Like Attracts Like Podcast 830: Understanding "Non Doership" // Discovering Your SELF as LOVE & PURPOSE

self realization Jul 19, 2023

The shift from egoic "doing" into the flow of life in non doership is a powerful one... It calls on us to understand and have faith in all of the metephysical concepts that operate the non physical aspect of our experience in this life... Allowing this shift will not only relieve you of the suffering and confusoin from your story of the "past"... But it will also alow you to experience and express your newly remembered power as one with the Source of the Loving creative force of this game of life....  Dive in with me!!! Join me inside !!!   If you found any value in todays post please feel free to Share, Subscribe or Follow :) It truly does help the show!!    Much Love    ~Pat 


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Episode 830: Understanding "Non Doership" // Discovering Your SELF as LOVE & PURPOSE

By Pat Mahan


Hey everybody, welcome back to today's episode of the Like Attracts Like Podcast.

Thank you so much for joining me on the show today. Also, thank you for all of your comments and the messages and amazing feedback on some of the recent episodes. It really does mean the world to me. I love connecting with each and every single one of you, whether it's through the podcast, any of the social media platforms or even the mentorship platform. I really just want to say thank you and I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to do this, and I really, really am grateful that you are here with me today. We're going to be talking about the idea or concept of shifting from the doer the egoic sense of self that is looking to do things in the world, to feel love or valued or validated into the non doership role. We're going to talk about what it takes to allow this and how to use our relationship to ourselves, to others and to the creative force of the universe to not only allow the shift to take place, but to truly embody it as the truth of who we are. Stick around. We're diving in deep when we come back.

All right, all right, beautiful humans. Once again, thank you so much for joining me on the show today. If you are a new listener to the show, my name is Pat. I work with people inside of what we call a self realization journey or an awakening journey. It really is discovering who you truly are, from the deepest sense of who you can allow yourself to be. Accessing these truths universally in the moment you are in will free you from your concept of your past. It will free you from your concept of suffering based on your lens of self perception, and it will help connect you to the authentic nature of who you truly are, which is where your guidance, your intuition, your gifts and your self defined purpose exists.

We are getting a reflection of who we believe ourselves to be, who we perceive ourselves to be, and we're engaging with reality at whatever level of that self realization we are attached to. So today, what we're talking about is a very, very powerful Well, it was, for me in my life, a very powerful transition. It really is the beginning of the transition, of awakening. It is the part where we are shifting our sense of self and identification from ego, from the doer, from the story of us. Literally, you are popping out of the fourth wall, aware of a character that you used to be, but you are finding yourself so presently aware of that observation that you are no longer connected to it as being you, but because of all of the momentum that this character has, because of all of the manifestations that you are walking through every day in your physical, it seems, reality, it can be really challenging to do what we're talking about here, which is shipped from the doer into non doer ships. So I'm often asked what is the biggest downfall? I'm just using words that people use. What's the biggest downfall to someone not making this jump? What is it that sends people back down, if you will, in their conscious attachment to themselves as they try to make the leap to non doer ship? And if I could answer that question, the best way that I am able to express in the moment that I'm in right now, which is that there's no such thing as going backwards, there's no such thing as a downfall, there's no such thing as any of that.

But what does happen, which I believe prolongs the journey, is understanding that, in order to allow the process of non doer ship to flow through you, there are certain things that are being realized by the human that's ready to let go, and if we're not aware of what these things are and what our relationship to them is, the blocks will arise once again. We will attach to the blocks and we will be unable to express ourselves from that level of faith and trust that we need to have in order to build enough momentum from the higher selves perspective or point of view, meaning, in short, we haven't been being it long enough to create enough energetic cause, momentum in our experience to shift the mirrors, reflection of who we're being. So I want to start this episode, really, by touching on a few things that can help anyone get up to speed with the concept that we're going to be talking about here. Whether you have been on this awakening journey for some time now, or whether the awakening aspect of consciousness in your life is a new idea, if you're finding yourself struggling with some of these higher conscious concepts, or if you have been working with them for a longer period of time, I want to express today's idea in a way that anyone, at any point in this journey, will be able to find some bit of truth or your own inner wisdom inside of the episode. So the first thing that we want to bring into our awareness is an understanding, and from wherever you are finding your sense of self, realizing this understanding, whether it is new or just a refresher, can be the key to allowing the rest of these ideas to flow, meaning that sometimes we have to soften who we are being. We have to soften the walls around our heart. We have to soften the walls around essentially who we believe we are in relationship to the world that we are experiencing. We are constantly in victim and fight or flight, and we will be way too tense to allow any sense of higher guidance or wisdom from within each of us to flow to us in any way. So the more we realize that this is a critical component inside of your journey, it really is the thing that separates people who intellectually and analytically understand these concepts and those who are able to embody it in the physical world in order to create and shift their experience for themselves and others.

So, just as a note, if you are finding it challenging sometimes to apply these ideas or these concepts or to connect and allow this to flow through you, do your best to kind of take your attention and your awareness and do a body scan. Scan your body and see and feel with your awareness where you might be really really tight. Where are you tense? Is your jaw locked? You'd be amazed. It's the number one thing If you want to really see where you are, unconsciously during your day, take one second, close your eyes and focus your attention on your jaw and then give a direction to loosen your jaw and watch how tight it actually is. Now, as you run the scan through the rest of your body, you'll be amazed. I was amazed Even as I practice this every day. I was amazed at how often I found myself really really clenching my jaw or raising my shoulders and tensing my neck, or my lower back was super tight, just carrying so much energy and tension in my body.

And this is not for no reason. There is a reason that you are tense. There is a reason that your body is clenching. There is a reason that you are walking around, maybe phenomenally confused as to why so much of what you know air quotes, know doesn't seem to be yielding any type of a result for you and your internal experience, or the reflection in the mirror, meaning your life or relationships changing. So one of those things really, that surrendering to the moment can allow for you to do is to release quite a bit of that tension that we are not even consciously aware we are holding so deep, deep, deep breaths.

Awareness of your awareness on your body and intentionally relaxing and softening will take you out of that fight or flight tension that you're not even aware you're in and it will give you the opportunity to raise in resonance to where the answers are, outside of your personal mind and into the realm of the creative force of the universe, the creative awareness of all things that you also are. You are aware of you and your current expression and, depending upon what your relationship is to you to the world, will say and to that creative force, that will be the degree that you express your gifts in the world. That will be the degree that you either look for resolution and trust and value in the world, or whether you understand that inherently is who you are and you can allow yourself to exist as that in the moment you are in. And from this point life will flow through you Experience, access to what your known purpose is for you and from you, not anyone assigning a purpose or you trying to align to what the collective's purpose says it should be so that you fit in, but your purpose, what you believe you are here to share, how you believe you are here to share it, and then taking action in the world in the direction of what you prefer, so that all of those things are in alignment. The reason we don't allow it to be in alignment is because we are wrapped up in do worship. So that's what the focus of this episode is today Shifting from the unconscious self, the doer, the egoic sense of self that needs to do or add onto itself or serve itself in order to be something, and shifting to you being who you are and expressing that in the world, and understanding that at that core of who you are is the creative force itself, and that is love itself.

It's not even having faith or trust. That's also an egoic concept. We are really fine tuning this. Even to say that you are someone who has faith and trust is actually still disconnected from who and what you are. It's like a tree saying I'm doing my best to know that I'm a tree. We're still coming from a separate sense of self that believes that the higher self or its best self is something separate from it and therefore I have to do something in order to access it. I have to do something in order to connect to it.

So the doer comes in even more heavy in spirituality because it uses your spiritual lingo and your spiritual dialogue to still even further convince you that you're not who you actually are by saying things like, well, I'm working on having more faith, I'm working on aligning with my higher self, like all of these things you can feel, even though it's better than believing the deeper lies that say you don't have a higher self, or there is no creative force, or life is nothing but terrible things and victim and you can't get a break. It is a higher step and level 100% than the lower states of self-realization and the lower states of consciousness in that separate state. But it's still a step away from who you actually are, because who you actually are is a state of being and that state of being is primary. When you understand the deeper truths of the universe as you, the state of being is primary. As you acknowledge and allow not the connection to because, again, connection to implies that you're not it You're allowing access of that energy within you, acknowledged by you, to flow through you into the current manifestation of your life, whatever that looks like right now. So we are shifting from the doership aspect of ego, which is trying to do something in the world to be validated or to find itself, which it cannot do because the world is a reflection of who you think you are. So you can see how this can make quite a bit of sense, sense enough that we can let go of all of it. We can let the ego bow out gracefully, because it has now served its purpose. It has convinced you that you are a separate force and a separate system in a separate thing called life, with a separate creator that judges you. It's done its job. It has upheld the illusion of separation to such a degree that it has actually manifested much of the chaos in the life we are experiencing right now, individually and in the what appears to be collective consciousness. It's all a result of humans not understanding who and what they are. So, to different degrees of that realization, it's expressed in the world.

Imagine it as a filter. Imagine a super, super, super bright light, the brightest light you have ever seen or could imagine. Just boom, straight truth. Light Lights up absolutely anything and everything is one with everything. You need the darkness to know how powerful that light is. So the darkness, in essence, although not the light, is one in the same with the light and is necessary to know the light.

But now imagine writing a bunch of scripts on a screen, one of those flimsy screens that you see lighting show producers use. They slide it in front of the light to change the pitch or the temperature or the tint of the light. Imagine there's just this script on there and you wrote the script, or allowed it from other people to be written for you, and it says all of these weird things on it, like you believe this and you think you're this and you think that the world works this way and you think that the world is separate from you and you're a victim of this, and money is really hard to come by and you can't do what you love for a living because that's ridiculous. And you have to chase and run after people who don't love you, because that's the only way that you can prove you're lovable is when you get someone who doesn't love you to say somehow way, shape or form that they do after all of the times you've been chasing them. I mean, isn't that the way life works? You just write this script on this flimsy screen or filter, and then you slide it in front of that light and it projects onto again the blank screen of reality whatever the better in that text is on the script, and the light is dimmed. And there comes a point where the screen is so full of the script and it's so heavily written on and the voice is so loud that's writing the script and repeating the script. And stuck in the depths of your subconscious, the script is so heavily written on that screen that it appears as though the light can't even get through and the doer is winning.

The doer that needs to do in the world to validate itself or to try and prove to itself that it is the light. The light does exist when we attach our sense of self to the illusion. That is that filter. That is what we express ourselves as in this world. That is the example of who we are being. It's who we believe ourselves to be and we need certain things to be in relationship to who we believe ourselves to be in order to have that context for us to live by. And the things we need in order to know ourselves are what we believe about ourselves, who we believe we are, who we believe we are in relationship to the world outside and who we believe we are and our relationship to the creator itself.

When you think you are a character in the game, you're believing what happens when we attach our sense of self to lower states of consciousness. It's more dense. Just know that the idea is separate. It's unaware, unconscious, unaware, unaware of what, who you are. So what is it aware of from lower states of consciousness or unconscious? It's unaware that it does not exist. It's unaware that it requires your awareness in order for it to exist. And when you remove your awareness from the filter, when you pull the filter out and you're like I am done with this filter, nothing that is written on this filter is who I am. It's a representation of what I believe. It's a representation of what I prefer or don't prefer, but it's not who I am. I am the light.

When you pull the filter completely and you let the light shine from you, you understand that you and the experience of the world or your life, they're not two separate things. They are one and the same and the doer has created or manifested a life that represents exactly what mixture of higher and lower self-expression you have allowed yourself to believe you are over time, love or fear. If you believe you're separate, then the operating system is being run by the energy of fear and it will express itself through you and into your experience as a result of holding that fear within you, until you suffer enough by the lies that fear creates to hopefully wake up to the truth. This is what happens when people really have what you might call breakdowns or meltdowns or really traumatic situations where they pop out of the fourth wall and begin to go within to find their answers. And you will find that once you are tired of going into the world to find your answers and you realize that the world is a reflection of your internal experience only and therefore could never provide any answers for you from a place of knowing, you will only want to go within.

And once you go within, the last part of the doer or the ego comes in inside of this space that we're talking about right here, where we shift completely from the doer and the doer trying to do spiritual concepts to connect to the source, and we realize that even that is a trick and that the answer is to begin expressing as the source. The answer is to begin expressing as the source, because you are the source, you are one with it, and it is you and you are it. All the way up the line, to the highest levels of awareness that there are, where you would ask the most omnipotent being for the answer of what you are, it would say to you I am and you would be there to hear it, which means that you and it, this it we're perceiving, this higher source is, or one in the same. You can't separate the two of you. You can't separate the answer you're looking for and the you that's there to hear it. And when you understand that the you you think you are that needs to be there to hear the answer that you're looking for from the source of creation, you will find out in that moment that it was you. It was you the whole time. It's never been anything other than you Now, here on earth, I understand that we are consciously dimensions away from what that source is, but it is still not separate.

And the fact that you can outline the qualities of state of being that that source has. What do you believe, what do you know internally that the source of creation holds? If you can imagine, however, you want the source of creation to be. What is it? Now I can't answer that for you, even though I've realized a certain truth for myself, but your relationship to the game is right now dependent upon something that you probably aren't even aware that it's dependent upon Because there's so many people talking about other things. To change your reality and shift your experience of life and I will share with you that the number one thing you can do is address what you believe your relationship to.

Whatever you think the creation of this game is, I didn't realize that for the longest time I unconsciously hated what I believed the creator of this experience was the God of it, the universe of it, because I had a story that said that God killed my mother because I went to a school that taught certain things and none of them made sense to me. Given the experience of life I had as a child, I could never, from that level of consciousness, be able to understand or reconcile what I believe I have the expression of now, these universal truths, from that vantage point of consciousness. This creative force that I'm supposed to line up with or see myself as killed my mother. She died violently from a seven year battle with cancer in the 90s, when treatment wasn't so amazing. So I didn't realize that my journey was really being confused, at this creator idea, this separate force that was judging me and then also killed my mom, and then also a lot of the people in my life didn't seem to have issues like I did as a child.

So I'm like, okay, so God loves you guys, but not me so much. So I am just not worthy, I'm just miserable, and no one seems to be able to relate, no one seems to be able to understand what I'm going through. But we're all kind of talking about this same God force. So this, just none of this, makes sense to me at all. And the answer that I got was well, we don't know why these things happen. So even the system that was telling me that everything was okay and God loved me had no answer for why I was experiencing what I was experiencing Now. Again, I believe now firmly that we are given exactly what we need in life so that we live with these questions long enough to be able to wake up to these truths for ourselves.

So I didn't even realize that at first. I tried to outperform and run from my pain. I tried to distract myself from it. I tried to do everything I could to try to do this in the world myself. The pat my hand. If it was going out in the world as the doer, I was going to make enough money, I was going to be valuable, I was going to be safe, I was going to be this, I was going to be that, or I literally went the other way and I was completely reckless and, with reckless abandon, kind of recklessly behaved in the world Because I was like it doesn't matter, none of this matters. You could be a really good person and die at 41 years old, the mother of a family of pretty decent people, so none of this mattered.

So I went through the full range, the full gambit, if you will, of wanting to be connected, not understanding, connecting just so I felt safe, but really hating and resenting my life experience. I went through all of it and the doer took over hardcore. So the last thing that I realized after my life of doing fell apart, because many of us find that it will Marriage crumbles, lose your money, leave your job because you can't stand it All of the things that identified the doer of me, that character in the world lost it all. I mean hardcore. I fought to the end but lost it all. This place, your reflection, the higher you that you just don't know you are yet, will send you some wild to get you to wake up from the dream you are in. So it wasn't after I lost what I would say the character would say everything that I started to go within for answers. And the more I went within for answers, I started to connect to this thing called the universe and spiritual laws and the law of attraction. And now I'm no longer a victim. I am a person who's co-creating with the universe to get stuff that I want and to be the person I want to be and to show everyone who I am. And that was four years. Honestly, that was kind of until recently Just egoically behind the scenes, was tricked again into using spiritual concepts to do the exact same thing that straight ego Pat was doing.

I was just doing it under the lens, if you will, over the light of spiritual ego and spiritual education and analytical Pat, who is a spiritual person and I need to be the most spiritual person, and when I'm not doing spiritual things because I'm actually not embodying it, I will bash myself and judge myself dramatically for not being spiritual enough or because I should have known better. Ego is a wild ride, and it's not until you realize that what we are looking to do is resolve our relationship with ourselves for not realizing that we are the loving, creative force of the universe and that there is no death and that death is a human construct. Because we believe that we exist in something called linear time. But the further you zoom out in consciousness, you become more and more eternal and we realize that I will speak for myself only that I realized that the idea or concept of what you would call death, or death of the body or death of the personal mind, is something that is required inside of a system of infinite and finite, because you must experience yourself as finite or you must experience other people experiencing themselves in a finite sense and know what that is and feels like in order to understand what infinite is.

So, when you allow yourself to access that eternal conscious state where you're like, oh, this goes on forever. I've done this before, I've been here. This is not new. I forgot that I was this. I literally came to this place and I forgot that I was this. This is who I am, this is what I've always been. This feels like everything. This feels expansive. This, I'm everything. This feels like everything I understand. I wouldn't know what this is if I didn't believe the lie of human death.

The further you zoom out, you just see it's just an oscillating wave, just like everything else. This perception of life and death waves on the top of the ocean. But you are the depth of the ocean, and the more you connect with the depth of the ocean, you see that everything else is just a concept that we believe for a while, because we are unaware or unconscious of who and what we truly are at the depth and core of our being. So it's not even that you are expressing yourself as the highest. You are the highest self. You are the highest self, and for myself, in order to be able to express as that and again, this is going to be an ego statement too, but we're still working on all this. We're working on all of this.

It's a work in progress to shift from the momentum of the ego except for itself, to fully expressing as the highest form of consciousness in this 3d reality. It's a process. We have a lot of momentum. So for a period of time, you might need to believe that you are someone expressing as something else, but that's something else is way better than what you used to express that. So we'll take it. But you will be asking yourself to dive deeper and deeper and deeper into the core of who you are, so that you just simply express from that state of being and what I found and what I want to leave you with today, that can really burst the game wide open in the absolute best, most loving, creative way is we spend a lot of time on the idea of God, the idea of the universe, the idea of source energy, the idea of this unknown force, this non physical, metaphysical other part of us that's experiencing this life and this sense of self.

When was the last time you defined for yourself what that is and then shifted it into understanding that that is what you are, what does it mean to you? What is your concept of the universe? What is your concept of the creative force of the universe? What is your concept of what that is as a being, and can you look within yourself to find it? They are one and the same, and I know that there are blocks. I know that there are scripts written on the screen that's covering the lights. I know it, but none of it is real and none of it is true.

The only thing that is true is that you are that state of being we just believe because we're attached to a character that we believe believes that we're not that. But it can really be helpful to say like, hey, I don't know when the last time I actually defined what this highest self is. What is God to me? And I don't like to use that word because there's so much baggage but what is that concept to you of the omnipotent being, the highest being that you can imagine being? What is that to you? What does it feel like? What does it express? Does it want to give or doesn't want to take? Does it need to be loved or does it want to share love? Does it want to take down and break down and destroy, or does it want to create? What do you feel the ultimate expression of that being that you might be blocked from, because maybe you felt it kind of screwed you over in your life. So you either don't believe in it at all or you're trying to, but it's just not working. It's not a separate entity, it's not something separate.

The old drop of the ocean in the ocean example. It's the exact example that we need. The ocean is made up of all of the drops of the ocean and you can't take one of them away, because to imply that one of them is not important is to equally imply that none of them are. And the ocean is not greater than the drops inside of the ocean, because the ocean, in its amazing overall depth and awareness, knows in its state of wisdom that it doesn't exist without each and every one of the drops. So there is no greater than less than in relationship to each other, you are one and the same. Again, in relationship to each other, you are one in the same.

What can be done when you allow access to that truth for yourself, in your personal, because it does feel like you're in a subjective, personal experience down here. What can be accessed and released and shared and grown and connected when you remove the filter from your light and you reform the relationship with yourself at that highest state of being. Remember, not doing I don't care what you're doing yet in the world but the deeper connection to who you are inside of that state of being. You will be amazed that you will still appear to others that you're doing something in the world, it will look like doing to them. They will understand it as you're still doing a lot, it seems, and you will be taking action in the world, for sure. But where the action is being driven from where it's not doing, it's flowing through you. You will have shifted from doership and ego to the state of being accessed initially, from trust and faith that allows you to allow life in each moment, which is all you have, to flow through you and guide you along the way, using your emotional GPS.

As you shift in this experience towards more and more of what you prefer, and more and more of what you prefer, you get to share more and more of what you are realizing your gifts from that space to be to, and again, others. There are no others, but down here there's others. They're just also you. So the whole do on to others, as you would have done to yourself, makes a lot more sense now because they are you, the whole. Love your neighbor as yourself thing, yeah, one in the same. They're reflecting something back to you about who you are, who you are being, what you are judging, what you feel.

You lost your relationship to your two creative parent figures in this world and then, ultimately, to the creator itself. Your life is a reflection in every way, shape or form, back to you of who you believe you are and what your relationship to all aspects of yourself is within you, based on your truth. And your truth only you can access the truth. The more you allow that space for you highest self that you can imagine you to flow through you. There is no gap, there is no difference. You can do this right now. You need no permission other than your own to do this. All you have to do is ask for that part of you to be let in and expressed by you, and you will see and feel that they are one and the same, and that is the awakening that's happening on this planet right now. That is what is happening within you and you don't need to wait to test this. There's nothing to test. It's literally who you are.

Do your best today, as you navigate your reality, to let this sink in and instead of saying what can I get from this, which is an egoic dialogue, what can I get? Look in every situation to the best that you can to know you are there by design and you are there to give up your gifts, especially in the world that's been created from the versions of you that didn't know who you are. That's how you prove to yourself that you know who you are. Everything is by design, and you can allow that higher state of consciousness in right now and then. Once you do, you will find out there was no youth that had to let anything in. You just had to remove the part of yourself that you thought was you who was blocking it, and that light will shine brights, and that is what I wish for. Each and every single one of you is. With that, I leave you. I'm sending you so much love as always. Have an amazing day, a wonderful night. I will see you next time.

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