Join the 6-Week 1:1 Healing & Transformation

Mentorship Program with Pat Mahan

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In This Program, You Will...

Uncover the subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs that are keeping you from healing and transforming

Be fully supported as you learn how to manage emotional triggers and break cycles of unwanted behavior

Gain confidence as you reestablish trust, safety and faith in yourself by reconnecting with your heart and body

Learn how to maintain momentum using tools and practices that guide you on your journey long after the mentorship is completed

This Six-Week Mentorship Is For You If...

 You feel your life is lacking meaning and are struggling with finding your purpose

 You're struggling with chronic anxiety or depression and want to find relief

 You feel stuck in a vicious cycle of addiction and are ready to break free

 You have a history of toxic relationships and know that it's time to stop betraying yourself

 You're grieving the loss of someone or something and are ready to find peace

 You feel that you are here to help, heal or empower others in some way but don't know where to start

The Six-Week Mentorship Program Contains...

  • Six LIVE 90-minute Mentorship calls facilitated through Zoom
  • The 44 page interactive workbook to guide you deeper between calls
  • Weekly practices, reflection questions, and integration tools
  • Lifetime access to zoom recordings 
  • Unlimited email support throughout the duration of the program
  • Guided meditations, video lessons, PDF worksheets & more!
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Over The Course Of The Six Weeks, We Will...


  Week 1- Intention Setting

Uncover your "whys", create a vision of your six week higher self, and a clear understanding of where you want to be by the end of our six weeks together. 

 Week 2- Uncovering & Detachment

Uncover your core beliefs, learn how beliefs are formed, and gain a new understanding of emotions as energy.

 Week 3- The Origin Of Beliefs

Learn how emotional blocks formed, as we get to the root of your trauma through a powerful inner child healing session.


 Week 4- Reparenting

Learn how to reparent yourself, manage emotional triggers in the moment, and release any judgement keeping you stuck in repetitive loops of unlearned lessons.

 Week 5- Coming Home To Your Heart

Uncover how past trauma disconnects us from ourselves. Start to reestablish trust, safety & faith by reconnecting to the heart & body.

 Week 6- What To Do Next/What To Expect

Continue to maintain momentum using tools & practices that guide you on your journey after this mentorship is over.

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