Like Attracts Like Podcast 834: Second Chances with Lisa Sibley

interviews Aug 16, 2023

Please join me for such a special conversation with one of the most inspirational humans I have ever met..  I often use the example of a person loosing their memory.. What the life of someone who has no memory of their "past" would do, how they would experience life, and what they would choose if they forgot that they used to be "scared" of things...  Today we get that opportunity. Lisa Sibley lost the first 40 years of her life inside of her mind when she experienced a side effect from an unbelievably challenging brain surgury.. From her miraculous recovery, to facing the dreams of heaven and hell... Lisa shares just how possible it is to take what you are given, and turn it into the cornerstone of your purpose in this life.  The impact that she is able to have inside of the direction she has been called to, is inspiring to say the least..  I believe we are all being asked to take all that we are given, and use it to find ourselves at the deepest levels so that we can give back to those who need a little understanding and love themselves. I hope you will we join me for this wonderful conversation...   




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