Like Attracts Like Podcast 822: Self Realization & Freedom Through Vulnerability

self realization Jun 23, 2023

Today we dive into a deeper understanding of what it means to actually dive in deep.. To remove the masks of our unconscious programming so that we can reveal the authentic self we have always been destined to realize and express in this world.. True freedom is not further away than this moment you are in.. But it requires a bit of faith and trust in order to gain it...   Join me inside !!!   If you found any value in todays post please feel free to Share, Subscribe or Follow :) It truly does help the show!!    Much Love    ~Pat 


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Episode 822: Self Realization & Freedom Through Vulnerability

By Pat Mahan


00:00:04] Hey, everybody. Welcome back to today's episode of The Like Attracts Like Podcasts. Thank you so much for joining me on the show today. We talk all the time about diving in deep, and today we're going to talk about just how important that is and why all of the things that you are looking to feel and experience and have in your life exist on the other side of how deep you are willing to go. One of the things that have been categorized as being the most blocked, most terrifying things to do in this self-realization journey is bringing yourself to a place of vulnerability within yourself and with others. There are reasons that we build these walls around ourselves. There are reasons that we build these characters and these delusions, and holding the framework of these characters and these illusions are certain belief systems that we have developed or accepted along the way and underneath those belief systems and why we have chosen to use the ones we have chosen to use exists certain truths about us that we don't want to be true in order to access what the lie of those belief systems are. We need to be vulnerable within ourselves, which means that defense mechanisms have to come down. The mask of humor has to be removed. All of the things that distract us from accessing the core of who we believe we are is what is required to be removed in order to access the truth of who we are. There is unbelievable freedom underneath accessing this vulnerable state inside of the beliefs that scare you the most. If you are looking to make powerful changes in your life, if you are looking to access a deeper level of your sense of self in your relationship to yourself and others, if you are wanting to figure out why things in your life keep happening the way they're happening seemingly against your will, then this is the episode for you. We're going to talk about how we develop these vulnerabilities, how we try to hide them and cover them up, and more importantly, what we can do to release them and live a life free from them. Stick around. We're diving in deep when we come back.

All right. All right. Beautiful humans. Once again, thank you so much for joining me on the podcast today. For those of you who are new to the show, my name is Pat. I work with people inside of what we call a self-realization journey. This is the process or the path that's unfolding in each and every single moment as we are using what we used to believe is our external reality and situations or relationships to rediscover a deeper meaning of who we are, what we are, what we feel our purpose is, and then how to express those energies from within. Instead of allowing those energies to be effected from situations or experiences outside of our control. So in some ways you can almost listen to this description and it may resonate or feel as though it resonates with something you've heard of called stoicism. Now the Stoics believe, or it has been interpreted that they believe that although one has no control over the circumstances that present themselves to a person in life, we do have full control over how we respond to it, how we perceive what is happening, and then what we choose to do with it. And again, this is why I kind of don't align with or associate with any one specific label of a type of human experience or the description of what's happening with our inner and then air quotes, outer reality or experience, because I believe it is a little bit of both. So there is some truth to the idea that when things that appear to be beyond our control happen to us, what we do with that internally and how we respond or how we choose to view those circumstances, those things are within our ability 100% for sure, regardless as to how powerful the story is, that is nagging us in our ear that says that it's not or that we don't have an ability to choose how we respond. So just an asterisk here as far as what I work with humans on or what I believe or teach is that yes, we can take anything that happens inside of our experience and we are the source of how we respond. The external world is not separate from us, so therefore things that appear to be out of control, if you will, or out of our control, we have an effect on.


So that's the next part of this is realizing that not everything is out of your control and things that you used to think were outside of your control are actually very much going to benefit from how you continue to respond internally. You will start to see the things again that you thought were out of your control. You start to begin to shift from within and depending on how far down the rabbit hole you want to go, you can take that as far out as you would like, expand it as far out as you would like. There are some humans, I will say, myself included, that believe that there's nothing outside of your control. You just aren't aware of the version of yourself that's sending you the experiences you're having in an attempt for you to realize your power from them so that you can more deeply realize the truth of who you are and just how powerful this experience of consciousness is. Now, for the purposes of this episode, you don't have to go that far down the rabbit hole. But if you can understand that there is a difference between response and feel separate response and feel some people have very traumatic will call them, things happen to them and then they feel a certain way. And then from that point of view, one could argue, Hey, you can't tell me that I can control how I feel through this process of X, Y, or Z traumatic event happening to me. And therein lies the next point, and also why I don't align with any particular expression of how the human experience is supposed to unfold. Because there are so many intricate things happening in each moment that one of them cannot be the way when they say always lead to the way. There is a tremendous amount of truth in that because there is a certain point where in the beginning we do feel that our feelings, our emotions are beyond our ability to control, even in your awakened state, meaning that there's a point of this where things are happening, and even if you are aware that they may be happening for you and not to you, even if you're aware that this is an old loop or a pattern or a cycle, and that the emotions you're feeling are based off of an old lens of your previous sense of self perception. This is the way you used to feel about yourself. These things used to trigger you unconsciously, and you would react and behave in a way that would align with somebody who believed those things from an unconscious place, from a place of not yet knowing who you truly are, things that are happening that appear to be outside of your control. They are triggering emotions that align with that level of truth of identification with whatever the situation is making you feel. And then unconsciously you act.


So even in your awakened state, you might be aware consciously that these things that are happening are for your best good in the good of all, or just simply a way of navigating life towards your own sense of self perception that those things aren't true anymore. But yet here they are again and you're feeling them and therefore you feel a certain way. So it's not about changing how you feel. As a matter of fact, trying to change how you feel can be very counterproductive to what it is that we're talking about today. Because trying to change what you feel implies that what you're feeling is bad. And then this pushes this feeling down into the depths of your shadow once again, only to emerge or to allow you to have the opportunity to release it. So it's not about controlling how you feel from your lens of self-perception. It's about allowing yourself to feel whatever it is that you are feeling, but no longer attaching the previous truth to what you're feeling, knowing that your perception not only of the event but also of the emotion is yours to reframe. So this is how someone can not feel what they would call good or feel off or out of alignment or sad, or in a very angry state. Any emotion you want to plug it in here, you can feel that emotion and then not attach the story to the emotion of why you have it and how true whatever happened is. And that's why I feel this way and do what I do, and also not try to fight the emotion and run from it or distract from it or deny that it's there because I control how I feel. You can see how all of this is kind of the building of the walls around what we are going to talk about today, which is accessing the vulnerable place that we need to remove whatever masks that we wear so that we can get to the truth of who we are. It is these masks that are preventing us from accessing this truth and from accessing the space where we can actually express who we are without fear in any way, shape or form, overtaking our ability to express it. Again, to take this even deeper. It's not about not feeling fear. The most powerful humans on the planet will tell you that they feel the fear, but they transform it, they transmute it, and they take action through the things that scare them. And it's consistently taking action through this feeling of fear when you are aligning with what feels authentic to you. It's doing this process enough times to prove to yourself that you are the person who is greater than the fear that you used to experience. It's that process that allows you to really know for yourself who you are, and then that fear, if you will.


I found in my life and the lives of the people that I work with and talk with on a daily basis, that the fear lessened the kind of changes the film or the perception that you view this fear from. It takes on a different form. Some might even call it excitement. I use the roller coaster example quite often on the show that two human beings, one that is terrified of roller coasters and one that loves them sitting in the same seat as you go up the slow click, click, click, click, click, ramp before the drop at the top of that ramp, at the top of that hill of the roller coaster. You have two humans in the exact same situation having two very, very different experiences. And the truth is that the feeling of anxiety and fear and the feeling of excitement and anticipation are very, very similar. The thing that changes this for each human subjectively is the filter you are viewing the emotion from based on the story you are telling about what is going to happen or what you believe is going to happen, or what you believe about what has happened or what you are terrified about might happen. It's the filter around the emotion. So when we realize that when we're talking about removing the mask through the self-realization process so that you could find freedom through vulnerability, you start to kind of begin to put these pieces together. What is the one thing that most human beings, both the masculine expression and the feminine expression and whatever bodies you may find yourself in? What is the one thing that most human beings have the most trouble with? And I am fortunate in my own life to have my own answer for this. But of course, I like to bring you the answers from humans that I speak with from all over this planet and at the bottom of it, in most cases, what humans are terrified the most of is being vulnerable, being judged, or the fear that the judgment that they have for themselves or the judgment that they have felt from others is true in some way, shape or form. So when we navigate life in the unconscious or what I like to call the first paradigm of life, we believe that we are a separate character in the game of life. We believe that we are a separate body, a separate mind, and other people are separate bodies in separate minds. And that because of this life is happening to us and it is outside of our control. We aren't yet aware in most cases that it's designed specifically to continue to allow us opportunities to find who we are and remove aspects of us that aren't authentic to us so that we can be the unique expression that we came here to be in this life, in this experience of consciousness. But what happens is, in the first paradigm, we are so often triggered by the judgment that is designed to show us who we are. We're so convinced that it's true that we begin to turn our back on ourselves and we begin to push down the most authentic expression of who we are to the point where it becomes something that is perceived as negative to be our authentic self for fear that it is not accepted by the collective. So what we do is we sacrifice ourself to be a part of the collective, so we fit in like everyone else. Then we're just like everyone else. Because if we're being honest, one of our greatest fears, even beyond that vulnerable blanket, is the fear that we don't belong. The fear that we don't fit in, the fear that we're not enough, that we're unaccepted, that we're not wanted. And it's very easily in the first level of this game, in the first paradigm, it's very easy for us to accept those projections, to accept that to be true of ourselves, because any time we are laughed at, any time we are bullied, any time we are ignored, any time we are made fun of even jokes in jest, if we believe if any part of us believes that anything that's being said or expressed is true about us, it feels terrible. It doesn't feel terrible that they're doing it. I want you to be very clear on one thing, because this is a shift from the first paradigm to the second. It doesn't feel terrible because they're making fun of you. It doesn't feel terrible because they're saying what they're saying or suggesting what they're suggesting.


I know how hard this might be to wrap this new consciousness around this idea, because it's like, No, Pat it it does it doesn't feel good. I don't like it. I didn't like any of that. But here's what I find is a deeper truth. And again, it's why we build these walls of vulnerability. But it's also beautiful because it will point to the fact that you are the only one who can help yourself break free from it. So the reason it feels so bad when someone tries to convince you that you're not enough or that you're less than or you're not picked on the playground or you're bullied or you're not chosen. The reason why is not because there is a bay that is doing a something to AEW and that exchange feels bad. They're not directly connected. You can have someone that's doing something directly to what will call you and the feeling that you feel from that is not guaranteed connected to the act. So what is required in order to connect the chain, connect the link from a person or an experience or a collective or a group or an idea outside of you making its way into you through an act or a bullying experience or a comment or a suggestion? What is required for it to have an emotional effect on you? Your belief in what they're saying?


The one thing that breaks the chain is your belief that what they are saying is true. If there's any part of you that believes that what is being said or expressed in our formidable years is true, we see these comments and this example of us not fitting in or being accepted or being amazing or being loved as a threat. It's a threat to us, not who we truly are, but who we think we are. It is a threat to ego, and the ego is designed to try to keep you alive. So this puts us in a vulnerable position. It puts us in a vulnerable state. And in that vulnerable state, what we do, believing that the ego is us and the ego believing that the lies are true, we begin to push our sense of self down and look to morph into or become anything that will allow us to fit in to the collective. We become super funny, we become super athletic, we become super angry and try to rage and fight against it. We try to become super successful. Now, some of these attributes don't seem to be negative. Like, Hey, what's wrong with trying to be successful? Hey, what's wrong with trying to be a very impressive, powerful performing athlete? What's wrong with being funny? And the answer? Nothing.


So again, what we're looking to do is shift the paradigm from the unconscious, the ego that is fighting and raging or trying to fit in in some way because it has a belief system. And we, of course, adopt that belief system as we believe the ego is us. There is a belief system experience that says you are not enough, you are less than to be who you are, is vulnerable. This cannot be. It is a threat to your survival. And therefore we must make a character. We must make the illusion. This is how we develop the illusion. This is how we develop the masks that we wear. It's not always because we want to. So when we're saying like it's not a bad thing that you want to be successful, it's not a bad thing that you want to be funny. It's not a bad thing that you want to be an amazing athlete or whatever you want. But what we're trying to do here, what I am looking to kind of share, is that the catalyst for you wanting to experience those things can be from one of two places. The first place it can be from is trying to outrun, outperform, laugh at, or be angry at the lives that make up the story of you believing you are less than limited, not loving, not lovable, not chosen, not accepted, not powerful, not part of the infinite expansive creative force of the universe itself. When you believe that you are not that which is your right, we each come here and you can believe or not believe in free will. But the one thing we are allowed to have free will over is the idea that we can believe that we are not. That we are allowed to trick ourselves into believing that ego is who we are. We have that right, we have that will. And then the second you choose to agree that you are not all that you actually are and came here to find yourself to be, you literally open up a completely different portal to a completely different reality. And life unfolds to the degree that you believe you are worthy of being, receiving, having or doing whatever you believe yourself to be. You don't get what you want. You get who you're being.


So if you are being someone who is believing that you are not okay as being who you are, then you begin to develop masks and stories and belief systems and reasons why and justifications. And you don't know my story, which is true. I don't know your story. I know that all stories are the same, regardless as to what your individual details are of it. I know that there is someone who has had some level of every story that there is, and as many people who have fallen by that story, there are as many people who have found themselves because of it. So there is no room for us to believe that because our story is our story, we can't overcome it. That's designed so that you can begin to believe or know that it's a lie. It's just up to us as to when we choose to accept it as being a lie so that we can let in the truth of who we are. The one thing that prevents us from doing this is the fact that in order to move to the next level of reality in your life, in order to move. Moving to the next level of relationships that you experience. It starts with you and it goes from you to you. A lot of times humans try to fix the outside world so that they feel better within. This is also a first paradigm construct. It's coming from the idea that you believe you're a separate character, a victim of life, or that you need to control or manipulate life in order for you to be okay. And what you find as you awaken further on this journey is that there is absolutely no gap between your external reality and your internal one, that they cannot be separated, that they're one in the same, and that the outside is a reflection of your inside. It is not the other way around. As you journey inward and remove the masks and remove the layers of the characters that you have felt you needed to play in order to feel safe. Wanted, seen and valuable. As you remove those layers and that mask each time, you will transcend higher and higher into levels of consciousness of your sense of self. And the one thing preventing us from doing that is to what degree will you allow yourself to be vulnerable? To what degree will you be able to honestly admit to yourself first that there are walls built up and that you don't want them anymore, and that removing these walls, if you will, removing these masks and showing your true self that you are a human, that you are emotional, that you do want to connect, but you fear it, that you do want to do the things that you want to do, but you have a story that says you can't or you have to do this because this is the way it's done. This is the way we did it and this is the way you have to do it. And anything outside of that is crazy. It's ludicrous. You're just not accepted by us. Some people get kicked out of their families because they want to try something new. They want to be themselves. They want to build something that hasn't been built. So to the people who don't understand how this works, they see that as lunacy because ego needs to see it in order to believe it. But the highest sense of self in who and what you are knows that in order to create something authentic to you, in some cases you have to. In every case, you have to believe it before you see it. So to bring this back full circle, talking about how challenging it is to allow yourself to be vulnerable, to allow yourself a new level of honesty, to ask yourself questions like why do these things keep happening and do your best not to point the finger to the reasons your mind is saying it's happening. When you can point your finger inward, it will start to break up a lot of the story that, believe it or not, has been put in place to protect you.


This story, this is the wild part. And if nothing else comes from this episode, please do your best to allow this to sit or to resonate the limited life that we are living or trying to transition out of, or trying to move beyond the limitations in the story of why we do so many of the things that we say we have to do when we wouldn't do them otherwise if we had the air quotes choice is because we were trying to protect ourselves. We were trying to protect ourselves from being banished or kicked out. We were trying to protect ourselves from being someone that wouldn't get chosen, from being someone who didn't matter, from being someone who wasn't valuable in some way. I tell a story often about my time in the first paradigm, working in a corporate career, and I have nothing really but positive things to say about my experience inside of this corporate career. Even though many of the things that I experienced, I perceived to be negative at the time. So when we talk about flipping our ability to find perspective, it's available anywhere and everywhere if you're choosing to look for it. But I started this career in sales. I had zero background, I had zero idea of what I was doing. I just knew that I didn't want to be doing what I was doing because my father wasn't approving of it. He wasn't excited about it. He seemed to be excited about things that, to be honest, I didn't really feel mattered much. But needing his approval more than I valued my own sense of myself and my own desires to express myself in the world, valuing his opinion more than what I valued myself at. I was like, I got to go do whatever kind of makes him happy. I got to do whatever is going to get this person to acknowledge my existence. So I went out and I started a corporate career, and I found myself to be very capable. And because I found myself to be so capable and because I found myself to actually kind of enjoy it, I kind of had a good time and I was learning new things. I was discovering new aspects of myself. This was all really, really good. So it seemed like maybe this negative feeling that I had that was brought about in my first paradigm life by not feeling valuable enough on my own without my family or my father's approval. This negative pit that I had drove me into a situation where I found something that I was actually good at and it made me feel great. How could this be a bad thing? Pat just sounds awesome. I did really, really well for a really long time. I made a lot of money. I climbed the corporate ladder. I did everything that the outside world would have expected from someone who you would have maybe called air quotes successful. I did it. I had it. I saw the ball and I ran with it. And it created such a world for me, such an illusion of being happy. I was content. I had peace for a very little while. And then what happened is inside of this building, this huge building of a 40, 50, 60, I don't know people that I was working with, I started to notice something happening. And what I started to notice was that the more successful I was, the more happy I seemed to be, the more really excited I was to be in this place, the less people talked to me. So in the beginning, when I first started, I felt like I kind of had all of these groups and friends and connections and everybody was excited and we were all starting something new and kind of like rooting each other on. But then there were people that had been in the building for a really long time, and some of those people were not as excited. So the happier that I got, the more pushed out I felt from the collective. And again the loop continued. What ended up happening was I would notice that I would go to the sales office or I would go into the lounge, or I would go to what we'd call the up station, which is where we would wait for the next clients to potentially come in through the door and people would start walking away. Or I could feel them talking about me when I would leave. And it felt terrible. People would tell me about how terrible their day was or how terrible their ride to work was, or how terrible their family life was, or how garbage this place was to work. And in the beginning I was like, No, no, no, no, no. Like, no. There's so many. What do you mean, there's so many? I would like fight for how great this place was and and how great the potential is here. I did my best. I even used to host these Sunday meetings to get everyone on the same wavelength of this positive, rah rah cheerleader version of me trying to get everyone to realize their potential.


So all this story that I'm telling you is something that ended up really switching me in a way as far as my energetic loop of not being vulnerable enough within myself to figure out why I was actually being motivated to do things. I learned quite a bit about myself and what I felt I could do and the positive impact I could have on other humans. This is where I learned this, and I use it every single day inside of the work that I do today. So I'm unbelievably grateful for it. But here's what happened. Just like the same energetic loop or pattern where I needed my dad's validation and approval and my family's validation and approval and my friends validation and approval and the collective's validation and approval more than I cared about my own because it wasn't safe to be me. I didn't like me because I believed a lot of the things that people said were I believed even inwardly forget other people, that I just didn't fit in. And I believe we all have a little bit of that in our back story. There's a part of us that kind of just doesn't feel like we fit it. We don't know what we're doing here or why we came here. What why we don't feel like we belong. So believing that to be true is ego, and it's in denial of the truth, which is that you are a part of this experience. So before I was entering into the next level of this game, of realizing that you are one with everything, you first have to kind of realize that you don't think you are and you have to be affected by that. And then that will affect how you behave and what you do. So similarly to the pattern of needing my dad's approval that put me into a career path that I would have never chosen otherwise. Feeling left out or abandoned by or banished by or not accepted by or valued or worthy in the presence of the collective. At this corporate experience, I started to change because of it. My need to fit in was greater than my need to express how happy and authentically amazing I felt being able to do something that I now realized I loved. And then I would go into these lounges and I would hear them start to talk about how bad this was or how bad that was, or this day or this client or I can't believe this person, blah, blah, blah. And you know what I did? I started finding things in my life that were also or not really, but could have been perceived as not good so that I could share. So I'd be like, Oh, I know, let me tell you about the last client I had. Even if it wasn't what? I didn't really have a filter that saw things as negative. I had been through a lot of things in my childhood that I could tell you were perceived as negative and having a bad client at work one day was not on the same level as that. So it really took a lot to kind of set me off or make me see life under a negative filter because I had some major things happen in my life as we all do. But I started searching for things to use so I could have conversations. So I didn't lose the connection with my peers. And then I began to be a very, very negative person. And because my desire to fit in was so great, I will tell you that I almost unconsciously created situations in my work and life so that I could continue to sabotage myself and my best efforts to be happy so that I would have something to relate to the collective with.


If you can listen to that back, I want you to do your best to really ask yourself if there's some part of that that might be true for you. Is there some part of you that is so believing that it's risky to be vulnerable, to be yourself, to take the masks off and put your best self forward because you are choosing what you want to do now, because you're choosing who you want to be and because you believe to the best that you can, that you are connected to one and all things, that there is no separation and that the voice that's telling you you're separate is the lie. And it's a lie that you used to be able to believe while you were unconscious. But now you are awake, now you are aware. And if you can begin to access this level of shifting, you'll find it easier to take off the masks that you've been hiding yourself behind. You'll be able to be more honest with yourself and know that no matter what emotion you feel or what story comes up, it's not a bad thing. And that your true freedom that you want exists on the other side of your ability to release those as being parts of your identity. You don't have to kill the ego. You don't have to fight against it. You don't have to strangle it and rage against it. The ego is the enemy. No, it is not. It was 100% required in order for you to know yourself. And at the end of this process, whether you choose to do it on your own, whether you choose to work with me, whether you choose to work with another mentor or a coach, a psychologist, a psychiatrist, anyone who is in the process of or in the service of helping others connect it to the fullest of themselves so that they can express that in their reality without judgment. Any human who does this, including you, because you can do this yourself, the freedom exists. On the other side of that, we put ourselves in a cage. We hide behind our masks because we believe that to take them off in this vulnerable state will leave us open to all of the threats that caused us to put the blocks up in the first place. But I'm going to bring this back full circle. The one thing required for that to be true is for you to agree with whatever the collective is asking of you whenever the collective suggests about you or what you can do or who you are, you have to agree. And if you don't agree, you will then find that you'll be able to stand in your own sense of love and peace and purpose, no matter what is being projected at you, no matter what is being thrown at you, no matter what is scaring you about this process. And you will feel you'll feel the pull to put the masks back on because it's safe and you'll be free. What are you free from? All of the ridicule and all of the hate and all of the rage and all of the. Nope, you are not. You are literally living in that place internally with masks and walls that are keeping you in that state while you're putting the illusion to the world that you're free as whatever mask you need to pull on in order to show up in front of that person, to be someone that you're not. And it's exhausting. And if we do this long enough, the universe, which is also you will find ways to strip the masks from you.


The goal is not to successfully live inside of all of your masks until you die and say, I did it. I was untouched. No, you weren't. This is a self-realization game, and the game is not to realize your sense of self in an illusion so that you hide who you truly are. It's to be able to from the utmost expression of love and acceptance and lack of judgment for yourself and others. Be able to learn who you are, find who you are, and express that in whatever brings you the most joy without fear. Shedding the masks of all that you think were protecting you. You have to agree with that ridicule. You'll have to agree with the bullying. There comes a part of us where we realize in this journey that no one turned their back on us, that it was when we turned our back on us because we believed what they were saying was true. That's when we put the masks on. That's when we started to try to create a character so that we would fit in with the people who were judging and ridiculing us. And when I learned that that's what I was doing in my corporate experience, even when I was aware of it, I still didn't know what to do. So I kept doing it. And that led me on a decade long journey of numbing myself, drug addiction, ruining amazing relationships. The closer someone would get to me, the harder I would put on the mask that I felt was most appropriate to keep me air quotes safe. And it wasn't until I started telling the truth to myself and the people in my life about my experience, about why I did things not to defend or justify why, but just like, let me tell you why I really felt this way. When you take full ownership of everything, then you can express your feelings without the need for someone to tell you what's going on when you've already accepted. Like, No, I just did this stuff. Why did you do that? Because it was way more important for me to get approval and validation from you than it was for me to be me. Like that statement that I just said would have killed me to say to my old man back in the day, I could have never done it. Why? Because I was scared of what his response might be. And slowly you find out that the more vulnerable you are within yourself, the less anyone can actually hurt you, the less anyone can actually have an effect over your inner state of. Being and realizing that your inner state of being, regardless as to what is happening in your external world, is primary. And then the next part of this game paradigm too, as we switch to the awakened life, is realizing that some wild stuff happens when you begin to allow this to be true for you and you allow yourself to be yourself. No matter what is happening in your external reality, you start to see that your external reality, which is a reflection of your internal experience, begins to shift. And at some point you might even be asking yourself, Well, like that's definitely true. That's definitely true. When I have change this or this or this, I definitely saw the reflection changing. My relationships changed. I was more aware of amazing things happening in my life because I stopped looking for the bad things. So I was more aware of the amazing things that were there the whole time. Again, remember in this story in my corporate career, there were amazing things happening all of the time for me, and that's because I was happy and in alignment with amazing things because I was doing something new and I was happy and the world was so open and free. It wasn't until I saw being happy and open and free as a threat to my safety because I didn't fit in with my peers anymore, that I started training my brain to look for air quotes, negative things so that I could relate. But the positive things don't go away. Our brains are just trained to look for the negative so that we fit in. Why do you think there's so much negativity on the news? Why do you think there's so much negativity in the newspaper? It's so that we keep talking about the negative things. Why? Because people who are aligned with the negative collective ideas are easier to control. They're easier to sell to, they're easier to manipulate, they're easier to do everything with because they can rely on the masks of your anger and your fear and your outrage and your judgment to keep you in that place that is not aligned with who you are, because people who know who they are do what they want and they still purchase things, but not ridiculous things that they don't need. They still do things in the world quite often. They still work, if you will, in the world, but not for people that don't care if it's them doing it or someone else doing it. They don't often do things that they don't like to do to make other people money who don't align with the same moral values or ethics that they do. But when you are in a state of fear and anger and rage and all that stuff, and don't get me wrong, there's more than enough examples of why someone might feel those things.


But then there's another part of you that realizes that the only way to change them is to pop out of the energy of them. And that requires us being vulnerable with the parts of us that actually have all of those aspects of fear and rage and judgment inside of us. That's what keeps us hooked. If it's in you, then you'll respond to it. If it's not in you, you'll know it's there. You'll understand that it's real to the people who are experiencing it. But you will be at a frequency that will be able to effect change on it. And this goes for your personal life. This goes for dealing with or working with or handling the collective. This goes for all of your relationships if you have it contained in you because you have a mask that's blocking you from accessing the vulnerability of it and you will be triggered and you will be sent down rabbit holes of rage and anger and justification and judgment. If you can remove those walls within yourself and take the masks off, you will find that you may still hear and see and experience. Similar things will say for a while in the world, you'll be aware of them. It's not necessarily denying that they're real, but you won't be engaging in the same energy of them, which perpetuates that energy going forward. Eventually there comes a point when you choose to be the fullest nature of you, because you've gone down the rabbit hole of vulnerability to every level of truth that you can release about your old self. You can stand as the light inside of any darkness, and the darkness has nowhere to go but bounce off of you and back to itself. And that is what's happening here. That is this awakening. That's what human beings are doing on this planet. That's what you are doing. If you're listening to content like this, you're removing the mask your self, realizing you're going to find freedom in that vulnerability. Everything exists on the other side of it. I've dedicated my life to working with humans so that they can realize this for themselves because of how powerful of a realization it was for me in my life. It changed everything. And that is what I wish for each and every one of you again, truly from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so much for taking the time to spend with me today and every day. Do your best to allow yourself to heal from this process of believing you were something that you were not because it was necessary to find who you are. Do your best to be vulnerable with yourself because it is more valuable to find the actual answers that are making up your behaviors, your thought systems, your story. It's more valuable to find those answers beneath the defense mechanisms that are keeping them in place and move beyond them than it is to hold on to them. It's a process, but it's not a process. It's happening in every moment, and it depends on your degree and your willingness to dive a little bit deeper so that you can expand a little bit further until next time, Have an amazing day. A wonderful night and I will see you then.


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