Like Attracts Like Podcast 825: Freedom From The Limitations Of Your Past Self

limiting beliefs Jul 03, 2023

There is an amazingly powerful shift happening... over the next few days humans are going to be asked a question that will determine the outcome or life situation that they experience going forward...  On this week of Freedom.... The question is.. "What will you be taking with you"..  If we snap our fingers and enter into our new experience of life... What is coming with you in this new life. Does doubt.. Does fear, does anger, does hate, does judgment come with you??  Are you willing yet to understand that those emotions and perspectives have been necessary for you to understand who you ARE... And now that you KNOW who you are, connected to the Source of love... Are you willing to lead from that place and express that Love to the best of your ability every moment...  You may be aware of the presence of the old energy... This is where embodiment is the expression that will allow you to progressively (or all at once) be able to shift away from it... The next few days are going to be amazing... and I can't wait to tell you why! Join me inside !!!   If you found any value in todays post please feel free to Share, Subscribe or Follow :) It truly does help the show!!    Much Love    ~Pat  


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Episode 825: Freedom From The Limitations Of Your Past Self

By Pat Mahan

All right, all right, beautiful humans, once again, thank you so much for joining me on the podcast today. If you're a new listener to the show, my name is Pat, and I work with people on what we call a self-realization journey, the journey to oneness, the journey to find yourself, the journey to find who you are without the voice in your head telling you who you are, but a deeper sense of knowing that really eradicates all previous senses of perception, allows you to shift your perspective and then from this point find the moment you are in because that is where you will be the closest to finding the answer to the question of who you are. As you start to become more familiar with this question answer, who am I, we start to see some different things happen in our experience of life and of ourselves. We start to see and feel and dare I say hear a different voice of guidance and it doesn't necessarily communicate with you from the same voice that you are used to listening to which is why when some people shift from listening to their voice of ego to listening to the voice of higher self, they're listening for words. They're listening for the same line of communication that they are previously conditioned to believe is them. And while in some cases, of course, sure, there are different levels or lines of communication with higher consciousness, and some of those lines of communication include some humans hearing a dialogue or a direction or a go here or a do this.

The difference is, for many of us, it is shared or there is a combined feeling or an intuitive knowing that the words that are being said are being generated from love and expansion and creation and not from fear or doubt or guilt. So that's the first takeaway I want to kind of bring to light here as we talk about this freedom from your previous self. When you are meditating, when you are sitting there listening, if you have a choice that you are looking to make or a perspective that you are looking to find, know that there are definitely different lines of communication that are always present in your awareness. And it can be tricky to try to figure out which one is coming from the highest level of consciousness you are accessing as yourself, or whether it's coming from some previously conditioned version of you that's terrified of you taking the next step because it means that version of you dies in the process. It dies to the new you. And if there's any part of us that's attached in any powerful way through guilt or fear or shame to that version of us, I know it sounds wild, but we actually won't transcend it. beyond the voice of conditioning or the unconscious pull of doing toxic or self-sabotaging behaviors because we aren't yet ready to let the version of us that we have been attaching our sense of self to die or have served its purpose.


Again, the purpose being that of allowing you the ability to experience enough contrast or to suffer enough or to question enough. You don't necessarily need to suffer, but sometimes just the questions that we ask through the contrast we've experienced, that is enough to wake us up to who we are so that we can express that in the world. But many of us, myself included, still, again, I'm a teacher and a student, and I've always found that the more that I am able to allow myself to be the student, I become that much more powerful of a teacher in my own life and inside of the work that I do. But there was a period of time where I didn't allow myself to be a student. I didn't allow myself to learn from anyone. I didn't allow myself, once I had the core dialogue down, I didn't allow myself to let anyone or anything else teach me anything. Because I felt it was a threat to my definition or label of myself as a teacher. So we can see this dynamic of ego-verse-inspired, higher-conscious communication in action here. For myself personally, I came from a very, we'll say, low, there's a label for you, as defined by me, place. I had it all and lost it all. And at the lowest point, I decided that, hey, there's nowhere else to go. I'm going to be a student. I have seemingly been aware of previously like a gift that I wanted to share, but I wasn't sharing it in the right places. So now I'm going to figure out how to learn these things and connect with this source. And I was awestruck and inspired by this new world and life of spirituality that I could really dive into. I did not understand that ego was very much behind the wheel of a lot of this but again there's no good or bad here it was what was required for me to be able to move beyond it so I dove into every book I mean we're talking for a decade here 100% was a student loved it learned everything read everything I listened to masters, read autobiographies, plant medicine, psilocybin experiences, DMT trips, blasting into higher levels of consciousness that I still can't even put into words. Everything making more and more and more sense until one day I thought I had enough information. And I was able to articulate and speak on a level that previously I was not able to do before.


Now, my life was not perfect. Much of it wasn't even by my design still. I was still experiencing quite a bit of previous momentum, like that energy of not enough, the energy of what do I do, the energy of how's this going to work the energy of do they like me? the energy of Not enough money the energy of when will the right person come I wasn't living the dream yet, but I could speak it.

Once I could speak it. I decided in that moment my ego was like okay, so you're not a student anymore You're the teacher and I tried to show up as just that. And it did not work. It did not work. It may have looked good on the surface, but that was just like everything else for me. Everything just looked good on the surface. There was no depth because all of the depth from my vantage point was hiding some deep trauma or some deep pain or some deep level of insignificance or insecurity or not enough. That was my deep level based off my perception of myself back then. So just because now I have this spiritual dialogue, which I was saying, I was trying to allow myself to say that I am free now. Listen to how I speak and how I can make sense of this for you. But I was not free from it. So it wasn't until I allowed myself to say, okay, you are a student forever and there was someone who knows more than you, like even that, even saying that, I couldn't have said that three years ago. I couldn't let myself do that or say that because it was a threat. It was my insecurity popping up. I was again trying to build a life not as authentic as I came here to build. And if I kept going in that way, I don't know what would have happened. That would have been another simulation that could have crashed and burned. I don't know.


But it wasn't until I let go of or freed myself from whatever belief systems I thought I had that were a threat to whatever insignificance I thought I had inside of me or was as a human, and that was represented by me saying, like, okay, so I'm a student forever, I'm a student. And the second that I had felt from feeling so blah almost all of my Young adult and adult life It vanished. I was just me. I was open to be me and there was a truth that was like Yeah, I'm always going to be a student And And I enjoy teaching, so this is not like, you're a teacher and that's it, forever. It was, this is an ongoing process. The second that I did that and allowed myself to open up to other people and other conversations and other people's points of view and perspective, my life changed. And that's the point, and that's the point I'm trying to really drive home here, it's that, it's not intellectually when we do this that we are free from our minds and our life changes. For years I was intellectually trying to free myself from my past, intellectually trying to find perspective and overcome. There is something else that happens, and that's really the point of this whole show since its inception. There's something else that happens beyond someone's analytical or intellectual understanding of, or the ego saying, but I already did that That happens and that's when your life changes So it's sometimes the humans that know the most That stays stuck the longest So in that example the differences and this is just going to sound hysterical as you listen to this play this back And I'm telling you that you're gonna be like, wow, that's pretty funny. Here's what it sounds like. The analytical me saying and agreeing logically that I had done this sounds a lot like this.


Hey, Pat, so you know that you wanna teach this, you wanna help other humans through this? And you want your life to change you wanted this amazing reflection to come from doing your passion and purpose in the world Yes, yes, I do So, you know that like you aren't done learning right? You can't be done I know that learning is a threat to the you that needs to know it all You can't let someone know that you don't know something. So since it's a threat, you know that you need to kind of accept and allow that you are the student as well as the teacher in order to really, really dive into this and be who you came here to be. Yes, I know and understand that. You know that there are other humans who are really, really good at this and know more than you that you can learn from. Yes, I intellectually know this. Of course they do. Ha ha ha ha. Of course there's people who know more than me yes I am a student I will always be a student has my life changed I've accepted this belief I no longer agree with my past self they were just being silly of course I'm a student and a teacher And then you can like hear the record skipping because it's just a loop of meaningless words that I did not allow myself to let in. It's like, of course I'm a student. Of course I'm a student. Like it was just literally on a loop, like a record player of me saying that I had done I've done something, tricking myself into believing that what I said was true, and then ego, looking in the world to see if I got a result. Did everything change? I've accepted this about me. Like, no, you haven't. Absolutely, no, you haven't. You have not let this in. You are not opening yourself up. You are just saying words, and there is such a big difference.


It wasn't until I had this moment where I was like, Hey, Pat, how does it feel to think you need to know everything? How does it feel to think that you will always be trapped by a version of you that doesn't open yourself up and walk this path and let go of your vulnerability, let go of your fear, let go of your doubt, who cares what it looks like? If you're leading with love, who cares what it looks like? It wasn't until I really sat and let that in, and the difference sounds like this. One day, I said, you're a student, and that's the best thing you could ever be. Thinking you know everything is what's preventing you from being that which you came here to be. The most, air quotes, intelligent humans in philosophy, science, religion, ideologies of any type, all of them, the ones who came here to do this, said that above all, the only thing that they know is they know nothing. But Pat Mahan from New Windsor, New York knows it all? Has everything figured out? No.

And that is when my life shifted, when I was allowing myself to be the thing that I was scared the most of being. Not because there's a good or bad to that, but because anything you are scared of is propelling you in a direction that may not be the Not because there's a good or bad to that, but because anything you are scared of is propelling you in a direction that may not be the authentic direction you were meant to be moving in.

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