Like Attracts Like Podcast 819: My New Version Of The 4 Agreements

higher self Jun 07, 2023

Today we dive into a new version of 4 Agreements that can absolutely shift your life in all ways.. Bringing in the NEW PARADIGM of living as your authentic Self with love, trust, and commitment to your intentions is not what could be described as an "easy path".   I believe these agreements can help guide even the most aggressively blocked humans into a softer more expansive life experience...  Ultimately the choice will always be up to "you"... but if you are looking to shift .... This show today may just be the way...  Much Love!   Join me inside !!!   If you found any value in todays post please feel free to Share, Subscribe or Follow :) It truly does help the show!    ~Pat


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Episode 819: My New Version Of The 4 Agreements

By Pat Mahan

Hey everybody, welcome back to today's episode of the Like Attracts Like Podcast. So many amazing things happening here. I really want to take a second before we start and say thank you so much for being a part of this journey with me. Thank you so much for being the evidence of what it is that we talk about here Now. Listen to your stories. I love working with you and having the opportunity to share in your journey And, most importantly, i really do love and appreciate all of the value that I get inside of my own journey as new epiphanies and expanded aspects of my own self come through inside of this process.

So today I want to share with you what I've found to be so far probably the biggest game changer of all when it comes to your awakening journey, a self realization journey, finding out who you truly are, while shedding the layers of the limited story and the egoic identification of you being a separate, wounded, victimized, powerless, out of control, anxiety ridden, depressed character in the story of your life.

I'm going to offer you a formula, if you will, a set of rules that I believe the highest self or, in this game on earth, your highest self follow, and what we are trying to do is get ourselves to the point where these rules are how we live our life, so that instantly, when anything comes up that is contrasting these rules, we are able to rebalance recenter, find perspective and move forward.

So this is where we find out if we are going from I'm ready, i'm ready to. I'm ready and I'm willing. You will find out by the end of this episode, not only if you are ready to evolve and move into the next level or loop of your expansion, but if you are willing, and I found for myself that we could be ready. All we want It is not until we give ourselves permission to be willing, and then all that comes along with that choice that prevents many, many humans from actually reaching that next step. So today I'm going to share something with you that I've never shared before, in a way that I've never shared it, and my only hope is that it serves you well. Stick around and we're diving in deep when we come back.

Alright, beautiful humans. Once again, thank you so much for joining me on the show today. If you are a new listener to the show, welcome. My name is Pat and I work with humans on their self realization or awakening journey, if you will, to transform or find perspective on all areas of life that you might be struggling with or confused about. This process of self realization is one that I believe is happening either consciously or unconsciously, behind the scenes, as we navigate our world with our own direct sense of who we believe we are or whatever reasons we believe we are that, and then, according to those belief systems and according to that identity, we're essentially running what you might call simulations, without going down the rabbit hole, but anytime you have a thought or an idea or a belief about who you are, what you are or what your relationship to people or life is, those ideas, those thoughts and beliefs are playing out before you on the screen of your awareness. It's your own personal, subjective experience of the one experience of life, and inside of that experience you have what is called a personal mind, with a personal story, which is where all of your stored ideas and beliefs and philosophies of life or your life are kept, and when you refer to yourself through that lens of the personal mind, you feel the way that lens would make you feel, whether it is something that is favoring you or something you believe you're a victim of, or something that is against you. So, while we do have access to a personal mind and what we call a personal body, it's not who you are. There are parts of it that contain who you thought you've been. But as you zoom out in this consciousness, as you zoom out in this game, you start to realize that some of the ideas that you have about who and what you are seem to contradict themselves. There might be some day where you're the hero of your story and then the next day where you're the villain. You might be the hero in the villain in the same exact moment it feels You may have been living a storyline in your life where someone else was the villain in your story until one day you realize that that wasn't the case. You found perspective on that example of the villain in your story and now you are giving the villain credit for why you have realized your power in such an amazing way. You're literally shifting through or sorting through your life experience based on how you perceive your sense of self and therefore that reflection in your life. And why is this so important, if you will? why is this so life changing and how do we use this to change our life?

Well, the journey is realizing that it seems as though for many of us, we need to go through life, navigating situations and experiences and relationships, in order to find out all that we are not. So I'll say that kind of again. In many cases we're navigating life unaware of who and what we are. So this game of life is designed that as you bounce off of people in situations, an interesting thing happens. Not knowing fully, in most cases, who we are. We are unaware that we don't need others to love us, we don't need others to approve of us, we don't need others to validate us, we don't need others approval to give us permission to exist. But in the beginning we don't know that in our personal mind story that in most cases we're not enough on our own, that we need approval from our parents, we need love from our parents or guardians, we need certain things that we don't feel safe, we don't feel worthy, we don't feel seen or valued, and in the beginning of the journey. That's very, very what you might call, at that level of consciousness, true Meaning. I'll never argue the idea that when we are young we need love or that we feel we need love. But I want to share with you that for many of us who didn't feel that we were loved the way we wanted to be loved, that's part of the plan, because there are people who have been loved to the nth degree in their story, literally couldn't say a negative thing about their parents or guardians and they still struggle with the same things you do.

There is an implanted core belief in many humans I dare to say almost all humans at some point in time, that says that they're not enough, that says that they don't belong, that says that I'm not valuable and not seen. And therefore this personal story, the personal mind, the character of you, the humaneness of you, who doesn't understand the full rules of the game. Yet, in that unconscious state and by unconscious or unawake I mean you're unaware of who and what you are as a powerful being in this world. You are under the illusion that you are a limited character who's separate from the world and therefore a victim of it. And as the victim of it, i either need to fight against it or I feel so traumatized that I am not worthy or seen that I will literally do almost anything that I can in order to get that void resolved within me. I'll work for people that I don't like. I'll get into relationships that I don't really even connect with the person. I'll do things that I'm absolutely not proud of to get things that I think I need to feel better. I will literally sacrifice myself if I don't feel that I am enough in a certain situation and morph myself into a different version of myself so that hopefully, i get love and approval and validation from people that I wouldn't even hang out with otherwise.

What ego can make us do in order to get that which we already possess is mind-boggling. But again, it's part of the game, it's part of the process. You go through life in the beginning, in the initial opening paradigm, believing that you are less than and not part of life, that you're on a planet, that you're not of it, that you're in a universe floating through infinite hyperspace, but you're not infinite hyperspace yourself. You are not the universe itself. You're in it and subject to it as a victim of it, and it's not until we let go of these layers that ego has us trapped in, this fear. This I don't fit in. This it's not okay to be me. This I'm no one without you. This I need a lot of money to show people that I'm worthy and worth their time. This I need to get my parents approval or otherwise I can't literally sleep at night. Or the other end of the spectrum, which is screw everybody and screw all them and I'm fine on my own and I don't need any of this.

It doesn't matter what lens you look through. If you're feeling that you are separate from it and you have a story that resists your place in this experience, it's coming from ego. So, while they talk about letting go and they talk about being one with the moment and the power of now, focusing your attention on the moment you're in, why, why do they do this? Why is it so important that you acutely focus your attention on the moment that you are in and let go of any control or outcomes needed so that you can flow with life? Why is that the lesson for so many people? And then what we're going to talk about today is why do so many humans have such a difficult time doing it? So here is the deal in a nutshell.

The reason why it is so important, if you will, or so stressed upon in spiritual culture or self-realization, awakening conversations of human beings who are looking for deeper meaning and truth for themselves in their lives, is because when you focus your attention on something in the moment you are in, then your valuable attention will not be focused on the story of you in your personal mind that your ego is the ruler of which is literally a representation of your past. When you focus your attention on the story of you, it could only be referencing the past, because that's where the story of you exists. In the moment you are in, the story of your past does not exist because you are presently aware of now. It requires us to take the present moment of now and direct our attention from it into a past moment, then bringing that past moment through the lens of your sense of self into the current moment you are in, thus recreating the experience emotionally and physically now. And since you can only actually create now, because it's the only moment you are in, you're using your valuable attention and energy to create in this current moment what will ultimately be another past moment to walk through. So if you followed with that, then you are right there and ready to move into the next level of this, and the next level of this is understanding. Why would I do that? or, better yet, i'd like to put it this way who is the you that is doing that?

What version of you is so intent on taking all of your valuable energy away from what you're doing right now That it screams and shouts and makes you feel guilty and shameful and scared and angst-ridden? What version of you is capturing your attention in this moment? What version of you, what story are you listening to in your mind that says that you need to worry about the future, or that you need to regret everything in the past and that it shouldn't have been the way that it was? What version of you feel so judged by other people and then therefore yourself, to the point where you believe it's not okay to literally be you? What version of you is trying to convince you in this current moment that you need to give it and that story your attention, because it was hurt so bad, because it believes it was the victim of something that happened that was so tragic, and that other people are to blame and that it was not supposed to be like this.

What version of you is trying to capture your attention in this current moment, and what does it need most of all? What does it need most of all? What is it that, that voice, what is it that that version of you is looking for and Why has it tried so diligently to try to get it in the air? quotes external world. Why has that voice been running the show, having you running around like a wild human, trying to get what it needs from other people in relationships, or trying to hold other people accountable for why you can't rest or find peace, why you're questioning you as the universe or the separate force of God and nature that seems to have it out for you and nothing seems to go your way, or not for long anyway, before the other shoe drops.

Where is this narrative coming from and what part of ego is still convincing you that you are separate from this game of life? What would it take for you to let go of that voice, to give the versions of you that are shouting at you with that voice, from all of your infinite experiences and all of your infinite events, all of the belief systems that have been developed or projected onto you by others. What would it take to live in your moment without giving your attention to them, without believing them to be true? And what version of you walks in this world without those things being true for you? What does the highest self believe in the moment where it is free and clear and open, and loving and expansive? What does the highest version of self believe, or know to be true, that you or I, in our moments of suffering, don't believe to be true? Well, today I want to offer you something, if you will, a little bit of an entry level formula, that, if you allow yourself to live by these rules and accept them to be true now, that's not saying that you're going to and again, you don't have to. You absolutely have the ability to rebel against each and every single one of these, and that's the beautiful thing. You get to choose that.

There is no right or wrong. There is simply an acknowledged belief to be true by what appears to be a subjective, human, and then, therefore, that reality will play out for you. It's not a right or a wrong, it's just a. Does it feel right for you, even if you think it's correct or true in the world? does it feel right? Does it feel like there's more that can be done here? Does it feel like this is your most free, authentic self? as you cling to these belief systems that are struggling to express themselves inside of you, can you open yourself up to a possibility that there's a version of you that doesn't believe whatever it is that is holding you back? It doesn't hold anyone accountable. It knows that it happened for a reason. It's just up to us to either let that go and let it in, or choose to fight it and resist it, rage against it.

No right or wrong. It's just going to be a reality, created from that vantage point of your lens of self perception, your belief systems. It doesn't matter if the collective all agrees with you. As a matter of fact, you should think about that. If the collective agrees look at the collective There's something that is looking to emerge personally from you and from the collective. And the more humans that subjectively allow themselves to emerge from the cocoon that is the ego, then the more it gives the next human permission and the next human permission. And there's something that happens that I want to talk about. After these rules, if you will, or these known truths to the highest self. There's something that happens as a result of expressing yourself in this way.

So, that being said, if you are ready to find out and open up the potential for some big, powerful shifts in your life, then I'm just going to offer you what these four beliefs would be, these four rules, and then ask you to apply them to whatever story you are telling about why you aren't where you want to be, why you aren't who you want to be, why you can't move forward or why you won't try the next step, why you won't release whatever you are holding on to. I just simply ask that you do your best to sit with these ideas and ask yourself how it feels to say that they are wrong, because, in order to hold on to the things we're holding on to, we must admit that all of these are wrong. And it's not to say that you can't, it's just most likely to say that it won't feel good if you do So. Let's dive right in. The four things I would love for you to write down are it is all by design. The second one is it is all happening for you. The third one is I am not a victim. And the fourth one is there are no villains in my story.

So, at face value, it could be really really challenging potentially, depending upon how powerful your story is, with these ideas not being true for you. It could be very challenging for us to just go from one contrasting belief system to another. When you've been someone who has believed that you've been the victim of a story for so long, it could be impossible even, or feel impossible, to say that you think everything happens by design and that there are no victims in your story. The reason that this is presented the way that it is presented is because as we resolve one, the others will follow. They're all related in an unbelievably powerful way. If we allow it, i like to call this process kind of walking back from the ledge, if you will. So, to address the first one, it's all by design. So if someone who is struggling, or if you are viewing life through the lens of a self perception that believes otherwise, or struggling to allow yourself to understand that it's all by design, you might not again be able to just be on board with it's all by design, because here's the truth.

Many people can say it's all by design, or the reason assigned by you to enhance your ability to know yourself and your existence more deeply. People are like it's all by design, everything happens for a reason. And then the next literal words out of our mouth are complaining about how something shouldn't have been the way that it was. And if this didn't happen then I'd be fine. And why is someone so keep doing that? So we contradict ourselves, especially in the spiritual world, because we want to be so spiritual, we want to be so connected, we want to be our highest self. So ego can get ahold of that too and claim that it believes something and then show up in the world behaviorally as the exact opposite.

And then, for myself, i used to do that a lot, and then I would wonder why things in my life weren't changing. Because I had this new belief system, but I didn't really believe it. Because if I did, if I knew it to be true, i wouldn't respond the way I was responding. So how you respond is evidence of what you believe, not what you say. So if you're like okay, i'm struggling with the it's all by design thing, the next thing to do is again to walk yourself back from the ledge, is to say like okay, so we're not at all by design.

No, i can't say that it's all by design. All right. Well, can you say that any of it it's by design? Like, if you have any examples in your life where it seemed like some things that you didn't think were going to work out or you didn't think could possibly be by design or have a perspective that you were unaware of at the time, did anything ever work out for you in a way? that kind of like blew you away And then you figured out after the fact that, like man that seemed guided, why did that seem by design? I believe that most of us would be like, yes, that's true. So I can't say it's all by design, but I can't say that none of it is Okay, awesome.

So here's my favorite part of this experiment and this example who gets to decide what is or what isn't? Think about that question Who gets to decide what is or isn't by design? We're saying that it's not all by design, which would set us free from literally all of our suffering. If you knew that to be true, you wouldn't challenge anything, you wouldn't worry about anything, you would really let go and flow with life, knowing that you are life itself and there is nothing to fear if you trust to that degree, you wouldn't have any challenges or problems. The problem is that we don't believe that, so we suffer.

So if we can't say it's all by design, but we have some evidence in our life that it appears that some things are by design, that makes sense. Who gets to choose and what are the conditions present for you to say that you know one way or another? If you have evidence that some things are by design, but you have a belief that says not everything, and then you also have experiences where there might have been something that didn't appear to be by design Ultimately show itself to you later on hindsight being 2020, that it did seem to be a part of some plan that you were unaware of, so therefore, you couldn't have had any control of it. So, therefore, there must have been some higher self that knew something that you didn't know and helped you guide yourself towards this higher perspective. So then, who is to decide, in the moment you're in, that this thing that's happening isn't by design, i'll tell you the version of you that doesn't understand why it's happening Yet.

So, if you are waiting for the resolution to show itself to you every single time in order for you to say that the thing you're going through now is by design. You're going to live an absolutely suffer filled life, not believing, not trusting and not allowing, constantly holding on to your past stories of fear and limitation so that they ultimately prove themselves to you over and over again, because that's how this reality works. So it's not about understanding or having the universe as you explain, step by step, what's happening, because that wouldn't require any faith or trust. It is walking in faith and trust the best that you can and knowing that, if you can get yourself to plug any story that you're going through into these four rules, starting with, okay, the first one it's all by design. This is all by design. Do you believe that? Oh, i'm going to say that it's all by design and I'm going to ask for an explanation, i'm going to ask for evidence, i'm going to ask for guidance and trust. It's all by design. I know that it is. I know that I don't have the ability, for my position, to know why everything in the world happens or in the universe. So I'm going to trust that there's a design that I'm unaware of and that I have set an intention for what I want and it is playing itself out and I'm either resisting it or going with it. The first step Okay, i'm going to trust you, pat. I'm going to say that I'm going to trust myself and say it's all by design.

The next step is related to the first one, and that is okay. You can say that it's all by design and still have a negative lens of self-perception. You could say it's all by design, but it's design is to absolutely ruin and crush you and make you suffer and miserable. See, ego has a lot of loopholes, and the more loopholes you're aware of, the more powerfully you'll be able to transcend them and call BS on them when they arise. So the second one is like okay, i understand that.

So not only do I allow it to be all by design, because I agree that I don't know everything there is to know I'm trusting in something beyond me. I'm trusting in something that is still me and knows more than I do with the life experience that I have so far. There's something cosmic also in your experience that you can let guide you, and it's also you, not a separate thing from you. So who better to know what you want than you? And who better to know when you're blocking what you want than you, which is why we're leading ourselves through this path of least resistance towards what it is that we actually want. Now, what we say we want, because, again, who knows what we want? You think we do, but we usually find that it's something else underneath what we're saying we want. That is what we actually want And your highest self knows that.

So not only can you say that it's by design, but can you agree or will you allow yourself to say, and check off the second box, it's all happening for me. If I resist it or if I block it or if I fight it, it will give the appearance that it's happening to you And that it's against you and the world, which is not separate from you, but you would be perceiving it as being separate from you. From this vantage point of consciousness, i'm the victim here. This is all happening to me. There's no value here for me. I'm just getting kicked around here. So can you not only agree that it's by design, but that it is happening for you, and take some deep breaths, plug your current situation, plug your current relationship into this, no matter how challenging it is or how angry or blocked or sad you feel. Do your best to try to plug those first two things into your story and do your best to trust that there's something here waiting for you to be open to receive it. But it starts with you acknowledging these two things first all by design, it's all happening for you.

Now, the third one is a play on the first two, and the third and the fourth one are interchangeable, and I will explain why. The third truth or belief system, the highest stuff, is that there are no victims. And again, if you agree to the first two, the third one falls right in line. The only way there could be a victim is if we think something is happening to us, not for us. The only way we could think that something is happening to us and not for us is if we agree That it's not by design. There's no design other than what we are experiencing. It's all garbage and I'm the victim.

So if you can say it's all by design, if you can say it's all happening for you, then the next level of this is that there is no victim. You are not a victim. You had to believe you were a victim so that you could see all of who you are not, so that you could realize, with a choice that is possible in every moment, that you are one with the most powerful force of the universe, and that is creation itself. It's life itself. You just thought you were a character that was a victim of life, instead of realizing that you are life. You can trust this, even with all the evidence that you have that says that you can't. The evidence in our life that says that we can't trust it comes from the projections and belief systems of other human beings who don't know what you know. Therefore, they live a life in contrast to the truth of who they are, and that contrast and that contrasting idea or thought that we are allowed to choose to believe creates the chaos and the anarchy and the war and the fighting and the you against you and I'm different than you. And there's not enough. It all creates that.

So when people point to that as evidence of who they can't possibly be, because look what the world is, that has nothing to do with it. That has to do with people who are realizing that they are not what they are. So, in denial of what they are, they create this contrast of what we are, which is necessary for people to walk through to realize who they are. So you can't condemn it or blame it, because it's required for you to wake up. If we didn't suffer, we wouldn't have any catalyst to wake up.

So therefore, the suffering or perceived suffering, which is the lens or the blanket narrative that we use to give the play by play of our experiences, the suffering can go. The painful experiences kind of stay because they are required for us to wake up. They are the contrast necessary to know who you are And on earth. It appears that that is a part of the game, it's a part of the design Higher in consciousness. It appears that maybe that's not so much the thing, that once you go through this process enough and know what contrast is that you don't necessarily need to keep bringing it into your life in a way that suffering emerges from it. You can use this and the game to kind of overcome what you might call challenges or to be the highest version of you where that situation might call for you to be there.

But the lens and layering of suffering, which is what we're trying to eliminate here, can lessen, if not go away completely, with these rules, and the last one again, i said the fourth one is in sync with the third one, because if there is no victim you guessed it there is no villain. There cannot be a villain without a victim. So if you are finding your power and finding your truth and understanding that you are not a victim to the life that has been presented to you, that it is a gift in a way, for you to use as a catalyst for awakening to your powerful realization that you are more powerful than it, then the villain becomes the hero because it was required for you to wake up. So it doesn't matter whether you resolve the there is no villain in my story, meaning I don't hold anyone accountable for where I am anymore. I didn't love it but I get to use that as fuel to move on in a very powerful, loving way to myself and others, not in a resentful, resistant, angry way, because then that would apply that you were a victim and there's a villain.

But if you can really dive into this and understand that it was all by design happening for you to wake up to your power, then the victim and the villain go away at the exact same time. And anytime any of that storyline comes into your current moment which is the thing that keeps you trapped in the past. You get to apply these four filters, these four layers of truth, and you get to decide for yourself what you want to be true in that moment. And I can only say or offer to you that the more you align with these four truths being true for you from your core, there will not be any one story, including your own, that will trick you into shifting your attention and energy from the moment you are in and the guidance that is ready to flow to you unconsciously to the story of victim. And not enough. And life is terrible. And why does this happen? Those are two very different stories And many humans that I work with find themselves in the middle of both of them and wanting to know how to move into the highest self story permanently. And the truth is that this is the most powerful way that I've found so far to allow yourself to stay centered, to stay grounded and to stay connected through any thought storm that presents itself or any situation or relationship that is revealing itself to you. This is a way that you can maintain that balance and that state of higher consciousness, so that you can lead from your passion and your purpose in faith and trust, regardless of what's being shown to you, and that is what I wish for each and every single one of you. I really do hope that these filters, or these truths, allow you to find some clarity, and I hope that they become as big of a benefit in your life as I found them to be in mine.

A couple of announcements before we go. This week's one-on-one mentorship the single session schedule is open. There's a link for that wherever you are listening to this. If this is something that you would like me to work on you with, I would be honored to do that with you. You can click that link and schedule a session as soon as the earliest one is available. And if you are someone who likes to kind of do this on your own, as we said in the beginning of the episode, there is a link below to the free transformation masterclass, which holds a lot of the keys in this and the main teachings of the 21 day challenge, which is like the process. So there's something for everyone at every level, and, with all of my heart, i do hope it serves you well. Until next time, have an amazing day, wonderful night. I'll see you then. 

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