Like Attracts Like Podcast 827: Find Faith Inside Of Life Shifting Events

trust & faith Jul 12, 2023

Today we dive deep into the confusion and trauma that can be experienced when life presents us with challenging situations. It can seem almost impossible to find strength to trust, connect to faith, or respond to these unexpected situations with Love... When all seems lost, and confusion and fear is at its highest expression... Look for evidence of Love and Connection inside of the helpers... We are not separate, and it is times like these where we are given the opportunity to see this, and share this TRUTH with others... Open to receive, Open to give of your gifts and watch how powerfully we can shift our lives, families and communities closer to love and authenticity...  Sending a shout out to my home town of Highland Falls NY.... Some of the most powerful examples of heart, and high conscious humans... Thank you for continuing to show me that all we speak inside of this show is TRUE....  Much Love To All!! Join me inside !!!   If you found any value in todays post please feel free to Share, Subscribe or Follow :) It truly does help the show!!    Much Love, Pat


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Episode 827: Finding Faith Inside Of Life Shifting Events

By Pat Mahan

00:00:04:12 - 00:00:04:23
Hey, everybody.

00:00:04:23 - 00:00:10:22
Welcome back to another episode of the Like Attracts Like Podcast. Thank you so much for joining me on the show today.

00:00:10:22 - 00:00:18:11
One of the things that I am asked about often inside of the work that I do is how can I explain tragedies in the world?

00:00:18:12 - 00:00:26:22
How can I explain when either cosmic or natural events take shape in some form where human beings are experiencing in the moment

00:00:26:22 - 00:00:33:08
something that is really unsettling, something that really creates traumatic emotional responses?

00:00:33:08 - 00:00:40:16
It's one thing to be able to reflect later on in life, on situations that we have gone through and as we create distance from it,

00:00:40:16 - 00:00:48:20
find a greater perspective or a higher sense of awareness, or sometimes even see how something that at one point in time

00:00:48:20 - 00:00:55:14
was traumatic or unsettling or extremely unwanted or confusing, we sometimes find ourselves

00:00:55:14 - 00:01:01:17
even finding a perspective where we were grateful that we experienced it, not necessarily grateful that it happened,

00:01:01:19 - 00:01:07:21
meaning the humanness of us would probably have wanted certain traumatic events to have gone a different way.

00:01:08:04 - 00:01:14:07
But since we don't often have a say in how some of these events unfold, sometimes the greatest perspective

00:01:14:07 - 00:01:20:10
we can find is that we are grateful we did go through it because of whatever we proved to ourselves about ourselves,

00:01:20:17 - 00:01:26:23
whatever we learned or whatever we were able to potentially offer others inside of those situations.

00:01:26:23 - 00:01:34:03
And that is just this game, if you will, of life, of conscious expansion, of really getting to know who you are

00:01:34:03 - 00:01:38:06
and walking through certain situations that allow you the opportunity to do that.

00:01:38:06 - 00:01:40:11
As many of you know and thank you for reaching out,

00:01:40:11 - 00:01:47:06
my hometown was hit really pretty dramatically last night from basically torrential flooding.

00:01:47:06 - 00:01:51:01
There was no way in or out of this town. Many houses lost.

00:01:51:01 - 00:01:55:20
Many of my good friends severely affected by this. My father still lives in this town.

00:01:55:20 - 00:02:01:05
If you've been watching the news anywhere locally to New York, you've probably heard that Highland Falls was underwater.

00:02:01:05 - 00:02:02:16
And so, again, it brings it back.

00:02:02:16 - 00:02:03:19
And it begs the question,

00:02:03:19 - 00:02:10:07
how can I say these things that I say and speak the way that I speak when these kind of events are happening all over the place?

00:02:10:09 - 00:02:16:22
So today I want to touch a little bit on where I believe the attention or consciousness or love or

00:02:16:22 - 00:02:24:07
heart can be placed in these times of confusion where it appears that all is lost and the bottom is falling out.

00:02:24:08 - 00:02:31:03
Can we jump to a level of understanding inside of that circumstance that not only allows us to suffer less,

00:02:31:08 - 00:02:34:18
but to be of greater help to those who need it?

00:02:34:18 - 00:02:37:13
Today, I want to bring attention and awareness to the heroes.

00:02:37:13 - 00:02:42:23
I want to bring attention and awareness to those who are able to bring the full list of who they are

00:02:42:23 - 00:02:48:08
and that helpful, higher conscious human spirit that when it seems that all is lost,

00:02:48:08 - 00:02:54:08
these human beings show up and they remind us all of exactly what we talk about here on this show.

00:02:54:08 - 00:03:00:10
And that is that the highest levels of love in the universe, God source, whatever you might call it, they show up

00:03:00:10 - 00:03:07:09
in the times of tragedy to prove to us all once again that at the core of this experience is connection.

00:03:07:12 - 00:03:11:17
It is love and it is service to others. Stick around. We're diving in deep.

00:03:11:17 - 00:03:15:12
When we come back, take a look at life from a different perspective.

00:03:15:12 - 00:03:18:18
What if this happening for you and not to you?

00:03:18:18 - 00:03:23:20
This is the like attracts like podcasts if your host at my head.

00:03:23:20 - 00:03:28:16
All right. All right. Here we go. Beautiful humans once again, thank you so much for joining me on the show today.

00:03:28:16 - 00:03:31:11
If you are a new listen to the show. Thank you so much for tuning in.

00:03:31:11 - 00:03:40:13
My name is Pat and I work with humans alongside of a self-realization process or journey, really allowing a deeper state of being inside

00:03:40:13 - 00:03:47:11
of our self, expanding consciousness, and really shifting the paradigm from service to self to service to others.

00:03:47:16 - 00:03:53:15
The first part of our paradigm, we're really navigating life from a position of our sense of self

00:03:53:17 - 00:03:57:15
that believes that is the victim, that believes that it is not worthy,

00:03:57:15 - 00:04:03:15
it believes it doesn't belong, it doesn't believe that it has any gifts that are worthwhile to offer the world.

00:04:03:15 - 00:04:07:21
So it tries to take things from the world to make it feel validated.

00:04:07:21 - 00:04:14:02
And from the first paradigm of our experience, it's very easy to see how this manifests in our own personal lives.

00:04:14:07 - 00:04:16:03
And in the lives of the collective.

00:04:16:03 - 00:04:20:14
And it's one of those experiences where from the deeper levels of separation,

00:04:20:14 - 00:04:25:17
it can be very difficult to see or feel or understand why certain things happen.

00:04:25:17 - 00:04:32:03
And of course, I believe even at some of the higher levels of consciousness, there just has to be a certain level of trust,

00:04:32:08 - 00:04:34:10
no matter what the scenario is.

00:04:34:10 - 00:04:40:20
And it can be very challenging to have that level of trust or allow that level of guidance from the game, if you will,

00:04:40:20 - 00:04:45:23
when you are inside of a scenario that you are struggling through or whether you are really attached

00:04:45:23 - 00:04:51:22
to or connected to an experience of confusion or the separate self being attacked in some way.

00:04:52:04 - 00:05:01:07
And what we find really is that as you evolve and as you grow and as you let in more love, as you let in more trust,

00:05:01:07 - 00:05:09:08
as you let in more guidance, we can really see that as we reflect on certain things that we have gone through in our air quotes past,

00:05:09:13 - 00:05:16:22
there is a perspective that can be found and the difference between why many people can't do that in the moment versus years later.

00:05:17:03 - 00:05:23:03
Hindsight being 2020 being a very popular statement is because when we are in it, we're too close to it.

00:05:23:04 - 00:05:30:17
We're attached to it, and we haven't yet experienced enough from the point of the issue in order to allow a new perspective in.

00:05:30:17 - 00:05:36:00
So therefore, from that level of consciousness, we assume that there can't be one and we live and we suffer by that.

00:05:36:00 - 00:05:42:20
And really, depending upon how we are navigating this scenario, it's generated from fear, of course, and it's generated

00:05:42:20 - 00:05:49:06
from a lack of control, of course, and it's generated from this confusion of the unknown, the separate self.

00:05:49:06 - 00:05:52:05
The ego believes that it needs to control things.

00:05:52:05 - 00:05:57:00
It believes that it needs to know how things are going to happen in order to feel safe.

00:05:57:00 - 00:06:05:06
So when things that appear unsafe or are unsafe by definition happen inside of a human being's experience

00:06:05:06 - 00:06:11:12
or inside of a collective, it really throws a wrench in things and it disrupts everything inside of the separate selves plan.

00:06:11:16 - 00:06:15:04
And what I found is that there are two things that can happen during this experience.

00:06:15:04 - 00:06:18:16
And again, this is whether something is happening in your own personal life

00:06:18:16 - 00:06:27:04
or in the lives of someone else that you know, we can close up, we can tighten up, we can block our energy, our emotions, our actions.

00:06:27:04 - 00:06:30:09
We can really go into a state of fight or flight.

00:06:30:09 - 00:06:32:12
And it is totally understandable

00:06:32:12 - 00:06:39:10
And okay, if that is part of the process, it's very much part of an unconscious process responding to an event.

00:06:39:10 - 00:06:45:13
And again, just to bring it back to the intro, people ask me from all over different parts of the world when we're struggling

00:06:45:13 - 00:06:53:17
through something, what level of faith in this conscious expansion game could I possibly have to say that even when there are tragic events

00:06:53:17 - 00:07:01:03
or traumatic experiences or unwanted natural acts of God or humanity, how can I still trust that it's part of the process?

00:07:01:03 - 00:07:09:03
And how can we get through these experiences with the greatest amount of growth, expansion and rebirth is possible.

00:07:09:04 - 00:07:14:11
While I won't say that this has not been a challenge for me, I cannot say that it's not possible.

00:07:14:11 - 00:07:22:00
And I found that it comes down to whether or not we close up and expand and choose to be overwhelmed

00:07:22:01 - 00:07:27:14
by the confusion and the why did this happen versus getting to a position where we understand

00:07:27:14 - 00:07:33:17
that from the level we are at, we don't know why certain things happen based on what the collective needs to expand and evolve,

00:07:33:21 - 00:07:38:04
what we need to expand and evolve and what we have been asking for

00:07:38:04 - 00:07:44:11
in an attempt or inside of the process of becoming our greatest expression of ourselves.

00:07:44:16 - 00:07:50:21
Remember, when we ask for certain things in our lives, it's typically because the things that we have been experiencing

00:07:50:21 - 00:07:58:02
aren't going the way that we would like them to or we would like to have be or do more of something.

00:07:58:06 - 00:08:05:10
And then there's something else where when we aren't making moves consciously, I found this in my life happening in dramatic fashion

00:08:05:16 - 00:08:11:16
when there were choices that I knew I had to make, but I wasn't consciously making them, or I was living inside of a story

00:08:11:16 - 00:08:19:08
that kept distracting myself from what was really going on or what I really wanted, or what was really dysfunctional or toxic in my life.

00:08:19:09 - 00:08:27:11
I found that because your experience of life is a reflection of you, it is a reflection of how you are being, how you see life,

00:08:27:15 - 00:08:29:22
how you interpret or perceive life.

00:08:29:22 - 00:08:36:19
Because of this, I find that life has a way to put you in a position to either acknowledge or express

00:08:36:23 - 00:08:39:13
or become that what you have been asking to be.

00:08:39:13 - 00:08:46:03
Now this as I lead into what happened in my hometown of Highland Falls yesterday, it can be challenging because here we are

00:08:46:03 - 00:08:52:14
talking about a beautiful little community that just got hit by a tremendous amount of rain and it flooded the town out.

00:08:52:14 - 00:08:58:07
So many lives affected, so many things happening that no one was really prepared for.

00:08:58:07 - 00:09:04:20
Not that you can be prepared for this kind of a thing, but I promise that it wasn't part of anyone's plan as you woke up yesterday.

00:09:04:20 - 00:09:08:09
And this is one example from my own personal story of life.

00:09:08:09 - 00:09:12:15
But I know that everyone listening, no matter where you're listening from, there's something most likely

00:09:12:15 - 00:09:20:08
that you can recall or refer to that happened that is beyond your ability or scope of potential to understand.

00:09:20:10 - 00:09:26:15
And it's in those moments that I really want to focus on today, because it doesn't matter whether it's

00:09:26:15 - 00:09:33:07
a higher version of you that sent you these challenges for you to overcome and prove to yourself that what you truly are.

00:09:33:08 - 00:09:38:01
It doesn't matter if it's happening in someone else's life, but it's been brought to your attention.

00:09:38:01 - 00:09:41:14
So it's asking you who are you in this situation?

00:09:41:14 - 00:09:45:00
What character do you play inside of this situation?

00:09:45:00 - 00:09:47:19
Who are you in relationship to? What's happening?

00:09:47:19 - 00:09:55:10
And it doesn't matter how long we sit and try to ponder the universe and the plan, or if you believe there isn't a plan.

00:09:55:11 - 00:10:02:02
This idea that there is or isn't a plan, it doesn't matter how long you ponder this, the answer will always be yours to give

00:10:02:04 - 00:10:04:10
that there is or isn't some plan.

00:10:04:10 - 00:10:10:13
It's very easy to be in the midst of something that's happening and say to yourself that there can't possibly be a plan.

00:10:10:17 - 00:10:16:00
There is no way this would happen or why should this? Or people lost everything. They lost their lives.

00:10:16:00 - 00:10:23:10
Family is when things like this happen, it can be very beneficial if you are still in a position to be and feel and express.

00:10:23:10 - 00:10:29:14
Okay that yes, as we observe what's happening, we bring awareness to one very important thing inside

00:10:29:14 - 00:10:36:16
of what we are calling be is just really what appear to be unwanted or unforeseen or just confusing events.

00:10:36:18 - 00:10:41:12
I would love to share something that can truly be helpful even in those moments.

00:10:41:12 - 00:10:46:14
So again, I know that as we get distance from things that have happened in our again past

00:10:46:14 - 00:10:52:23
as we recall them or refer to them in a new present moment, it can be easier with less emotional attachment to them

00:10:53:00 - 00:11:02:14
to allow the perspective in as to what the benefits or I daresay, reason or if nothing else, what we can do or become because of a situation.

00:11:02:14 - 00:11:08:04
It can be easier to let that in when you have distance. But what if you could really let it in during the event?

00:11:08:04 - 00:11:12:12
I want to bring attention to a special attention to this observation.

00:11:12:12 - 00:11:19:16
When things are challenging, when it has all hit the fan, when you really may be in a position or where

00:11:19:16 - 00:11:26:18
there are other people that you can observe that are in a position where life has hit them hard, watch how quickly the helpers come.

00:11:26:19 - 00:11:27:09

00:11:27:09 - 00:11:34:04
I can't even say this without being emotional because I'm watching it and seeing and experiencing it in my own life right now

00:11:34:06 - 00:11:37:04
with people from my hometown who are in need.

00:11:37:04 - 00:11:43:16
I am watching the helpers, I am watching the people who are putting their lives on hold to jump

00:11:43:16 - 00:11:49:19
in and offer guidance and help and love and assistance and connection to other humans who need it.

00:11:49:22 - 00:11:56:02
And I'm seeing the emotional and the physical experience of these humans affected

00:11:56:07 - 00:12:00:20
by the love that others have in their hearts in general for other humans.

00:12:00:20 - 00:12:04:15
So sometimes I believe we need to be reminded of that.

00:12:04:15 - 00:12:09:16
And I also don't think that we get to necessarily choose when those reminders come,

00:12:09:16 - 00:12:14:22
but I also believe that they come at the exact right time, because I believe that everything is by design.

00:12:14:22 - 00:12:23:00
I believe it's guided by higher versions of ourselves, that we are doing our best to be in contact with and express through us.

00:12:23:01 - 00:12:29:10
And I believe that we have the opportunity to express that in moments like these, whatever is happening in your life

00:12:29:10 - 00:12:38:11
or in the life of someone else, it is a reflection of what you can do, what you can offer, what you can give, and what you can receive.

00:12:38:14 - 00:12:44:15
There are many people who are struggling through any parts of or experiences in life, and there's a part of them

00:12:44:15 - 00:12:49:07
that isn't open to receive the help that others so desperately want to offer them.

00:12:49:07 - 00:12:51:06
So it doesn't matter whether you are on the giving

00:12:51:06 - 00:12:57:15
or the receiving side of this loving energy, do your best to open, no matter what you're going through.

00:12:57:20 - 00:13:02:20
And when you open through that faith, remember, faith is not knowing what it is.

00:13:02:20 - 00:13:07:00
You have faith in looking for a proof and then saying, I agree and believe

00:13:07:00 - 00:13:13:04
faith in whatever form you describe it for yourself is having faith in the unseen.

00:13:13:09 - 00:13:16:00
It's having trust in something that we don't understand.

00:13:16:00 - 00:13:23:00
And until or after the dust settles or the water drains, can we do our best to focus our attention on the helpers?

00:13:23:02 - 00:13:30:13
I've heard it been said and I agree that source or God, not something separate from you, but something within you is in the helpers.

00:13:30:13 - 00:13:34:23
You can see it in the people that come when other people are in need.

00:13:34:23 - 00:13:41:01
And as long as we focus our attention on that, it can restore some sense of power and connection and unity

00:13:41:01 - 00:13:44:01
inside of our human experience here on this planet.

00:13:44:01 - 00:13:49:15
When you realize that there is no separation, there is not another person out there that is an illusion.

00:13:49:15 - 00:13:50:16
That is the game.

00:13:50:16 - 00:13:58:00
And it's when these types of things happen that we all actually get the gift of being able to see that it doesn't matter where you live,

00:13:58:00 - 00:14:02:12
it doesn't matter what color, it doesn't matter what car you drive, it doesn't matter how much money you make. It doesn't.

00:14:02:12 - 00:14:03:19
It doesn't matter.

00:14:03:19 - 00:14:09:17
And the beautiful thing is, if we can see that it not only doesn't matter when there is a tragedy, it doesn't matter in general.

00:14:09:17 - 00:14:11:19
We start to see how this game works.

00:14:11:19 - 00:14:17:05
Sometimes it takes something dramatic for us to wake up, but we can carry this into our daily life.

00:14:17:05 - 00:14:24:06
Keep going forward knowing there is no separation, there is no difference between any other human and you, except the story

00:14:24:06 - 00:14:28:05
you tell about why they're different. And that is not real. That is an illusion.

00:14:28:05 - 00:14:37:22
The fullest essence and nature of you that is connected to every single other human, regardless of geography or circumstance is the same.

00:14:37:22 - 00:14:40:04
We're just blocked to it in different degrees.

00:14:40:04 - 00:14:48:14
So when you can open and let it in, it may offer you the potential, even in challenging times, to open up to giving more love,

00:14:48:15 - 00:14:50:15
to open up to receiving more love,

00:14:50:15 - 00:14:57:19
to open up to offering more guidance or help in your community to really shifting from service to self to service to others.

00:14:57:19 - 00:15:03:10
And that's what we see in experiences like this. So today, do your best to open and do your best to breathe.

00:15:03:10 - 00:15:11:06
Do your best to surrender to what is not from weakness, but because surrendering to what is allows you to no longer fight against it.

00:15:11:09 - 00:15:14:15
And when you're in the energy of fight, nothing evolves.

00:15:14:15 - 00:15:17:16
Nothing changes from the energy of fight.

00:15:17:16 - 00:15:23:12
It's not until we let go of the fight to surrender to higher guidance and clarity from within.

00:15:23:12 - 00:15:25:21
That is where you're seeing these helpers act from.

00:15:25:21 - 00:15:29:15
That is where you are seeing the people who are coming to the rescue.

00:15:29:15 - 00:15:36:06
Local people from town, emergency services, police, firefighters, neighbors, friends, anyone.

00:15:36:10 - 00:15:43:22
This is what can awaken deeper aspects of potential from who we came here to be and what we came here to do within us.

00:15:44:02 - 00:15:47:11
Remember that no matter what you're going through, you are not alone

00:15:47:11 - 00:15:53:19
because there are other humans who are accessing their ability and potential to be there for you in every single moment.

00:15:53:19 - 00:15:59:14
Sometimes we have to surrender and ask for help. Sometimes help will be given to us whether we want it or not.

00:15:59:14 - 00:16:05:17
And sometimes it's letting go of the question of why is this happening and allowing the question of what

00:16:05:17 - 00:16:12:15
can I do to shift this situation closer to love and closer in connection, closer to community?

00:16:12:15 - 00:16:15:00
What can I do with what has been given?

00:16:15:00 - 00:16:19:06
And so I want to end this episode by just saying how grateful I am to all of you

00:16:19:06 - 00:16:25:18
who are listening, who work so hard every single day on yourself to let go of old patterns, to let go of your conditioning, to open up

00:16:25:21 - 00:16:27:22
when it's been so challenging

00:16:27:22 - 00:16:35:19
to breathe deep, when you've been so tense and tight and stressed to trust in something that just seems absolutely so confusing.

00:16:35:19 - 00:16:38:18
Sometimes I want to say how grateful I am to all of you

00:16:38:18 - 00:16:43:12
because you are the proof of what we talk about on the show every single day in my hometown of Highland Falls.

00:16:43:12 - 00:16:45:22
I want to say I love you. I'm there for you.

00:16:45:22 - 00:16:53:03
I'm so grateful for all of the helpers who have been working tirelessly since last night to make sure that everyone else is safe.

00:16:53:08 - 00:16:57:14
Know that you'll be taken care of too, in ways I believe that we can't even fathom.

00:16:57:14 - 00:17:03:17
Because just like these incredibly life changing, earth shifting experiences happen out of nowhere,

00:17:04:01 - 00:17:10:10
I believe that the expansive, loving, creative and rewarding experiences can happen out of nowhere too.

00:17:10:10 - 00:17:14:10
And I wish you nothing but that for each and every single one of you.

00:17:14:10 - 00:17:19:03
It's one that I leave you. As always, I love you Have an amazing day. A wonderful night, and I will see you next time.


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