Like Attracts Like Podcast 839: 3 Reasons We Keep Ourselves Stuck In Negativity & How To Shift

limiting beliefs Oct 26, 2023

Today we dive into 3 of the deepest reasons that we keep ourselves stuck in negativity and the limited story of what is possible for us and for others... Understanding that you are the author of this experience can either terrify us, or liberate us. We either say things like... I can't be the author!!!  Why would I create THIS...  or... These things that I'm going through are definitely because of "OTHER PEOPLE" .. and I am the victim... Why would "i" write this as the story of my life...
The deeper we go, the more we find that it is the author of the story that changes and evolves deeper into a certain TRUTH.... and as the author evolves the storyline and events will as well.. For both "you"... and for the other relationships in your life... 
By the end of this episode I believe that you will be one step closer to understanding who and what you truly are in this life, why you have kept yourself in the position you are in for so long.. and maybe for the first time ever... allow yourself access to shift it without the guilt and shame that usually accompanies this type of evolution in life...


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