Like Attracts Like Podcast 838: Giving Permission For Your Life To Change For The Better

higher self Oct 19, 2023

Today we get our hands dirty.. As much as we talk about the amazing concepts and conscious ideas, it will do less than nothing if we don't believe in them enough to put them into play inside of our lives. Understanding why we struggle so much to allow ourselves to grow, evolve and embrace all of our Higher guidance and intuition is the key to finally moving out of the body, and personal minds limited experience. There is an entire world of new ideas, and gifts that are literally sitting in waiting... All you need to do is remember that you forgot who you are... What you are... and what you came here to do...  Today the practicle nature of this episode will allow you the opportunity to give yourself the chance to shift the momentum once and for all... Be brave. And say yes to a new experience coming through for you in the most creative, loving and inspirational ways! Join me inside !!!   If you found any value in todays post please feel free to Share, Subscribe or Follow :) It truly does help the show!!    Much Love    ~Pat  



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