Like Attracts Like Podcast 823: What You Seek Is Seeking You

self realization Jun 29, 2023

Today may be one of the more important shows... If you have been trying to make sense of your "ask and receive" or "what you are seeking is seeking you journey" ... If you are ready to really know what is happening inside of your life... This episode is for you..  Whether you are trying to bring in more of something and feel stuck, or you are trying to move on and let go of something, or someone that you absolutely feel you will never be able to let go of... You are one listen away from allowing this to shift ... I hope you'll join me... Sending you so much love!! Join me inside !!!   If you found any value in todays post please feel free to Share, Subscribe or Follow :) It truly does help the show!!    Much Love    ~Pat 


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Episode 823: What You Seek Is Seeking You

By Pat Mahan

Hey, everybody. Welcome back to another episode of the Like Attracts Like Podcast. Thank you so much for joining me on the show today. Today, we're going to be talking about a very, very popular phrase that I believe most human beings know. But we're going to be diving into it from a position that we probably have not gone into before, definitely on this show. And of course, with new clarity comes new levels of unlocking this game. We're calling life in our intentional experience of it, the power of shifting our awareness from things that are no longer serving us into the inner world and the inner truth that we all have access to, which is really leading us to all of the things that we do prefer. Once you shift your awareness from these ideas or concepts that you've been told you need to have your awareness on, or else you can see that an entirely different world opens up for you. We have an emotional G.P.S. that acts as kind of a guidance system for our personal journey, and we are internally deciding unconsciously, for the most part, whether or not we feel worthy enough to enter into the reality we came here to experience. After the contrast of all of the unwanted experiences has taken place, we are always left with a choice. So understanding the seeker in this and the idea that what you are seeking is seeking, you could be confusing from a certain level or vantage point of consciousness. Today we're going to talk about something that I believe will unlock this for us so that we can understand it in an even more powerful way. And I believe more importantly, use this today so that you can start to show yourself evidence that you feel you are ready to enter into the reality that you have been wanting to experience the life that you have been wanting to live, the freedom, the peace, all of those buzzwords that we keep saying that we want, the things that we keep saying we're seeking, confused as to why they're not seeking us. It sure doesn't seem like they are. We're going to make sense of all of this today. So stick around. We're diving in deep when we come back.

All right. All right. Beautiful humans. Once again, thank you so much for joining me on the show today. If you're a new listener, my name is Pat, and I work with people on what you might call a self-realization or awakening journey, helping people find perspective from past situations where guilt, shame, fear and lack have attached to our sense of identity and really shifting into a new paradigm of awakening to a deeper or inner truth of how your life experience works and how you can use this transition from the unconscious experience of life to the higher conscious experience of life, to actually use your gifts to help others. And in the giving and receiving of that experience, you realize that your life experience itself begins to shift. It begins to take on what you might consider characteristics of a life that you came here to experience before you woke up to thinking that you were a victim of the life you are in. So I actually want to dive right into this. I don't really want to waste a second setting this up too much because I believe that the message is too powerful. When we listen to what we just said a second ago, talking about how we're shifting from one paradigm of life or one phase of life to another, or the unconscious phase of who we are, to the more aware, awake aspect of who we are and what that life shift actually means. We can see it actually found in the next statement, which was helping others. So when we talk about that, what you are seeking is seeking you the sense we are going to make over how this works energetically in your life, consciously in your life. And I dare to say universally in your life. I found it to be profound, to say the least, because and only because I've experienced so far all of these different levels.


There was even up until recently, a point where I thought I had this understanding, like intellectually I did. And that's become a big part of a lot of the mentorship calls and the sessions and the groups that I've been teaching or leading. Many of the themes that are presenting themselves are really that of the intellectual understanding and the analytical knowing of these concepts in these terms and the even the agreement with them. Like I analytically understand this and I even agree with it, that must mean I believe it. And then the looking for the change in the world, thinking that the analytical understanding of these higher conscious concepts is enough to actually create the shift. But what you'll find here, and this is the most relevant thing leading to in sticking with the theme of that which you are seeking is seeking you. It's one thing to analytically understand something and to intellectually, we'll say for lack of a better word, lowercase k know something and then still behave or internally respond differently in your life. So when I look back and think about all of the times that I said I knew something and then did the exact opposite of what I was saying, I knew in the world, but not understanding why I was taking action in the world that seemed to counteract or conflict with something that I said I knew was a big part of the confusion. And I'm sure my life and everyone else's lives that got to witness my life growing up. Like you just said, you knew this and you knew better and you weren't going to do that again. And then here you are again. And I'm like, Yep, isn't that crazy? That's so crazy how that works. Pat you said you were sure of this thing, that if you did this, then this would happen or you weren't going to do this anymore. Remember all that like I do. Do you still feel the same way? I do. I do. But you're still doing the old stuff, like, huh? Yeah, still doing the old stuff. Like what? How is that happening? And it's because I used to trick myself so much with this intellectual understanding of things that I would either play dumb and act like I didn't know the thing that I knew so I could keep doing the thing that wasn't serving me because I was addicted to or attached in some way energetically to the behavior or to the person or to the act that I kept doing. I felt that those things were more powerful than my ability to shift it. So I sat in my understanding of an ability to shifted or an unknowing that I shouldn't do those things, and then I'd go right out and do them and then be like, Oh, why does this keep happening? So the same thing I found to be true when it comes to what most people would consider your spiritual journey or your awakening journey for lack of a better term.


Again, just using labels here when you're shifting from, Oh, I was unconscious for much of my life. Yes. So I wasn't aware of how powerful I am and what I can do with my intention and my awareness and my existence, putting that on what I prefer, and then knowing that I will receive that back in my experience, like, yes, that's all true. Okay, awesome. So I'm consciously expansive, infinite, being connected to the source of everything. It's one with me and I can work with that to change my life. And it's like, Yes, okay, great. Do I have to change any of the toxic that I'm doing now in. Order to change it. Like, can I just keep doing what I'm doing? And then just knowing that I'm this powerful thing, expect that to change my life for me. No, you can't do that. It's like, Oh, there we go. So there is the issue or the challenge when we dive into the Seeker. So sometimes we again consciously know these things to be true and even agree with them. But we haven't addressed the seeker in us. There is a representation of old karmic energy that used to attach its sense of self, its value, its worth and its power to things outside of it. And when I say it, I'm meaning the you that you used to refer to yourself as the ego concept of you before you were awake and aware now that you can observe it and that you're not your thoughts and that you are that being an awareness in the present moment, all the stuff that we all know, right? So why isn't anything changing or not changing to the degree that we are seeking in our life? And it's because there's a good portion of our lives where we tried to cash in on the intellectual knowing and understanding that we have and we don't pay any attention to or acknowledge the still unconscious seeker energy that's in us. So maybe we're not even doing a lot of the toxic things that we used to do. Maybe we are really resisting calling that person, but we're suffering by it. Maybe we're really resisting not taking another drink. But God, do we want one? Maybe we're really resisting posting all over the place for attention because we feel sad today and now there's nothing wrong, believe it or not, with any of those things, because they're all part of the journey. But where does the truth lie? Well, it's a beautiful thing to be aware that you are feeling really off and resistant inside about a version of you or doing things as a version of you that doesn't do the toxic things you used to do. There's value there to be like, Hey, I used to do this toxic, addictive behavior and it used to ruin my life. Oh, great. So you know that that's no longer serving you. Yes. You know that to do that or to continue that, you already know what road that goes down, right? Like, you know, where that simulation, if you will, ends up like, Yes, I do. And you've agreed that you don't want to go there anymore? I have, yes. I don't want to do that anymore.


So now you've stopped yourself from doing that consciously. You've made a conscious commitment to not doing, being or needing to have those things that you thought you needed to be okay or to find freedom or to feel safe. Yes, I'm making conscious choices not to do those patterns of behavior or to fall into that trap, but it's got quite a bit of momentum that I feel that I feel that momentum wanting me for trying to compel me to take that old toxic behavior. And it sucks. I don't feel good. So this is actually awesome. The awareness. I know it doesn't feel awesome, but the awareness of that when you are, I dare say, struggling or perceiving yourself as someone who is struggling through that this is where your power exists because you realize and can detach your identity from someone who is struggling. You are not someone who is struggling. You are aware of an egoic concept of yourself and the energy that was created from believing the lie that you are that limited, created the contrast in your life that you're saying you're struggling with. So when you keep attaching the struggle to the I, it will be much more challenging to shift this pattern or behavior into what we're talking about today, which is the second paradigm after the seeker is resolved. But I want to take a second and really sit with this in order to understand fully the that which you are seeking is seeking you. We have to identify the seeker and you are not the seeker because the seeker in the old phase, the unconscious phase, that seeking energy is the result of a character that you were playing or that you were aware of, that you were unaware that you could have an awareness of at the time. And it is built on a foundation that contains a very organized structure of belief systems that all agree with one thing. You are separate, you are lacking, you are not safe. You need to perform in order to be accepted, seen, loved or validated. And you need to control outcomes or manipulate them in order to feel safe, free or loved. It is at its core everything that makes up the separate self. And unconsciously we attach our sense of self to that voice, to that personal mind, The mind that you thought was the only mind there is. And then there was some higher power or a higher force that is separate from you and your mind. It's not that it's separate from you. It is who you truly are.


When you blast out of the personal mind that you thought you were, you get to discover that you can shift from your personal truths, either positive or negative about. You your personal truth to the one truth that seemingly connects all of us. When all of us blast out of our personal minds together, then we would realize that there is no other and indeed no other. We would realize that each person is a fragment of the one mind and that there is no person. We're just kind of playing a game, acting out here to see if we can wake up to the truth. And that's when we discover that there's no separate thing. It's all one thing, and we can learn and grow and evolve in a beautiful way if we accept each other as this powerful source, this powerful collection of love and creation and expansion. And then you might be like, Well, it doesn't seem like there's love, creation and expansion down here, but it seems like the exact opposite. It seems like there's a lot of hate, a lot of violence, and a lot of the worst things ever down here on earth. So what the hell are you talking about? We're we're all love and all one and all. I agree with you. I can't disagree. But what I will tell you is that all of those things that we're talking about in this concept are not a result of all of the humans blasting out of their personal minds to know that they are one with all things. The truth doesn't change just because someone down here disagrees with that or is unaware that it exists. The truth doesn't change and it doesn't shout for your attention. The game wouldn't matter if we all just knew that we were this one thing. So it's designed in a way it seems that we come here live this experience in a physical, we all call it reality, with a nonphysical aspect of a sense of self. We think that sense of self is separate in the beginning of the game, and we then therefore go out to try to find ourself in this separate world. So it develops what we're calling the Seeker. The seeker is the part of you that doesn't know you're you and one with everything and the source of everything and unconscious to that truth goes out inside of the lie of a separate self. The lie is the thought that you're not that thing that's important. The lie of the seeker, the thing that propels the seeker to go out in the world and do all of these things and need to be all of these things and sacrifice itself to get stuff or things or love that idea that built the seeker that we're talking about here, that's confusing everyone in the idea that what you're seeking is seeking you. The Seeker is built on the idea or the belief that we're allowed to have that says that you are not love and the source of everything and you're here to share that truth with others so they can wake up and do the things that they prefer with their gifts so we can all see what humans are actually supposed to do here on Earth or in this reality. So that seeker, when you believe you're that separate self and that you're suffering or that you're lacking or that you're needing something, that seeker goes out in the world to try to find it and it's an endless infinite loop of not being able to do that because you are not contained in the external world, because there is no external world without your internal experience of it.


Now we can dive down the rabbit hole here, but I want to make it easy and just let's just talk about you listening to this meaning like, Well, what if I die? It doesn't keep going. I don't know. We don't know. And while I do believe certain super fun ideas about what I think happens after a human thinks that dies, they are less relevant here. But we can dive into that in another episode. But let's just say for now, for you, in this experience, nothing in your world exists without you experiencing it. It's really hard to debate that. So what does that mean? It means that your external will call it and your internal experience are one. So if we are unaware of who we are from that powerful place, then we are not unlocking our gifts because we don't either believe we have them or we think our gifts are getting stuff or doing things we wouldn't otherwise prefer to do to get something that we need from this external world that we are oblivious to in the understanding that it doesn't exist. So when you think you are separate, then what you are seeking is things that you think you lack. I'm going to say that maybe ten more times. Not really. When you are unconscious to who you are and you think you are separate character, insert your name here and your story here when you think that is you and that other people have their own version of that character for themselves objectively. And we're all just separately interacting down here and scared of each other and judging each other and hating each other and being pitted against each other, Then you could see what happens. No one thinks they're complete on their own. They think everyone else has something that's theirs, and we're going to fight to defend it or get it. And that's ridiculous. But it's what happens when everyone thinks they're separate.


So each person here, at least on this path, if you are feeling called to it, is waking up to this truth that you are not that. But there's this interim where you are aware that you're not that separate thing, but you're still acting and behaving as a separate thing in the world, suffering to a degree. So that separate self is suffering and when you attack. What's your sense of self to it and say, I am suffering you now bring the separate self back into the moment you're in as part of your identity and it will have its hold on you. But if you bring in the I am aware of suffering and I feel that I feel it, but I am not anything. I am not this suffering because in order to suffer, you must believe what it's saying. Now follow this, please. In order to suffer. The reason why this is so important is because of the blanket statements suffer and the labeling and definition and meaning that people put behind the word supper. So I'm going to clear this up quick before we go on. In order to suffer, you must believe with whatever negative thing is being said, whatever negative thing is being said about why this pain exists, the suffering as a result of you agreeing with the voice that's telling you about how it should or shouldn't be happening, or why it's happening, or how you wish it would stop, or What am I going to do? That voice, which is also not you, you have to agree that the pain you're feeling is not for a good reason. This is not to say that you can't feel pain while you are allowing the parts of you that used to suffer to flow through you. I can't explain the difference in how this is being presented. One is nurturing growth, although you're feeling what we're going to call pain or toxins leaving your body or emotional cathartic releases of all of the times you believed you were separate, being represented by whatever you're seeing or experiencing. It's not to say that this is not going to cripple you down on the ground holding the toilet seat while you're shaking. The suffering we apply when we agree with the narrative.


So remember, the seeker suffers. So do your best not to attach the voice of the seeker that's trying to compel you to get out of suffering by doing something in the external world to air quotes. Fix it, like call that person or go to that job that you can't stand for that boss that doesn't like you or stay in that relationship because you're scared to speak your mind. All of that is the voice of ego trying to compel you to do something you used to do so that it ends your suffering. And in most cases, when we realize the suffering is a choice, but the pain might still be there. That is when you will evolve and you will shift into knowing how powerful you are when you no longer apply the voice and attachment to suffering. As you evolve and expand into your highest state of being into what you're calling your highest self. It's the one that doesn't suffer as they experience challenges that offer them the potential for growth. Let's just say that is an excellent example in my life of what I consider a higher self to be at this level of the game. It's the version of me that doesn't suffer, meaning I don't listen to the narrative of my old separate self trying to convince me of X, Y, or Z being good, bad or otherwise. If I'm focused on my path and I'm focused on my journey and learning, and I know that the giving and the receiving are one thing, which is how we're going to tie this all together next. I know that and I go through a challenging time. I suffer less now because I listen less to the narrative. I used to attach my sense of self to when I was perceiving what's happening in my life. Oh my God, I don't have that filter anymore. Nowhere near the degree that I used to. And I would say that the difference is I still go through tremendously challenging experiences in my life. I still experience and have experienced great loss in my life recently, as many of you know, and changes and things that I was attached to that needed to shift. Now I see they needed to shift and if I held on to them, it wouldn't have shifted and I would have been stuck in that loop attached to this thing that I thought had more power than me. And I would be saying consciously how I know better. Why isn't my life changing? Because I didn't do what the version of me who is living the life I'm saying I want to live I didn't do at that time what that version of me would have done based on the understanding that it has. But this is what's meant to be. You want these things, then you need to become the person who has it or does it or experiences it. You don't get to live in both realities that wants the one where you're attached to all of the things that aren't serving you, that suggest that you still believe you're a separate self in the world who is a victim too, or needs to be validated by the external world, and to live a life from someone who has released that concept of themselves, entered into the universal mind of truth and love and expansion and purpose and freedom and giving and get that life. You don't get to do both.


I learned it I will say it hard way. I learned it the hard way that you don't get to intellectually live in one world and behaviorally live in another. You will live in suffering. You will live in confusion. And you will live in frustration, which is why when most humans listen to what you are seeking is seeking you, it confuses them to death. It absolutely confused me for years, and it is only now just beginning to make sense in this powerful way for me. Remember, I am not just a teacher. I am a student. I will never not be. And the more I've allowed myself to not need to be the teacher and open up to being the student, I become a better teacher. And that's kind of like the gist of this whole thing. You go quickly. It was like you need to be the teacher and the best teacher and look what you know intellectually. Student I'm no. Student. I'm the teacher. And I suffered because things weren't working for me from that level of me thinking I was something that was on a level of people who were teaching and students and open and expansive, and there was no ego there. These people that I wanted to emulate and be like they were doing it. And I intellectually maybe kind of knew what they knew and was teaching what they were teaching. But I wasn't doing it because my ego was all over the place. So it's when you can let go of needing to intellectually think you're the thing and start showing up as it your life will change. So to make sense of the Seeker, I or a lot of humans are saying, Well, what are you seeking? Ask the question today, what are you seeking? I'm seeking peace. I am seeking comfort, I am seeking abundance, I am seeking money, I am seeking resources. I am seeking some level of clarity. I'm to think about all the things we're saying that we're seeking. Think about freedom. This is the biggest one that I get on the mentorship calls. And I will also say, of course, as a reflection, it was one of the biggest themes in my life, like freedom. I always thought money is freedom. Having my own sense of personal identity in a relationship is freedom. And of course, we're all on our own journey. So other humans may have different experiences of what they are attaching their sense of freedom to. And it's all true and it's all good. But for me, and I've definitely found there to be a theme, the more I allowed myself to understand that freedom does not exist outside of me, that it was up to me to find the space where I feel free within. And I understand that many.


There are thousands of people right now going, Pat, what do I do to do that? How do I feel free within when I have $4 in my account? How do I feel free within when I really, really have never felt more free than when I was with this person and they won't call me back? How do I feel more free when I go to a job every day that I can't stand? And the answer is to realize that those conditions that are currently being experienced by you, from versions of you who did not feel free or who felt they needed these conditions to feel free, they are not required to change in order for you to express your freedom inside of them or without them. So again, the conditions were saying we can't feel free because we are in them. I can't feel free because I have this condition happening. Relationship, money, family, a health concern. I cannot allow myself to feel free with these conditions. Pat, how could I do that? How do you expect me to do that? And the answer is you release the condition from having any power over your ability to feel free. Now, even intellectually, that is like, okay, I'm kind of with you. How do I do that? Well, one way you can get yourself to realize that you don't even have to ask how and then you can just do it is to say a little truth or false gain. And the answer is fine is whatever you are navigating right now more powerful than you, not the you that you thought you were, but the you that you know, you are like, can you feel the lie of being like this relationship is more powerful than me I can't do anything about. Can you feel the bullshit lie in that I don't care how powerful this relationship is. I don't care if it is your family member. I don't care who or what it is. I'm not saying it doesn't suck or that there isn't a voice of it sucks. I'm saying can you feel the lie and the victim in its more powerful note? There was a time before you knew that person. There was a time before you knew what money was. There was a time before you took that job. There was a time before whatever storyline was coming in about how much power the situation has over you. There was a time before that happens and you were fine. So you your career is fine. More than fine, infinitely powerful. And we just believe that we're this limited thing affected by this external condition. So the answer is to at first release, and I know it's a process release, the idea that anything you are dealing with conditionally in the world has power over you and your ability to claim your freedom for yourself. If you say no to that, it's more powerful. And I feel that you will feel ultimately that that's a lie. But if you don't and you want to carry out the victim story, there's no wrong answers here. You get to do that. But that's the wild thing. You get to believe that this is more powerful than you and you get to live. About life. But you'll be the reason it hurts is because you're living in the lie. Not because it's true.


Think about that. The reason it hurts is because you're believing a lie. It hurts to believe the lie. It doesn't hurt because it's true. You wouldn't know what the hurt is if you weren't connected to the truth. Think about that. In the law of contrast on Earth, you need to know what both things are to have an experience. So if you weren't connected to amazing love, powerful unity, if you weren't connected to what it feels like to experience that, then you wouldn't think anything of feeling bad. It would be your natural state, that suffering would be your natural state. But think about how hard ego has to shout at you to keep convincing you to suffer because of blah, blah, blah, blah, and the voice of the truth inside of you just whispers quietly, because it's the truth that doesn't have to fight for your attention. It's there when you are ready to listen and it is you and it is also the infinite being as well. It's one in the same. You guys create each other. We all do. So what is that seeker and what does it want? You then begin to understand that. Okay, okay, I can do this game inside of me and I don't need anything or anyone else. Yes, I don't need anything to even change right now. I don't. I don't need it to change for me to do this. True. That's true. So what do I do? You are beginning to realize that you are the source. You thought the source was outside of you. That is not true. You are the source. Your existence is primary. Your emotional experience of life is primary. You just thought that certain conditions had control over that and they don't. They did when you were unconscious. Now they don't. You have an ability to cultivate your own conscious experience from the truth within you that you can apply as a new filter to any situation you are navigating. I'm not saying this happens instantly, I'm just saying that there's a process here of transmuting the old you to the new you, and don't judge that process no matter where you find yourself in it. But don't deny the truth that it's possible. That's all I ask. Don't think or believe that it's not possible because it's too hard that will keep you stuck. Even if you could just agree that you understand that the truth is within you and it's just the journey to realize it for yourself. And however long it takes, it takes can be very powerful. So you become the source of whatever it is the egoic version of you was seeking in the world, because when it's seeking, it's only going to get that back from the world. So if you don't contain peace, if you don't contain freedom, if you don't contain love, and you go out in the world to try to seek it, you may get things in the world as the illusion of the world that appear for a moment to give you the things you were seeking. Oh, this relationship gives me love. This money gives me freedom. Wow. This knowledge gives me clarity. And then in short order, if it's coming from lack because you think you lack it, you're giving these things now responsibility to be your source of it, and you will suffer as things change. Because the one thing that stays the same is that things change. So when the relationship evolves because that person is growing, also it's a threat to you because you don't think you're the source. When the money dries up because you're starting a new business venture and you have to take a leap of faith, you live in fear and you begin to experience suffering. When your knowledge gets tested or questioned, you have to go within yourself to find what you believe, but you don't know what you believe because you're so used to believing what others have told you to believe. You freak out.


So our inner state is constantly being affected by what we believe has power over us, which is our external reality. And that's not true. But that's why when you're seeking from lack anything that you get, that you're giving power to, will ultimately recreate the same experience or emotion that was used as the source to create it. So again, remove the idea of what you're getting from being the physical thing, because that's not what you're getting. What you're getting is the emotion you think the thing will give you. And if you're giving the thing you want a job, if the seeker is giving the thing, it's seeking a job to make it feel a way that it doesn't feel. And that's why I'm seeking it, because I don't have it. That is an infinite loop of the unconscious human, and it's designed to create enough suffering that you wake up to the truth of who you are, that you are the source. So when you feel the urge to seek from that place, recognize you're the source, know that the answer can't come from outside of you, and that it's okay that the external reality has been created as it's been created from the version of you that didn't know better. And then you apply whatever you think the seeker is lacking to that voice, to yourself, to the energy of that seeking, you become the source that allows you to feel free regardless of what the outside world is, no matter what the money situation is, regardless as to. What their relationship is. None of those things have an ability to affect your inner state of being unless you give them permission to. And the only person who would give them permission to do that is someone who is unconscious of who they truly are.


And the next phase I want to close this out because we are absolutely diving in and I want to make sure that what we are talking about stays as powerful as possible. The next part, the last part is and it has been the most important part for me, even after you realize all of the things that we've been talking about here today and you realize that the seeker energy is a representation of the parts of us that believe the lie that said we were not connected to the source. And that's okay. The next part is how do I change my reality? I'm okay with myself now. I'm forgiving myself and my selves have forgiven me. I don't judge the outside world really anymore because I understand that I was creating and perceiving it as separate from me. There are things I don't like. There are things I don't prefer, but I know how I can actually have an impact on them by putting what we'll call the opposite energy into the world. And that's all I can do. And the more I do that, the more I share that gift that I have to put the opposite of all of this stuff. I didn't prefer in my unconscious life and experience and to see what all of the other unconscious human beings are doing in their lives instead of raging against it. I get to apply the opposite force in the world and create more of that because that's what I want. And when the voice comes in that says, That's not enough, that'll never do it. What do you got? Yes, it will keep going. Yes, it will keep going. It wants you to think that. So you don't do it. Of course it would say that it's not enough. Of course, the voice that doesn't want you to put love in the world would tell you that you just alone. Putting love in the world isn't going to do it. Of course, that voice is going to be like, fight against it, get angry, rude, old, outraged, read another newspaper, look at the media. You should be really pissed off and start a Facebook group. That's what you should do. That's fighting against it and showing everyone you disagree. Nope. Hard core. No, it's putting the same energy of it back out in the world. And that's what it wants. The last thing it wants is for you to realize how powerful you are and stand maybe alone for a while and put love into the world. Put your gifts into the world. You are freedom. So if someone's not feeling free, find a way to help them find relief If they're unaware of how powerful they are. If someone is feeling financially strapped because they've been controlled by money their whole life, and you know what that feels like? I don't care if you have $1 in your bank account, tell that person it's going to be okay, that they don't know where the next dollar is going to come from. But trust me, it's going to come. You can do that when you have $1 in the bank and you might be like that straight living a lot. No, the reason you have a dollar in the bank is because you've been living a life. Now you get to live from the truth and watch what happens. Watch what happens when you lead from this place as the source. Regardless of what your personal conditions are right now, walk through that void long enough, Walk through that desert long enough for no other reason. Then it's who you are.


Don't walk through the desert long enough so that you get something back to prove this point. Otherwise you're going to keep walking in the desert. But when you really do it and express it in an authentic way as who you are because it's what you know you are and what you believe now, that's when it will change. That's when you'll see it. And that is what I wish for each and every single one of you. I'm so grateful again that you took the time to share with me today. I hope with everything that I have, that this awakens something inside of you and it stops your drought, it stops your low tide, it stops your vortex of the separate self and its suffering. I hope that it finds a way to your heart in some way that you can allow yourself to live from that place today, regardless of what your conditions are telling you, so that you can actually see all the rewards that are on the other end. Not because you're seeking them, but because you are them. And you don't get what you what you get, who you're being. Have an amazing day. A wonderful night. And I will see you next time.   


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