Like Attracts Like Podcast 837: Allowing A Closer Relationship To Your SELF

relationships self realization Oct 12, 2023

Today we dive into some of the hard truths of your Self Realization journey.. What happens to the relationships that you have been maintaining after you make the choice (sometimes it doesn't even feel like a choice lol) to continue your journey within? Sometimes as we continue to give permission to evolve.. we must also allow a different permission.. The permission to allow others to respond however they feel the need to respond to your choices..  It is very common that as we choose to expand and grow, we shed many of the layers that we used to use to not only identify ourselves.. but also these stories and believes make up much of what we would use to bond with other people... When we no longer engage in these conversations or behaviors, it can trigger fear or questions on the path of those around us...  Today we talk about how to navigate these tricky experiences in a way that will allow you to powerfully shift into a state of being that is in alignment with who you truly want to be... who you truly already are.  All while trusting that the result of those choices can have nothing but a positive impact on the lives of those around us... Even if in the current moment it doesn't feel like it... TRUST... Much Love Join me inside!



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