Like Attracts Like Podcast 826: Awakening From Ego To Unity Consciousness

expanding consciousness Jul 12, 2023

Awakening from the voice of ego and separation (fear, manipulation, control, anger, disconnect) to allowing the voice of the Higher Mind of Unity Consciousness ... YOU as the Universe itself.  This is how we authentically allow the embodiment of who we were meant to be to show up in a world where it seems like any attempt at saving it would be hopeless.... YOU are the Source, and the time for you to live the life you were meant to is here... A little secret before we start... It begins by allowing yourself to ask yourself a very powerful question that you may have never asked yourself before.... What can I give inside of this situation..?  The stream of consciousness inside of todays episode has the potential to connect with the TRUTH that you already know exists within you but have been blocking...   Stick with me until the end and watch as your day shifts as a result of reminding yourself of what you already KNOW... but kind of came here to forget... lol Much Love! Join me inside !!!   If you found any value in todays post please feel free to Share, Subscribe or Follow :) It truly does help the show!!    Much Love    ~Pat  


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Episode 826: Awakening From Ego To Unity Consciousness (Giving Your Gifts)

By Pat Mahan


2.6s Hey everybody. Welcome back to another episode of the Like Attracts Like podcast. Thank you so much for joining me on the show today. In today's show, we are going to do something very, very powerful and I am incredibly excited. What we're going to be doing is we are going to be looking at actually how to shift from your egoic state of seeking and lack into the higher realm of consciousness, where you realize that you are being guided, you are being lived. You are inside of an experience where you can trust the moment you are in and ride the tide of unfolding to experience a life that is actually something that the version of you sitting here listening to this could not imagine. And now I know that the first thing you may be thinking of, depending upon where you are in your conscious space, listening to this, is some dramatic realm of riches on a beach, some exotic place with the dream person you've been waiting for. That's partly what I mean. The other part is actually accessing the feeling you would have in that situation without that situation being present, so that you can read the signs and follow the guidance to that situation, not as it has some weird power over you, but as you are in alignment with it. The longer we go believing these items or these people or these situations or these future goals have any power over our current ability to express ourselves in the moment we are in, then the further we will be pushing. Them away from the moment we are in as we are proving to ourselves over and over again that we are not the one who is in alignment with them. We believe life owes us something in this state. We believe that we need to get something or have something happen in order for us to be our best self. And I'm believing or guessing you're finding that you understand now that it does not work that way. But when it comes time to shift into a state of trusting and allowing, it could be really, really challenging. So I'm going to offer some very powerful tips that have helped me in my journey. They are tips that have helped other humans from all over the world inside of the mentorships. I want to offer them to you today on the podcast because I feel thematically it is really, really relevant with so many people who are listening and consuming this content. Stick around. We're diving in deep when we come back.


All right. All right, beautiful humans. Once again, thank you so much for joining me on the podcast today. If you are a new listener to the show, I want to say welcome. My name is Pat. I work with people inside of what we are calling a self realization journey, which is the process of awakening from the separate self, the seeker, the impatient, broken, feeling, disconnected, unworthy sense of self that we need to experience ourselves as before we awaken to the truth of who we are. This is a process that unfolds in infinite ways for different human beings. But the themes are very, very much the same. And if we hold on to the fabric of these themes, these seemingly universal laws that we are all created by and from and with, we can navigate this process in a very, very loving, trusting and powerful way. Part of this process is really getting clear on what it is that we are doing, where it is we are coming from and why, and what's happening in each and every single moment, where we are actively reacting to or experiencing our sense of self inside of reality. What is happening? And how can we shift from a position of it's happening to us to it's happening for us when we are so conditioned to believe that the voice of it's happening to us is true? So we are going to dive into this in a very, very big way. Because if I'm being honest, it is honesty from within that has allowed me to find such a state of clarity and I dare say, inner freedom that I never thought possible. And what I want to share with you is that all of this has nothing to do with me. Now, that might seem very, very confusing. None of this that I'm speaking or have ever really spoke on this show or any of the content that I create or offer, none of it has anything to do with me. And the more that I am able to accept that, then the more powerful these concepts and these truths and these ideas flow to me, the easier they are applied in my life experience. And of course, yes, what ego wants to hear right away is their reflection shift, meaning how my life has changed as a result. Result has also been amazing. But what I need to say right up front is that when I was trying to apply. These concepts and find these answers and do these things that we talk about to change my life. My life did not change when the intention was so my life changes. So it gets better, so I feel better, so I have more of this. So this person comes back when those were my intentions. None of the things we are talking about work. Now I'm going to be even more clear on this idea because many of the things that I tried worked. Yeah, you might want to sit down for this because it's going to sound like I'm saying two different things, but I believe that there are those of you out here who are following me directly. When we are talking about intention, setting and working, it's very, very important to understand what the goal of the intention is.


So the reason this may have confused you, if you go back and listen to what I just said and it's sounding like it is contradicting itself, it's not. And the reason it is not is because when we are talking about Ego that is setting intentions to get results. Ego is going to classify the results as being a thing, a person, a relationship, a promotion, moving to a new location. It's going to be describing something in the physical world that is air quotes. It working now beneath the surface of the symbols that Ego is applying in whatever narrative you are using, when you are setting your intentions to have something work for you, whatever is underneath the symbols, the money, the person, the place, the thing, there is an emotion that Ego overlooks. It's simply applying an attachment to the thing or the symbol as being directly connected to the emotion that you will feel when you receive it. This is the separate self's journey it is seeking outside of itself in order to get something it believes will comet, provide it freedom, make it feel loved, make it feel accepted, make it feel worthy. There is a separate self that believes that all of these techniques inside of a self realization journey are at its disposal in order for it to get things meaning. My life changing, my external reality shifting or changing in a way that is pleasing to me. So when I say that it worked and didn't work, what I'm saying is I have gone through this process unconsciously enough, being led by the separate self of Ego's narrative so often that I actually have received pretty much everything within reason that I have ever asked for in an attempt to change my life. Meaning I've gotten all of the symbols, whether it was hard or easy or float or whatever narrative or dialogue you want to use, I've received all of the things that I said I would need to see in the world in order to say that I had a better life or a better life experience.


Anytime I read a book, anytime I listened to a podcast anytime I created a podcast, anytime I was meditating, anytime I was doing anything, the doer in me was trying to get a result. And the result. Was outside of itself every single time. And what I was saying without saying it, was that if I were to get these things or have my life shift in this way, that's my intention. My intention is for my life to shift. And I'm using these symbols to define or use as a gauge that will tell me if my life has shifted. If these things end up here with me, then my life has shifted. If I end up bringing in more of this, then my life has shifted. If this person calls me back or comes over, or if I find a new person in my life or my relationship gets better, then my life has shifted. I will have gotten what I wanted. I've ended up with all of those things and still found that it was never enough and that I needed more, or that this person didn't do it for long and it would end, or I would sabotage it, or I would find them doing something ridiculous in some way. So the working that I'm talking about here has nothing to do with what Ego thinks working is. I want to make that so abundantly clear that depending on what position of self you are coming into this channeling stream of consciousness at, it's going to be very, very telling as far as how you process what we do going forward. Can you allow yourself to ask yourself if whatever it is you are asking for in an attempt to change your life, if it is coming from the separate self of Ego, which believes that this change needs to be outside of yourself first in order to give you permission to feel the way that you want to feel? Or will you allow yourself by the end of this show to come from a place of the highest self and express a different level of consciousness from the position of knowing that you are actually wanting to feel the way that you authentically feel when you accept yourself for exactly who you are? And I dare go beyond that even in this episode, not believe you are, know you are.


You are the source of everything ego is trying to get or control or manipulate or accumulate in the world. You are the source. Here's where we put this all together. Stick with me right here when I say, because I'm actually trying to confuse your Ego right now. When we say that you are the source of everything that ego is trying to get in the world, ego still tries to come in and be like, so I'm the source of money. I'm the source of cars. I'm the source of my relationship, I'm the source of and it's still using physical symbols in the world and that it's confusing because you're like, I'm not the source of that. It can't be because I don't have any money. I'm not the source of that. I can't be because I don't have the person that I want. This doesn't make any sense. We need to go underneath the symbol to know that the source that we are talking about is the emotion you believe having the things you are asking for when it comes to your life changing, it's the emotion that you want to feel. If you think money has anything to do with paper or made up currency in your bank account with a number that will let you know how free you are, I promise you, you will be mistaken.


Yes, it can numb the pain for a bit, but freedom has nothing to do with that. If you think free. Freedom is attracting a relationship where that person lets you do whatever you want all of the time and they don't check up on you and you don't really have to do anything with them, but they're there when you need them. I'm free. That is not it. If you think that a specific person needs to be the person that comes back to you to change your life and you spend 1 second of your day feeling less than you could because this may or may not happen, you are not free. If you spend 1 second thinking about how more money would make it, you are not free. And here's what happens when you aren't free to begin with in your sense of self. When you aren't free meaning when you know for yourself that you think, I know that sounds funny. When you know for yourself that you think the reason I say that is because the one who thinks it knows isn't real and it's thinking it believes. When you believe that something outside of you can make you feel better or worse, then you don't understand that you are the one giving meaning to the things that you're saying would fix you. You are the one giving meaning to the things that you think would fix you. And then you're bringing these things that you're giving meaning to into your life with a job to make you feel the way that you actually already feel but you're not allowing yourself to feel because you're too busy giving these symbols permission to have meaning for you.


So if you're spending 1 second of your day from the position of ego, that's saying that if something happens, then I'll be something, you're not free. And what happens is when you attract those things to your experience. Even when you say this is the thing I wanted, exactly how I wanted it, and exactly how much you will be scared to lose it because of the meaning you have given it in your life. And since the meaning didn't come from you as the free source of whatever it is to begin with, it now has power over you in the form of loss. You will now fear losing the person. You will now fear losing the money. You will now fear losing your job. You will now fear losing whatever it is you brought into your experience from a position of not feeling the source of it within you first. And it is fear that will be a self fulfilling prophecy in anything you believe. You need to shift your life experience in any way. Your life experience is internal. The journey of self realization is realizing exactly what we are talking about that you can shift your sense of self. Well, this is what it feels like anyway. In the middle part of the game it feels like there's a you that needs to shift your sense of self. So I'm hyper aware of that and that's why it can be challenging to speak to this, because what we're trying to do here is awaken your highest self that already knows this. We're not teaching anything really here. You are already aware of it, but you're unaware that you're aware of it. So it makes you feel like you forgot it until you remember it. And then it makes it challenging to apply it, because you've known yourself as someone who has forgotten it for so long that it's built up a tremendous amount of momentum and chaos in your life from not believing you were the source. So when you don't believe you're the source, and you operate from ego. And from victim and from ignorance. Your life situation that is a reflection of all of the times that you did not know yourself will be exactly what it is right now.


And so when you have these higher awakening moments, when you have these bits of clarity, when you listen to content of anyone that's speaking in this way, and it excites you, and it awakens you, it can be really, really powerful because it's who you are. And it's you know to be true, even without anyone telling you you know these things to be true. But what can be challenging is what we're going to talk about today is falling back, if you will, down in consciousness into the life that was created before you realized these things so powerfully. How do you shift your life without having ego trick you and manipulate you into thinking that the shifting of your life has to do with some physical symbol or some monetary amount, or getting the person before you're ready to be the person who would actually have the person that you really want? When you realize that this is how it works, you think money is going to give you freedom? It will not. Not if you are not free first. So how do I become free first? Know that money has no power over you. You may need to live without it long enough while experiencing freedom from within. Long enough to find your purpose and passion so that you could give that away and create a reality where you also generate dollars in exchange for that. You really, really, really want a person. You really, really want to share this life with someone. You really, really want a counterpart in this world. If you think that trying to meditate or do manifestation techniques to get the right person of your dreams to come to you without actually turning into someone who would be the person of the other person's dreams, you're going to go inside of a loop. And the loop is designed, sent to you, from you, from the highest sense of yourself that you can imagine. The one who is not attached to any of the things that ego is attached to. That version of you is sending you the exact experience you need when you are ready to allow yourself to shift internally into the person who would have the things that you're wanting. And then, yes, authentically. When you do this, your reality will shift.


And that's what I'm here to talk about, the authentic shift from within that will create the 100% truth proof law of a response, which is that your external reality will shift. If you are not finding your external reality shifting then it's because you are not authentically shifting into the space of knowing yourself to be the source of these things you lack so that you can provide or show up with or offer your gifts in the world in any way, shape or form that they are needed. In the moments that you have created from believing you were unconscious to these truths. Giving and receiving are one thing, and you don't get the things you want. You get the opportunity to give the gifts that you have inside of you. When you remove the limitation and lack that Ego has created for. In this unconscious mask of believing that this is who you are. There is a journey, this is a process. It is unfolding for you. You are the one who is behind the scenes here in the best way, sending you some of the things that you are like, what the is this happening for? You are sending it to you. And if you can just allow yourself to flow to a place where you can just know for your self that that is true, these moments will be much, much lighter for you. You will be able to find that freedom because you won't be so attached to the voice that's telling you that you're a victim, the voice that's telling you that you need something outside of you just accepting that. Doesn't it seem like it's been guided? Doesn't it seem like there have been moments where you're like, I don't know how that happened. If you've ever had one moment where you're like, I don't know how that happened. I had literally nothing to do with that. That has to awaken something inside of you. What if what if every moment was like that? What if every experience was true? That it's been sent for you, that it's guiding you, that you are guiding you, that there's nothing separate from you at all. And you're going on a journey of realizing that for yourself again. And you've probably done it infinite times, learning something new each time so that you can offer a new level of your gift in the moment you are in. So that, yes, of course you live on Earth and there's physical stuff here, and it's kind of cool. You can have or receive or experience those things that you prefer. Yes, it's part of it, but it's not the source. It's what you can play around with when you realize you're the source. Yes, but it's not the source and it's not the end of the game.


There are many people who have accumulated anything and everything you ever said you wanted times a million and found that it's not the end of the game. As a matter of fact, it can really enhance the fact that it's not the end of the game. Depending on what level of lack of freedom was used energetically to create these symbols in this person's life, there's nothing that happens for no reason. And the further we can open up our sense of self and open up ourself to be free without anything being responsible for that feeling. When you can stand and be expansive and be open and be trusting and guided and look at this reality that was created from other versions of you that didn't know what you know now and say, hey, everybody, it's okay. It is okay that my life looks like this. Of course it does. I don't know how it could look any other way. I'm willing to take full responsibility for what I'm staring at right now. There is literally no one else in the room. I did this. Even everything I thought I was abused, I was abandoned. I was left. Yep, all of that. All of that. All of that sent to you. There is no one it's happening to. And you are so much more powerful than what ego is trying to convince you. You are taking full responsibility for anything that has happened in your past will free you from it. And you will be able to sit in the moment you are in, which is the only moment you've ever been in, the present one. And you will be able to act. Actually feel? Which version of you is speaking through you? This is the most important part, if I may say so myself. Whatever self is saying this, this is the most important aspect of this teaching.


When you are not attached to the guilt and shame and fear of your past, you will sit more presently in the moment. You are in more one with the experience of being an experiencer. You are the experiencer, the awareness, the presence, the attention, the sense of self, the life. You are that this is an awakening. You are awakening to that truth. Everything else requires that of you in order for it to exist. Everything that you are saying would make your life better in some way requires your life, your attention, your awareness and your sense of self to be there when it gets there. Which means that any and all meaning that it would have can only be applied by you. This reality has no built in meaning. It can't. It's designed that way. Everything that you are experiencing something from or believing it has a power over you in some way. It's all because of you. It's all something you have assigned a symbol and a meaning and therefore a feeling. And if it's coming from lack, then you will be chained to it. And I promise that the one thing we want to experience is freedom. Freedom in our relationships, freedom with our resources and freedom with our sense of self. Freedom to be who we came here to offer the gifts that we have been given. And yes, everyone has some sort of a gift and the gift will be received by you to offer another. When you can look at your reality and all of the gaps and say what is it that I can offer this person? What is it that I can offer this experience? To bring them closer to realizing who they are, to realizing themselves as love, to forgiveness, to peace? What can I offer?


Every time you offer something that you think is not of value to the ego, you're realizing your resource as freedom. You're realizing who you are. So that means that we get to in the moment get very clear on whether ego is offering some advice or suggestion or whether your higher self is ego will say why is this happening to me? So now use this. Ego will say why is this pick whatever's happening, happening to me? Why is this this way? And I am then the victim of it. Why doesn't this happen? So that I can blah blah blah blah blah what is this for? I don't understand. Of course it doesn't understand because it's not the one leading the way. It doesn't even technically exist. This is why it's so insecure. It knows the moment you take your attention away from what it's saying, it goes away. It needs you. The. The powerful awareness of you and attention and life and experiencer. It needs you for it to exist. That's how wild this is. You are literally doing all of this. But this little voice has convinced you that it's you. And because it uses lack and less than and not enough as a tactic, it tethers itself to you, to all of us. And it makes us feel like we will never be able to move our attention away from it. And it says things like, how will you do this? How will you ever let go of this terrible thing? How will you ever let go of thinking you need this. How will it this, how will it that? Every time you're listening to a voice that says, how will I know that it's ego, I'll say that again. Every time you are listening to a voice that says, how do I DA DA DA DA, it's ego.


As you awaken, you can simply let go of thinking. You need to let go of something. By shifting to a voice that says, I am open to let this in. Nothing is more powerful. I am open to letting this in. Think about that. Why am I feeling a lack of love? Why am I feeling a lack of freedom? Why am I feeling a lack of resources? Why am I feeling this? Why am I feeling that? That's an eye that is ego, that is attached to separation and lack. That's the eye that's saying that. And it will continue to get that feeling because that is the source of what you will be leading with in that search. But if you can say hi, understand. 1s I know who I am. I know I'm the source. I haven't been letting myself be the source. I'm aware of that. This is a tricky thing, a slippery slope. I'm aware. How can I let this in today? Give me opportunities to be the source so I can prove it to myself. And then you will experience what we call the law of opposites. And the law of opposites is what confuses the hell out of every single law of attraction student that there is. Why have I been doing all of this work and connecting and meditating and letting in all of this love and light only to walk outside of my house and see some of the worst things I've ever seen in my life or to talk to people that were having the worst days ever? Why does this happen at work? Isn't everything supposed to line up for me perfectly? Yes, so many things will line up perfectly for you. That is one of the benefits of being in alignment with your true nature. Yes. And the other benefit of aligning with your true nature is that you get to be the source for situations inside of your experience that need who you are being, that need someone who is authentically love, that needs someone who is authentically forgiveness that needs someone who is authentically, powerfully, connected to a level of faith and trust that most humans can't even fathom. It almost feels and seems irresponsible to them because to ego it is it is irresponsible to say, how do I let this in and lead with love and trust? Having virtually no idea how this is actually going to unfold? I don't want to know. All I want to know is I have some idea. What it is I want to create, who I want to be. Some things I would like to do, the consciousness that I would like to express inside of all of the scenes that I'm imagining, but the scenes unfolding, even if they're certain, I don't need them to be certain. Because I found that me doing that, needing to create a specific certain scene and then see myself in the scene and then prove to myself that the scene is a reality, I've done it. I've done it billions of times. I'm sure many of you have too. And if you're still here listening to this, there's a part of you that knows that it doesn't matter if you can do that or not. Yes, you can do that. You could do anything that you want from the empowered phase of spiritual awakening. You can do it so many times that you will realize that it will not fulfill you anymore. And you will realize that there's something else happening and that something else is beyond the empowered ego's ability to create any reality it wants is a deeper understanding of who you are and how you cannot get stuff, but how you can give away your gifts in everyday situations with human beings or situations in your life. And yes, you can even use your gifts and you can make dollars with your gifts in an energetic exchange of services. Yes, I know. Spiritual awakening humans.


This is challenging to understand. I struggled with it for a really long time. But you do still live in Earth. You are of Earth, but you still live inside of a three dimensional reality, whatever it is you want to define it as. And the operating energy of exchange uses dollars. And there is nothing wrong with using your gifts in any way, shape or form that helps others, so that they may offer an energetic exchange back to you in the form of dollars or whatever else you want to use as a reflection of your expression of your gifts. Remember, if you are coming from a position of what can I get? Why am I here? Why did this happen? It's fine. There's no judgment there. Just be aware that it's ego. Be aware that it's an operation of a sense of self that does not know it's connected to the source of life, therefore it doubts, it does not trust, it feels unloved and it feels like it either needs to seek or really, really perform in the world in order to get, be or do or have anything. But if you can shift and say I am here by design, this is happening and unfolding for a reason. If it's happening in a synchronistic way where you're getting all of the things that you prefer, wonderful, don't give any power still to the things that are happening. Know that you are the source of them and continue to move forward in love and in light. If you are having a problem or struggling or having a challenge, moving beyond the voice of ego that's trying to convince you that it's so difficult or hard to let go in order to move into this space, agree with it. I agree. It would be very hard, almost impossible, to continue to ask the question of how, when I literally am the thing that ego is trying to figure out how to become. It's a while that the impostor is so good at being an imposter that it convinces you to believe that you being your authentic self is the impostor you get to actually. Live in a place that says I am open to being this thing that I at one point thought I lacked. How can I offer this connection? How can I let this in? How can I give of my gifts today in a way that will allow others to feel free? Because ego feels lack. Ego feels a lack of control. Ego feels that it needs to manipulate and control to feel a certain way, or it needs certain symbols to give itself permission to feel a certain way. You get to understand fully from your life what those symbols would represent to your ego and what it wished it would get from having them. And then you get to give those things away to other people as soon as right now. And yes, if you can do it authentically, you will watch your life situation change. Because as above, so below, as below, so above, your internal and external experience are one and the same. And you cannot trick or fool yourself. Which means that if your intention is to do all of these amazing self realization techniques to change your life, your life will not change. Or as I seem to be speaking in tongues here, it will change. And you'll realize that it hasn't changed. Meaning that, yes, even if you get what you think you wanted, it's not actually what you wanted. What you want is to feel free. What you want is to feel the emotion of what you think the symbols will reveal to you.


But remember, you're giving these symbols the meanings that they have, or you're listening to what the collective meaning is, and you're agreeing and therefore pursuing. None of that is actually true. And all of those things need your power and awareness in order for them to have any life. And that is why you are the source of your experience. It all begins and ends with you. And that is what I wish for each and every single one of you. I want to say thank you one more time for spending your day with me. Your time with me. Today would be a wonderful day to practice. If you are hearing that voice of separation, or why or victim, or believing that it shouldn't be the way that it is, or it's too hard to overcome, absolutely do not listen to that voice. It has served its purpose. It has created enough contrast in your life that you are ready to shift it. The way you shift it is by giving, not by more receiving, not by more controlling, and not by more manipulation of a reality that you created from not believing you were the source. This can change as soon as today, right now, you need nothing to do this. It is with that I leave you and I love. Have an amazing day, wonderful night, and I'll see you next time.

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