you're viewing your life and experiences through in your consciousness that are directly related to your sense of self and what you believe to be true about you and the world, whatever that story is, which is the lens for whatever reason it exists, which is your experiences in the world and how you perceive them, not the truth of them, how you perceive them, if you add all those things up, you'll have a victim story and then you'll have thoughts that attack you and a world that is also a threat.
It's attacking you, not because it's attacking you, but because you have a victim story. It's very like the second you can remove the emotional charge from this. You could see it kind of very much black and white on paper. If you could remove your personal attack from this experience that we're talking about here, you would be able to see very clearly what happens at that level of consciousness or in general, which is why it's sometimes easier to help your friend than yourself because you are not emotionally charged inside of their story. So when someone's like, this is happening, this is happening and this is terrible and this person's always doing this and I can't get ahead, like you could kind of feel and call bullshit on that and be like, yeah, it sounds like you're kind of doing a lot of this to yourself. No, I'm not.
You don't understand my story and blah blah blah blah blah. And you're just like, yeah, maybe not all of it. Maybe some of it you could do something about. So, but when we do it to ourself, when I was doing it to myself, there was just I was in it, I believed it for sure. But as you evolve a little bit more, if you are, when you are ready, you can start to see like okay, even if it's just like I feel like I clearly am a victim in my story, I don't want to be anymore, it's not as true. I feel like I can do more and I'm ready to live that more, this is when we will shift from the victim narrative, which really kind of encompasses the first two levels of self-realization. It is the insanity phase where all of your thoughts are very, very, very negative and it attacking and it's literally life or death.
The world is out to get you and you need to protect yourself or fight it immediately before it gets you. And then the next level, which is still victim stories, the ignorance phase. And that's just simply the highest belief of that level of comprehension of consciousness is that life is not fair. And I feel like most people kind of navigate the world and like this non-player character consciousness where it's just life's not fair, just just blah blah blah blah blah blah. So you're not ready to fight to the death every day, but you're definitely not really enjoying yourself and it kind of is what it is and you've succumbed to where you are and you're just frustrated and angry a lot. It's just again, a level of consciousness where the victim is present and therefore life is threatening, but then we reach the next level.
And that's the first part of what ties in today's show. And it is the empowerment phase of self-realization. It's really where we're tired of being the victim. And again, you don't, I should put an asterisk here, you don't have to start at victim, but many people do. So I feel like it was important to preface that like you don't have to start at victim. Some people start right from empowerment, rah rah, motivation, I can change my life and my reality. This is where a lot of people find the law of attraction teachings and the secret and Neville Godard and manifestation. This is where a lot of people come in and there's a separate self still and that self is still a separate character in the game and it's no longer a victim of its reality. It knows now this character portraying itself to be you knows that it can work really hard and get ahead and it can get the things that it wants to to make it happy if it just applies itself and changes its thinking.
So this is where we're really shifting into what you might call the personal mind, the ego, which is the self, the sense of self in your mind, the story of you which really exists as your past, which is why they say, when we're entering the moment and acutely aware of the moment you're in, this is what provides you peace. This is what provides you balance. This is where your power comes from. The reason why is because your ego essentially and the attention you give, it goes away when you're focused on something in the moment, whether it's your breath, whether it is in nature, whether it's something that you're doing and giving your attention to in the world, a hobby, a passion, your sense of self in that moment goes away. This is what we call a flow state ego, and all of the story, all of the limitations, all of the lack, all of the doubt, all of the I can't do.
It gets lost to to your attention when you're focusing your attention on something that you love or something in the present moment, but there's still a you there. And that's where we're kind of bridging this gap. There's still a you, you and your sense of self are still there, but you and the activity that you're doing or you and what you are giving your attention to are one thing. You are literally one with life in the moment without the story of you referencing some space in time to pull you back out of the moment you're in. So inside a personal development or the third level of spiritual comprehension, there is a self that feels it needs to improve or get better, and it's usually desiring something that it doesn't have now. And saying that when I get that thing, I'll be happier, then I will know my purpose, then I will be significant to other people and they will see my value and my worth.
So let me read every book that I can and get super motivated to get that promotion or to make more money to be seen and validated in the world and to my partner. And that's fine. I did it for decades of my life. There are some people that you can live what you might call in the external very successful lives, but that has nothing to do with how they feel inside on a day-to-day moment by moment basis. When I was at my absolute lowest stage or frequency of consciousness, I had everything I ever said I wanted. I was in the literal fast track loop of personal development. I literally taught other people hundreds of human beings in my corporate life. I taught them how to get what they wanted by applying themselves and empowering themselves through personal development. It's literally what my core role was inside of my corporate career.
And I'm helping them to get the same success that I got. But I was miserable. It was never enough. I never impressed anyone, not for long anyway. And it was something, a life that I was never satisfied in myself. And I spent so much time and energy and effort doing things that I wouldn't do for people who really didn't care if it was me or someone else doing them, not living my passion, not having any free time, never satisfied in the moment I was in unless I was working really hard towards something. I couldn't just be with me for a second because I was not enough, because the energy that I was coming from was the personal self that needed to develop further. So when you're constantly in that space of ego, you you're never actually content or balanced or at peace, not if you're listening to that voice.
So personal development is great and it's part of the path. And I know many people that actually you can stay in what you might call an egoic sense of personal development and throw in a little gratitude and a little meditation and balance, and you can live a very, very, very happy life. But most people find that they can't do that because they can't get out of the, it's not enough. I'm not enough, I need more. I'm not good enough mode that happens inside of the conscious space where you find someone in the need to personally develop. So the question is that can set you free is what person needs to develop. Would it be your highest self? Would it be the literal, eternal, powerful, creative life having and giving force of nature that you are? Or would it be the egoic story part of you that you used to think you were, that doesn't believe that you are eternally powerful and infinitely connected to life itself?
Which one would say I need to personally develop? Which one? And it sounds like I'm kind of being a jerk asking that question, but I'm, it's sometimes you have to be a jerk to the ego initially so that you can call BS on what it says. So if you are in the, it's not enough, I'm not enough, I can't do enough, they're not doing enough, it's never enough. Oh, I'm can't, I'm miserable. That's not you. That's the voice of who you thought you were. And when you attach your sense of self to that voice, even though occasionally it feels rah, rah, inspirational and inspiring and empowered, it's not you. So most people that I work with have been in the self-development, personal development part of the process for so long. And hey, listen, I give it credit. It got me initially out of my victim story.
It got me out of my woe. Whoa, sad is me. Woe is me. Depressed, couldn't get outta bed for weeks'. Depression the second that I would. That's how you can't judge any of this and it will all flow to you in your story exactly when it needs to. So there's no right or wrong, and I promise you there's no order. They give an order, but there's no order that it unfolds. So having that at like, Hey, you can do something about your life, that that helped me change my life. But what happened was ego got ahold of that narrative and worked me to the bone unapologetically until I literally crashed, literally crashed in a motorcycle race cuz I was trying to impress everything and everyone and ride over my head when I hadn't slept for weeks because I was trying to get a promotion at my job like it was miserable.
And when I crashed literally from the empowerment phase of my life, I lost everything. Everything that I ever said made me who I was. I lost it. Marriage houses, money, cars, prob probably a lot of respect for myself at that level. Like I lost everything and it was ultimately just me, my sense of self with nothing to attach it to anymore. Except now guess what? Now the victim story comes back, oh, it happened because of this or I'm no good, I can't do this. See, I knew it. The ego comes back in from that lower level. And there was a point and really I wasn't quite sure I was gonna bridge this gap, but to be honest, there was a point once I re-hit my victim story where I heard the personal development person come back in, which again, the personal development Pat got me a lot of stuff in my life and it was all stuff I said I needed to feel good.
So there was a part where the voice, when I was done with the victim story again, the next level of consciousness was like, you know, you can get it all back. Right? What do you want? You did it once, you can do it again. And I heard the voice super loud and clear. That's right, I can, I can just, I'll fine, I'll just, I'll get a, I'll get a job, I'll get another job, just another whatever job. Uh, how much does it make? I don't care what I do, right? Think about that. How much does it make? I don't care what I'm doing. So many people live from that place. Yeah, I just, I need a job. How much does it pay? Uh, I can do that. Okay, sure. No one's thinking about what they want to do because they don't trust that they can do what they want and live their life from it cuz they've been programmed to believe that you can't.
But you've been programmed by people that want you to work for them and you can't work for them if you're living your dreams. So they tell you that you can't live your dream. It's not true. This goes for all parts of your life, all facets relationship, doing what you love, being who you want to be, believing you need to be something or somewhere else to be happy. All of it is all garbage. You're not here to be happy. You're not here to get what you want. That's ego. You're here to live this life as the fullest expression of you that you are able to in every moment. You're here to understand that giving and receiving are the same thing. And then it's certain characteristics of ego that keep you locked in loops that you suffer from. I'll say that again. There are certain characteristics, certain belief systems of ego that keep you locked inside of loops where you through that lens of ego suffer.
Because one of the beliefs of ego is that it's separate. You are separate. When you identify your sense of self as ego, you're separate. It's the only way you could be a victim. How else could you be a victim? If you're one with life and the universe, can you be a victim of it? No, you are it. What are you gonna focus your attention on? How are you gonna shift it? You have a very powerful connection to the universe. It's you. So anytime you hear a voice that says it's not you or that this shouldn't be happening or what are you gonna do? Now that's not you. That's ego. And that's the part that is trying to get you to personally develop so that you can get things you want to be happy. And again, it's not good or bad, but most of the people that listen to this show or to content like it, you realize something deeper, a deeper sense of truth.
And that is that there is a you that you might not be aware of that is guiding you through all of these phases of victim and empowerment. And the next level after the empowerment phase is what you call the awakening phase. And this again, this is kind of like the space where I believe many humans these days are finding themselves in awakening even from the empowerment phase, to realize that not only is there a force in the universe that you can give your attention and awareness to and shift and create your life experience because of it, but deeper still is that you are that force. You are that consciousness. You are that sense of self at the highest level you can allow yourself to imagine. And what re and what is required to live your life from that place is really fully letting go of the you that believes it's incomplete or insignificant or needs to personally develop or needs to sacrifice itself to be in a relationship with someone that makes them feel good or works for someone else doing something they don't care about to make a certain amount of money because money makes me happy or makes me free.
That's all ego. And the only reason there aren't more humans doing what they want and being with who they wanna be with because you get to be who you are doing those things is because there's a belief system that says you can't. And that is completely a product of not understanding who you truly are. So this is how we shift from the empowerment phase and the personal development aspect of your journey to the awakening phase and realizing that you are one with this force and that there is guidance waiting for you step by step from faith and trust and love. But anytime, anytime. So I told you I was gonna help you figure out a way to bridge this gap. And I know that it's going to be challenging. I know that it's going to be frustrating. I know that you're gonna say that it's a garbage and this is crap and you'll never get it done.
I understand all that, but that's also not you. It's the part of you that is comfortable suffering with what you're suffering with because it's familiar and familiar suffering for most humans is air quotes better than suffering inside of the unknown. As you apply faith and trust to live your life a different way from a different lens of self-perception, from a different level of power, not egoic power, but literal infinite power and guidance. And from that place, you will allow yourself to feel more peaceful, more balanced in every single moment, not struggling and suffering every single moment to get to this one point where you're not gonna suffer and struggle anymore and you've made it to find out that that is absolutely not it and you didn't make anything and you're just as as miserable if not more. You can break that pattern, you can break that loop.
It's the one thing that I literally have never been more sure of the block, if you will, to getting into that space is a person not believing it or not being willing to do what it takes to access it because we're too attached to who we think we are and it is more suffering or we are unwilling to let go of who we think we are, even if it's damaged and broken and limited to access who we actually are, which is we know that that part is the lie, the limited a lie. When you access who you are, there's a part of us that's not scared of how powerless we are, but actually is scared of how powerful we are and doesn't believe we can live our life from that place because you were programmed to believe you couldn't. So to bridge that gap today, anytime you hear a voice that says you can't, anytime that you hear a voice that says it's this way because of this and it shouldn't have been, these are key words you should hear in your mind it shouldn't have been, they shouldn't have.
Well if they didn't, then blah, blah, blah. I guess this is the way that it is. Only so and so and such and such. Get the things that blah blah blah. That's all coming from ego. And it's believe it or not, a protection mechanism you've put in place to protect you from being your highest self. That sounds so wild, but you've put it in place and you're the only one who can take it down and you can only take it down when you're ready, when you're ready to shift from victim, when you're ready to shift, even from empowerment, as helpful as those things may have been in your life. Are you ready to trust? Are you ready to let go of ego? Are you ready to let go of that story? Most of it's probably not even yours. Are you ready to live a life from faith and actually have an exciting day for once where you don't know everything that's gonna happen and you're not terrified of it?
Were things that are better than what you could have imagined actually happen. Yes, I know. It's like, listen, I'm not selling anything. Here were things that are actually better than what you would imagine happen. And I should take that back cause I do have things to sell. So I don't want this to sound like I'm not selling anything here. But again, those things are choices too. There is way more free content available from me and pretty much every other creator out there who in this field is doing the same thing, trying to wake other people up to their full potential. The only reason I know that it's so possible is because I had such a hardcore voice that said that it wasn't for so long. So because I was the person who was like, this is all garbage, it's all crap. And then I called Bs and all of the reasons that I used to say those things, that's how I know.
And you don't have to believe that or know that or do that for yourself. But there will come a point where, and this is what all we want, where you call Bs on your limited story, where you are tired of living from that place where you are tired of believing that one more thing that you get will do it a little bit more money should make me happy and fix my problems. When you realize that none of those things are true and you stop chasing them, you will be able to let go in the moment and trust. Now here's the caveat. This is what I want to kind of share because so many people don't share this part and I feel like I know why. So I wanna do this very, very as intelligently as I can because there's a reason that most people don't say the part that I'm about to say, and it's because ego can get ahold of it and run with it and trick you.
So I wanna say that again. If you're still here with me, then you are ready. You are ready, you are ready. The reason that most people don't or aren't going to say what I'm about to say is because ego will get ahold of it and can tear it apart and trick you. But I'm here to bring awareness. So if I'm bringing awareness to the fact that your ego might take what I'm about to say and try to trick you with it, you're less likely to be tricked. And then to go one step further, the reason I'm going to say it is because it's a block to a lot of people not doing it because they think that you're just gonna sit on your couch all day and meditate, or you're gonna sit in a cave and you're not gonna be able to interact with life.
It means letting go of all worldly and earthly possessions. And since you're not empowered anymore or inspired to go work really hard and get stuff, you're not gonna have any of the things that you want. You won't be able to do what you want. You're not gonna have the house you want or the money you want. You have to give up the empowerment law of attraction phase and manifesting. And you have to allow and trust from a place of peace and balance. And that sounds hyper boring, I get it. But here's what I'm trying to say. Once you let go of those things, once you let go of the idea that there's a you that has to work hard to get them or do things you don't want to do to get them or has to suffer and be miserable and rage and fight against life and your relationships to get stuff or to be happy, or whether you just in your mind have completely succumbed to you're never gonna be happy and this is it and life sucks and blah, blah, blah.
You can let go of all of that. And when you let go of that story and narrative, your sense of self will consciously expand because there will be less weight and baggage holding down your consciousness and inside of consciousness wherever you go, there you are. So if you're in a victim story, whatever story you're telling or listening to you are there. Your sense of self is there and you believe those things and then you project those things and then you live that experience of life. If you don't have those belief systems or if you shift your perspective on them, it's not so heavy. You're not as attached your sense of self and your consciousness expands or raises higher into a less dense area where there are greater opportunities, a higher level of awareness of what is possible for you and who you are inside of your own truth.
And you then express that through your conscious lens and your sense of self. There you are in a higher state of consciousness, again open to these opportunities, open to abundance, open to giving and receiving, being one thing less hindered by or frustrated by the unfolding of life as it happens. And the ups, if you will, and downs of what it means to be human. From that place, you will line up with so many amazing things that it will blow your mind. It's designed to blow your mind because your mind is not who you are, the mind of higher consciousness and the one mind is who you are. But we have a hard time accessing that from a place of believing. We're a separate personal mind. So every time you have an epiphany or blow your mind, you are blasting into higher consciousness where those truths exist and those are truths that we all share.
They belong to no one because there is no one. There's only one. And when you blast out of your mind and let go of your victim story and your empowerment and your struggle, you access that one mind and things will flow very, very effortlessly more often because you're showing that you understand that you are one with life, not a separate character fighting against it. From that place, you will begin to then line up with all of the things that you wanted when you were coming from personal development mode. You'll still get those things that you choose to believe you can get and that you choose to give your attention to. You just can still have all of it, but your journey to get to where those things are is just so much more enjoyable. Yes, you let go a little bit of like how excited you're gonna be when you get in.
Oh my god, if I only get this, it'll change my life. Like that goes away because your life is better way more often. So this will just be another amazing, great thing that you get. It takes a lot of energy and effort to remove the idea that we're a victim and something can save us. And how great it makes us feel when we think of the thing that can save us. When you realize you don't need to be saved and you can be good just about every single day, and then you're gonna also get the things that you want. A lot of people are like, eh, I don't know. I kind of like feeling like I'm a victim and I need to be saved and then I'm gonna give this thing power to make me feel better and then when I get it, I'm gonna feel great.
That's called an addiction. That's what an addiction is. So when you, we, you understand when people are like we're addicted to our limitations that we are, we're addicted to the part of us that makes us feel small so we can give power permission to something to make us feel better. So when we get it, we feel good for a second and then we drop. So there are actually humans that get to the point where they're like, oh, so I can just feel good all day. Uhhuh, yes you can. And then I get things that I want still, but it's just not, it's not like the life or death excitement, it's just I feel good 90% of the time and then I get everything I said I wanted. Yeah, doesn't that seem like the better option? People are still like, yeah, no, nope, not as exciting to me.
And that again, no right or wrong, that's a choice. You have to make that choice. But sometimes it's better to at least know you have the option. And then if you want, choose the victim story and then be really excited when you empower yourself to get something that you think is gonna make you feel better, to find out that it kind of doesn't. You can do that for as long as you want. The difference is unconsciously we do it and we suffer and then hopefully we suffer enough that we wake up to realize that there's a different option. You can experience life in a different way here the way you were meant to. We'll say from your most authentic understanding of who you are. That is the awakening journey that we are on because I believe that most people can only go through those loops of unconscious suffering so many times before things absolutely fall apart.
And we start to really dive into asking deeper questions about who we are, what we are, why we're here, and why we're giving so much power to things or people outside of us. There's a different life waiting for you. An ego does not want you to access it because when you access the life that's waiting for you, your attention to the limited ego ended it story disappears. And since you have known yourself to be that egoic voice and sense of self for so long, it will make you feel like you are dying when you choose to give your attention to something else. And this is the journey. You can overcome all of those things. You can shift more effortlessly into who you are and you can access all of the things that you ever wanted while you are happily enjoying your journey towards them along the way.
And that is what I wish for each and every single one of you. This is one of the longer episodes that I've done for sure. And so if you are still with me, I absolutely appreciate you. But if you're also still with me, I know that you are really, really, really ready to move beyond whatever loop you feel you life is calling you out of. Whatever it is you're looking to move beyond whoever you are looking to embody or embrace in this moment more authentically. You're there, you're ready. It's time. If you're looking for more, more things in the line of free resources, I have a free masterclass below. Wherever you're listening to this, you can click the link and download it right away. And it kind of goes over, uh, an intention setting process, a core limiting belief reframe, and then an embodiment portion.
It's based right off of the 21 Day challenge, which was really, really, uh, wildly successful. And you can even access the challenge still right from the masterclass if you choose. But the masterclass is powerful. Again, I created it myself from years and years and years of doing this work with myself, on myself, and with people from now all over the world. So if you're looking for a next step and you like some level of accountability, then I created that for you. It's free. Have fun, enjoy it. As always, have an amazing day, a wonderful night, and I will see you next time.

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