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Learn how to shift beyond the shadow of your limiting beliefs and create the life that's calling you.

Challenge starts on November 1st, 2022!

(The LIVE Opening Ceremony is October 31st at 7:00pm EST) 

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The Next 21-Day Challenge Starts On May 1st, 2023!


For Those That Are Feeling Stuck And Uncertain, But Are Ready To Take Their Life To The Next Level...


The Key To Transforming Any Aspect Of Your Life Is Through Self Realization...

  I Will Teach You Step-By-Step How to Take Your Power Back and Shift BEYOND The Shadow Of Your Limiting Beliefs...


So You Can Create The Life That's Calling You



 Learn The Truth About Manifestation And How It Really Works


 Get Clear On What You Want And "Who" Is Asking For It 


 Uncover and release what is blocking you from it  


 Shift your identity and become the person who will attract it 


 Feel worthy of receiving and trust that it is on the way


*If you fully COMMIT and TRUST in this process, you can expect results AND have fun while you do it!*


21 Daily Video Lessons Teaching you the Process of Transformation From Start to Finish

This is my step-by-step process that I have used to become FREE in so many areas of my life, and I am sharing that process with you in small, easy to digest steps. You will have access to your own personal login and portal to access course content. Daily video lessons will be delivered right to your inbox with email notifications letting you know when the next lesson is available.

Daily Action Steps To Help You Integrate And Wire In The Lessons

Each daily lesson comes with actionable steps to help you integrate the process into your own life. This is where you will start to see your reality shift as a result of the internal shifts you are making. Think journaling prompts, meditations, tools and practices.

A Daily Alignment Worksheet To Keep You On Track During The 21-Days

This fillable worksheet will serve as your daily reminder of the person you are becoming and the life you want to create. We will bring awareness to what keeps you in alignment, and what throws you off balance so you can stay on track and see results.

BONUS 1: Higher Self Guided Meditation

Connect with your authentic desires  with this POWERFUL guided Higher Self Meditation. This will help you get clear on what you really want, and feel connected to higher guidance as you move towards the life that is calling you forward.

BONUS 2: Shadow Work Integration Lesson

Learn how to fully understand and integrate your shadow self. In this video lesson, I will show you how to break the loop of attracting painful experiences, so you can become FREE from the past once and for all.

BONUS 3: Hardwiring In Abundance

In this video lesson, I will teach you how to shift from the old unconscious way of thinking and creating, to the powerful understanding that YOU are the source of all that you want to create. You will learn the process of aligning with the emotional frequency that you want to experience in this life so that you can effortlessly bring it to you.



Hey, I'm Pat! Here's a little about my journey. After the loss of my mother at a young age, I spent the majority of my early life searching for something in the world that would lead me to some level of joy or purpose. I chased after approval from others, money, love, achievements; Anything that I thought would help me feel better, or like I belonged in the world.

This endless search led me down a rabbit hole that ended in a full collapse of the life I had created. I lost all of the money I had ever earned, went through a divorce, foreclosed on my houses, and struggled with an 8 year pain killer addiction. I lost everything and had finally had enough.

From this place, I realized that the answer I had been searching for wasn't outside of me, and I began a new search for answers within myself.

After over a decade of studying the greatest teachings inside of religion, philosophy, spirituality, and Universal Laws, I created a new path and process for myself by allowing the connection to my inner guidance and heart. I now understand that this is a connection we all have access to.

I created Like Attracts Like Evolution as a platform to help you allow yourself to connect to that same source of love and creation that allowed me to rebuild and change my life in all of the best possible ways. It is my passion and self defined purpose to share this message with any and all humans who are ready and willing to hear it. And now, I am so grateful that you are on this journey with me!

Carolyn W.

I have been learning from inspirational teachers, motivational authors, and mindset coaches for over four decades. Each one has helped me navigate this journey we all call life. However, if you are blessed, you find one that guides you so that you take leaps vs. steps. For me, Pat is that thought leader. I remember the first time I saw Pat speak. I was riveted by his teaching style and the way he explained how to shift out of the mental, emotional, and/or spiritual loops that we sometimes find ourselves in. I knew I had found a mentor that could change my life in profound ways.

 When Pat hosted a 21-Day Challenge, I signed up immediately. What I found astonishing was as I had done so much inner work, I sailed through the first 13 days. I had begun to wonder if I had made a mistake. Then on Day 14, I hit a psychological wall. WOW! My core beliefs were challenged. During the final week, I must have taken each module 5x. We Pat offered it again, of course, I signed up. I was amazed to find the second time though to be harder. That’s how I knew what he was teaching was helping me to achieve my BHAG (Big Harry Audacious Goals).

 I know I have more work to do, and I’m a messy flawesome human, just like everyone else, but I wouldn’t be as close to my goals and dreams if it wasn’t for his unique mindset perspectives, and teaching style.

Flavia C.

Last year, I was lucky to be introduced to Pat's 21 days manifestation journey thanks to a friend of mine. I wanted to manifest booking a job that I knew was going to be a very important step for my career. My friend said I could see results within that month, I thought that a month was probably too soon but I decided to dive in, I not only felt really good during the 21 days journey but I also ended up booking the type of job I manifested! Because Pat's 21 days' manifestation journey was so helpful, and I was going through a process of changes and decision making, I decided to also take the 1:1 mentorship that he also offers. I am so grateful I took this course. Having Pat's guidance and coaching helped me feel strong and armed with positive tools for my personal life and future endeavours.

Adam H.

There are literally no words that can adequately convey the level of gratitude and admiration I have for Pat and my time spent being mentored by him.
His passion, care and guidance have changed my life in ways I didn't even know they could or needed to be. Everything has improved in ways that far exceeded my expectations.
Working with Pat has facilitated growth and insights that have healed traumas I don't believe I would have uncovered without Pat's passion, non-judgemental insights and genuine love and care.
He is truly a gift from the universe and we all owe ourselves to receive that gift. If you're being called to do this course, heed the call!!!!! You will not regret it.

Lindsay S.

Being part of the challenge was the experience I didn’t know I needed! This challenge is something I could see myself participating in over and over again. Pat’s videos and all the extras that come along with the course are invaluable guiding resources. 10 out of 10 would recommend for anyone ready to take themselves to the next level!

Anna P.

I highly recommend anyone stuck and wondering why things aren’t coming to them to do this challenge. Pat has been there and done that!!! It is laid out perfectly and you will find out so much about yourself. The "aha moment" awaits you...  

Jessica B.

A friend shared Pat’s Instagram profile, so I quietly and loosely followed his 21-day transformation and manifestation challenge last year. Immediately, I felt this program would be hugely impactful for me, but I wasn’t prepared for what was about to happen… I realized (with much fear) that I didn’t know what I wanted, or who I even really was. So I immediately embarked on a massive inner journey to find my alignment, joy and purpose. Pat’s teachings bring up all the big feels and give a perfect guide for what to expect and how to navigate any uncomfortable feelings that arise in this beautifully transformational course. A full year later, I just wrapped up my second  run through with this class. This time I felt grounded, aligned and really ready to face everything that would come up. Some rough edges just needed smoothing out. At 46 years old, I can honestly say this is the first time in my life I am living truly in alignment with my higher self, I feel optimistic and fully present. Ready to accept abundance and actually look forward to future challenges as I settle into this new and aware body.  I recommend this course to most of my friends. And if you feel curious, I recommend it to you, too :)

Sarah C.

Working with Pat is literally life altering. It will change your entire life, past present and future. When I started with Pat, I thought I had it figured out but wanted some tweaking… I was so wrong. I had just skimmed the surface of my growth journey. Pat’s guidance and true authentic support was exactly what I needed to dive into the depths of where the stories were hidden. I am forever grateful for this guidance because it not only lead to making more money than I ever had in my business (bonus!) but my day to day is incredibly different. I was frantically ‘trying’ to get results in my life and business. Today I am genuinely happy and going with the flow of how it all unfolds. It’s peaceful and exhilarating at the same time. I am so grateful and have more love in my life today than ever before.

Ruby K.

In this present moment, I am filled with gratitude towards Pat and all the life changing resources and guidance he has provided me. It's that feeling when you don't have words to say, but you know deep down in your soul, that this was one of the most profound catalysts that transformed you. Before, I felt like a seed, hardened by the harsh winds of life, unable to find water, nutrients, and warmth.  Then I made a choice, and intention, to start this transformational journey.  By creating and fostering a space filled with love and non-judgement, Pat allowed me to feel like I was able to come to this space as myself and most importantly, NEVER feeling like I was judged.  Without this space, I wouldn't have been able to break free from my past traumas or even be brave enough to take the initial steps of this process. I always felt that while I was in this space, I could let my walls down and actually be heard and acknowledged, this is a blessing in itself.  This helped me find peace, courage, a way back to love, and a way back to myself. This process has now turned me into a deeply, fully grounded tree that is able to not just nourish itself anymore, but now is able to share its fruit with many others. I now wake up every single day looking forward to actually implementing all of the knowledge and resources Pat has guided me to and I am truly grateful that I had the opportunity to work with him. Thank you for showing me how to be an exemplary being and how to pass that gift onto others in the same way. Where ever you are in your journey, just know that there is always a piece inside of you that wants to be guided back home and I am grateful that Pat was on this journey with me.   




Join the 21-Day Transformation & Manifestation Challenge!

Learn how to shift beyond the shadow of your limiting beliefs and create the life that's calling you.

Opening Ceremony is May 31st at 7:00pm EST.