Like Attracts Like Podcast 828: The Law Of Rhythm // Navigation Of The "Ups And Downs" Through Higher Consciousness

expanding consciousness Jul 17, 2023

Today we dive into one of the most powerful non physical laws there are. The Law of Rhythm..  If you have experienced suffering in the void.. If you have been super happy in an abundant flow, but found yourself listening to the voice of "worry" or fear chime in about how it wasn't going to last, or how you "don't deserve to have it or keep it"  This episode is for you..  The void of lonliness, and the fear of losing are two of the lower energy pendulums that keep us from maintaining our higher states of BEING... and also they keep us from experiencing more of the life/reality that we prefer.  This episode is ready to break it all wide open... : )    I hope you'll come for the ride with me!! Join me inside !!!   If you found any value in todays post please feel free to Share, Subscribe or Follow :) It truly does help the show!!    Much Love    ~Pat 


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Episode 828: The Law Of Rhythm // Navigation Of The "Ups And Downs" Through Higher Consciousness

By Pat Mahan

Hey everybody. Welcome back to today's episode of the Like Attracts Like podcast. Thank you so much for joining me on the show today. I'm very excited for today's show because we actually are going to talk about one of the Hermetic principles that we haven't really talked about much the show. As far as a metaphysical show or a higher conscious, expansive experience of a show. We really dive into all of the hermetic principles and how we use these unseen laws of the universe interacting with our physical experience every single day to transcend previous versions of our self and our experience into one that is more in line with the authentic, energetic nature of who we truly are as a powerful spiritual being connected to literally infinity. And how we can experience that in our life, how it takes shape, what is it that we do to access it, how do we handle or manage some of the experiences that are shown to us? That I don't like to use the word test, but give us the opportunity to show ourselves that we understand these laws and that we are ready and willing to show up as that version of us so that we can transmute, transform and transurf reality literally. Today we're going to talk about the law of rhythm. And if you've ever found yourself experiencing your sense of self or your earthly experience from a position of believing you are in some type of a rut, or that it's a low tide, or that you're in the void, then this episode will be for you. And if you've ever found yourself experiencing high tide in an abundant wave and everything is amazing and flowing perfectly, but you are fearing that it's going to go away, or how long will this last? Or how did I get this? Or I don't deserve this, then this show is for you. It's one of the more challenging metaphysical laws to understand and flow with. But once we do, not only do I believe that you will suffer less from the mask or the mind's narrative of how it describes reality to you, but you'll actually be able to shift into higher states of consciousness. Accessing higher levels of your sense of self and this truth of who you are so that you can really have a powerful change on your life and the life of others. And that, at least here on Earth, is what I believe we're here to do. Stick around. We're diving in deep. When we come back.


All right. All right, beautiful humans, once again, thank you so much for joining me on the show today. Again, today we're going to be talking about one of my favorite topics, and that is the metaphysical laws of the universe described by Hermetica or the seven Hermetic principles. We talk about them often. The show is named after one of them, and it really is allowing us an opportunity to view our life, our inner experience, and what we believe to be an outer experience from the vantage point of consciousness itself. Today we're going to be talking about the law of rhythm. If you're familiar with these seven Hermetic principles, then you would know that each one has a very unique way of describing how nonphysical experience interprets, interacts with, or flows with the physical experience that we perceive through our five senses. And when we combine these principles with an understanding of one true, indisputable fact that the only moment you have is the present moment, and it will never be anything other than the present moment perceived by us, the game can break open for you. The game can break open. Because when we realize that the only reason we perceive a past or a perceived future is because we are allowing ourselves to navigate or shift away our attention from the current moment and life expressing through us into what? We're calling a past moment, which at that point was only a present moment, that we are pulling into this current moment and saying, since it happened in what we believe in, linear time is before this moment, it was our past. So you can see how tricky this can be when we are here and designed to flow with life as life, aware of life and the experience of ourself itself when we are designed to be doing that. And yet we have a mechanism called a personal mind that is continuously allowing this play by play narrative to flow in and out of our experience of that moment, pulling us away from it, while in that resistant state, we are not allowing access to our truth. We're not allowing access to our highest state of consciousness, which is your natural state of consciousness. And this is going to be important as well, especially talking about this law of rhythm today, your natural state of consciousness is a flawless, vibrating, powerful, creative, loving, aware force of life and self itself. That is your natural state.


So everything that you're reading and hearing about, trying to raise your consciousness, expand your conscious, the truth is, all of those ideas or concepts or doership statements are coming from ego. It's coming from the personal person, the personal mind that believes it's separate and has to do something to get better results. The truth is, if the personal mind would just kind of stay out of our awareness, you would instantly, instantly bounce back up to your natural frequency of self. And at that rate of consciousness, if you will, at that expansive nature frequency of you, well, just like a radio station, what you hear and have access to at that level of awareness with no attachment to a personal self or a story that says that you're fearful, doubting, anxious or limited in any way. When you are up at that level of consciousness, the insight and guidance from you and from the source of this experience is what the personal mind would call profound. But to you, when you're there, it's simply who you are. It's what you are. And you know this at that point. So ego says we have to work really hard to get there. And that's part of the problem. So today, when we talk about this law of rhythm, which is the ebb and flow and the low tide and the high tide and the time in between the low tide and the high tide as perceived by and experienced by you thus self down here on Earth, it's still perceived to be a separate self. Even though we are aware in consciousness that it's not. We interact with a personal personality and story. We have what we call a personal body. It all appears to be separate, but it's not. It's all one thing fractalized giving the appearance that it's a separate thing. So that we can interact with ourselves and know ourselves more fully.


Using the reflection of what we perceive to be our outer world. Using that outer experience as a mirror so we can really see and feel how we feel about certain things inside of relationships, inside of our relationships, to everything. Who are you in this situation? How do you show up in this situation, and why? All of the reasons why will come from your personal story in your past, what the character of you would do here. Insert line, insert reaction, insert expression, insert outburst, insert addictive behavior. It's all a result of conditioning from a past sense of self that we carry into the moment we're in. And then that ego, disguised as us not wanting to suffer anymore, goes on what you might call a spiritual journey to try to figure out how to raise its consciousness. So. That it can be free. But what it doesn't know is that it's actually going on a journey to eradicate itself. It's going on a journey to lessen ultimately your attention to it. And it's not until it realizes that again, this is not an entity that has any sentience of itself. It's just something we are giving attention to and therefore we give life to it. But it appears to be a separate thing that has got its own intention and that is to keep us from accessing this higher state of consciousness even though it also appears that it is the one searching for it. So it's super wild story and super wild self realization journey. But the truth is that in this present moment, which is all you have, if you can find the strength within yourself to separate from I say separate from the story that's running in your mind anything and everything it says I don't care how bad it is. I don't care how good it is. None of it is you. The way you communicate with you is actually an internal acknowledgment and knowing an intuition, a powerful, powerful wisdom that you most likely would not be able to put words to. But you, after the fact will try to use words to describe the connection from you to you is found in silence or it is found in these really powerful impulses beyond your ability to conceive why you need to do this thing. But it's service to others. It's just something or some way you can use your gift.


So when you realize you only have this moment a lot of the times we forget that we are infinite. Powerful, eternal, expansive awareness. Just a blank stare of awareness that is infinite. It experiences no time. Time doesn't start to, let's say, be perceived until you get down into the lower densities of consciousness where ego comes in. That personal mind projects your sense of self and reality as separate from you backwards and forwards. Because it can do that. You can project your sense of self in the past, but it's not the past. You're doing it right now and you're never not doing it right now. So you're experiencing what you think is a past emotion or experience right now. And if you have anxiety and you are worried about the future, you're not in the future. You are thinking about the future right now. And worrying about it gives you anxiety or depression or pick the emotion that you might be feeling when you project too far out in the future and say oh no, what will happen then? We're not designed to do that because we ego don't know. We couldn't possibly know. But the you that exists inside of the unknown does know. And that's the you that you can trust to get you to that moment which will still be the current moment when you get there. The reason it's so challenging for many of us as we navigate this part of the journey is because of this law of rhythm. There is what appears to be the flow of life. The on and the off, the low tide and the high tide. A time for. Sowing and a time for reaping, a time for intention setting and a time for manifesting. It appears that way down here on Earth in physical reality, there is what you would call this oscillating wave, this up and down experience of reality.


Now, if you can separate, if you could follow me on this, this will really, really potentially be profoundly life changing for not you, ego, but your experience of reality and life down here. When we say up and down, ego immediately takes ahold of that and says, good and bad, good and bad, it's good and bad. Up is good. Down is bad. It's based off of symbols. It's based off of projection. It's based off of labels and stories that we've been telling forever. Okay, ebb and flow. Up and down. Low tide, bad. Low tide, bad. High tide, good. Abundance. Yeah, good. Bring more. So when we look at this oscillating rhythm, which is the space, if you will, or the moments of human time that compensate between one pendulum swing and the other, we tend to believe that there is a good and a bad instead of just an. There is there is there is a flow. There is a full moon, and there is a new moon, period. It is not good or bad. There's not one that's good and one that's bad. It just simply is life. And I know that this can get more challenging the more you dive into everything that kind of happens. Inside of the flow of what we're calling life, there is a birth, then there is a death that is part of life. And so from a lower state of consciousness, you might be like, birth, good, death, bad. Oh, my God. But from the higher states of consciousness and I don't know how high you might need to go to resonate with this but at the highest state of consciousness, there is no death. No one at the highest states or frequencies of consciousness understand death the same way like I understood it when I was a child. That ego and body, yes, those things are attachments. Those are things we give our energy and attention to. Therefore, they are secondary to the experience of you and consciousness and self. So those things do what humans call die, but existence doesn't go anywhere. And these are things that you can experience and feel and know to be true.


At the highest levels of consciousness, even the highest levels that we can experience here down here on Earth, who knows what this actually is or how far it actually zooms out or what it's like to be really that close to the singularity and the source of this entire experience as far as we know it? Who knows? I have felt in my life so, so close to what I think it is. And I have no idea. I have no frame of reference. I could have been super far away from it, but I felt in those moments like I understood the game from that point. It is timeless. And as I started to drop back down into lower consciousness and started to realize, like, oh, I have a name, and, oh, I have a body, and I have a story. What did I do for a living? Who's my family? Who are my friends? Oh, I see. This is the story of me and I'm living and creating and write and manifesting and experiencing the story of me as I perceive it. Well, as I change. My sense of self and what I hold to be true. For me, boy, does that story change. It is unbelievably more authentic. It is unbelievably more service to others instead of service to self. There is no self service. That's an illusion. We can help other humans who are suffering. We can help other humans who need to wake up to who they are. It's amazing how the self vanishes when you experience yourself from a place of no time.


So how does this all play out inside of the Law of Rhythm? Because one of the more challenging things that human beings experience inside of this human journey physically down here on Earth is what we call the good and the bad of the up and the down rhythm of life and the pendulum swing and how it compensates, which some people call the void or the waiting. Literally used to call it the swamp of hopelessness because it feels so eternal. You want to talk about eternal when things are starting to kind of, like, shift in a way that ego is dreading and the story of you is just giving you this play by play about how terrifying it is and how terrible it is and how there's not enough resources. And what are we going to do when everything we want is not going the way that we want? It doesn't it's not going to ever get better. So what you are experiencing is one thing and the story you're telling about it is another. And we suffer from the story that we tell. So if we can get to a point where we go through this low tide experiences of the rhythmic part of creation down here and remove the story, you'd be amazed at how little you suffer. You'd be amazed at how little you suffer when you hear the story and call BS on it and start to say, hey, look, everything you're saying is not true, even if it appears as though there's some truth from it. When you are experiencing the rhythmic part of the Law of Rhythm that appears to be removing manifestations or giving you the opposite of what you want or causing you to listen loud and clear to the story that created your perception of this lack in the first place. And again, I say that very clearly the story that you've been telling that created your perception of the experience you're going through as being bad or scary or lacking. That's the story. You can listen to all of those words in that story and not attach to it to the point where you emotionally respond anymore. And you can say, hey, I understand the part of the game I'm in. I understand who I truly am, which is consciously at a wavelength above all of the oscillations. You are eternal. You don't experience oscillations. You are aware of them and you watch them flow up and down, but you are not them. You experience them.


From your higher vantage point of consciousness, or your lower vantage point of consciousness, and from a lower vantage point of consciousness, you suffer inside of the waves that are pulling back. And when the waves kick in and it's amazing, and everything is flowing the way you want, you celebrate. And it's amazing, but then you worry that it's going to drop out again. I offer this to you only because you are not the waves. You are not the oscillations, you are not the up and the down. Are the awareness of it. And then the most important part is your mind is giving you a play by play or an interpretation of what's happening based off of past events. So if you continue to respond from the frequency of mind that is perceiving the oscillations as negative, then you're going to continue to stay at the level you're at. You're not going to transcend or evolve to higher states of consciousness. You're not proving to yourself who you truly are as an eternal, infinite, consciously aware, powerfully, creative being that can shift your reality the more and more you allow this and you're going to create more moments like the one you are interpreting now. To perceive in the same way and to feel the same way about the law of cause and effect is another very, very powerful hermetic principle. When you realize that it's not the external world that is oscillating up and down and good and bad and therefore the cause of the effect of you, which is your emotion, you realize that you are the powerful cause. That gets to project through awareness and experience and life that energy onto the Oscillating. Experience that appears to be separate from you and external.


You are the source and you get to project that powerful creative energy of love and forgiveness and guidance onto the oscillating experience of life down here on earth. You're the source. And yes, life will still oscillate. You will still feel the rhythmic flow of the ins and outs and ups and downs. Not good or bad, ups and downs, meaning give and take, so and reap, new moon, full moon of reality. But the more you allow yourself to be the timeless perceiver of it. Not only are you experiencing who you are from this place of powerful love and connecting to the source of your gifts, but that is when you get to take those gifts. And no matter what reality is showing you, you get to give those gifts to it. And yes, there will be times where the result of who you are being, you will be seeing more of what you prefer because you'll be giving your attention to what you prefer and not to what you don't prefer because that's what the powerful eternal sense of self that you are would do. You're here to give your attention to what you prefer. You've kind of just been tricked into believing that you can't do that or it's irresponsible or you've been brainwashed or conditioned behaviorally into thinking that you have to sacrifice yourself to live a normal life in this world and that's a trap. That's not true at all. So again, remember, life will oscillate. You are eternal. Which means that you can experience what appears to be this oscillating in and out growth, rhythmic nature of reality down here in 3d from your timeless eternal observational point of view, you will be listening to in your personal mind the story of how your egoic sense of self that believes it's separate and victim is perceiving the oscillations. Low tide, this is bad. High tide, this is great. And on all of your stories in between. So you, from this timeless, eternal place of awareness, can listen to that story and be like, oh my wow. I say a lot of crazy things. I say some stuff and it seems like everything I say and how I feel is dependent upon what's happening outside of me. That can't be right and it sure can't be fun. But it is what happens in the first paradigm it's what happens in the first paradigm of your self realization journey. You think you're a separate character. You think life is separate from you and therefore you're either the victim or the victor. But life gets to dictate how that happens to you and that is not how it works. You're waking up to understand that you are the source. You are timeless. You are eternal. You are connected to and one with the creative force of the universe. You are not on Earth, you are of it. And Earth is not in the universe. It's part of the universe. It is the universe. The universe created Earth. Earth created you. You came from it. Therefore you are Earth consciousness. Literally, the Earth is conscious because of us, so physical became aware of itself and you're it. You can do lots more than you've been told. But the trick is to not listen to the story that says that you can't test this today. Notice that it doesn't matter what's happening in your life, provided you say it doesn't matter.


You get to project whatever you know yourself to be onto. Wherever you are finding the rhythmic pattern of experience in your life, whether you're in the void or whether you are experiencing abundance, this too shall pass. When it's going amazing, I promise you that it's going to get low tide again because that's how this works. That's how you reinforce who you are. That's how you learn more about yourself. That's when it's time to give up your gifts and then absolutely 100% trust that it's going to kick in and that tide's going to flow. Full moon's coming and you're going to be washed over. If you are ready and if you are willing and if you are feeling worthy and allow that openness, you will get anything and everything that you are giving your attention to. And hopefully it's all of the positive things that you prefer. It is a game of giving your gifts. Don't worry about what you're going to get. That's ego. The more you focus on giving your gifts. No matter where you're finding yourself in this rhythmic, pendulum swinging experience of the oscillations of energy, life here on Earth, as long as you are centered on giving of yourself whatever gifts you can, you will not do yourself wrong. And you will have access very, very powerfully to the truth of who you are. And I just believe, and I don't know any more than this. That down here where we are. That's what we're here to do. We are here to experience that. And I do believe for the brief time we incarnate here on Earth, at least in the life aspect of what we can remember so far. You can live from a or higher density conscious experience of yourself here on Earth, and not only transform and transmute the experience of Earth as it is shifting and transcending in consciousness as well. But you get to help other humans do the exact same thing. And I've yet to find anything more profoundly powerful and exciting in my life. And I hope that today you find some of that for yourself as well. It is with that, I leave you, as always. Have an amazing day, a wonderful night, and I will see you next time.

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