Like Attracts Like Podcast 831: The POWERFUL Shift We Have Been Waiting For Is Here

self realization Jul 26, 2023

Thank you for joining me on todays episode!  Today we are taking this week to talk about what everything is leading to in your life.. What all of the ups and downs have revealed about you.. Where is your faith, where is your trust... at what level do you feel you are ready to actually live a life at the level of consciousness and love that you have been trending towards. The shift is here, and it requires one thing in order for us to access it.  Are you ready>? Join me inside !!!   If you found any value in todays post please feel free to Share, Subscribe or Follow :) It truly does help the show!!    Much Love    ~Pat 


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Episode 831: The POWERFUL Shift We Have Been Waiting For Is Here

By Pat Mahan

Hey everybody, welcome back to another episode of the Like Attracts Like Podcast. Thank you so much for joining me on the show today. On today's show we're going to be talking about something that I've been finding very thematic inside of many of the calls that I've been taking with so many listeners across all different content platforms, and it's really asking us to commit to and make a powerful shift in our lives. So often we talk about the shifts that are happening in the world, in the universe. The universe is shifting, the planets are moving cosmically.

There's something happening, but we also know that this is only a reflection of what it is that we are and what it is that we contain inside of us, and sometimes it is all leading us to the very, very important realization that the shift that needs to take place is within us first, that nothing has power outside of us to create some sort of an internal shift that we don't agree to, even if we're agreeing to that shift in an unconscious place. So today we are going to talk about how powerful it is to actually commit to the shift within you. First, we're going to talk about some of the things that prevent most of us from being able to do that consistently enough to see or feel what we might call the reflection of that, and we're going to talk about some ways to actually give yourself permission to create miraculous changes in your life. And, of course, the lives of others Stick around. We're diving in deep when we come back.


All right, all right, beautiful humans. Once again, thank you so much for joining me on the show Today. If you are a new listener to the show, welcome. My name is Pat and I work with people and what you might call a self-realization or an awakening journey, and it really is awakening to the truth of who you are, known only to you at the deepest levels that you can imagine, beyond words describing who or what you are. It's knowing yourself to such an intimate degree that you're no longer identified by what it is that you are doing, but who you are being while you are doing what you are doing and the navigation of this process, although it really very simply, is happening only inside of the moment you are, in, the present moment that you are in. There is another component to this process that makes it appear to be quite a bit more difficult than it actually is and that you probably heard described as an ego, the personal self or the story mind that keeps us separated from what you might call the truth of your existence is the truth of your reality, and that truth is something that the individual human experience, at its core depth of knowing, can't deny, and that is that you are living a life experience, and then you are also hearing a play by play describing the life experience that you are having. So this is where we kind of see the paradoxical nature of our existence and experience taking shape, and it's this paradox, or this contradiction even, that keeps us separated from the truth, and it also keeps us living our lives in loops that seem to represent firmly our past, for some reason condemning us to a future where we will experience events that we have already lived in, this torturous, repetitive cycle of unwanted experiences, for many of us were left suffering and really trying to figure out how to move beyond many of the loops that we find ourselves in. The voice that says how does this keep happening? Why do I keep doing this? How can I keep attracting the same people into my life? Why can't I get ahead financially? Whatever the why is that's coming up when we are saying to ourselves something about the life we are living. There is a reason for it, and the reason that these things happen to us in life can initially be found by looking at the story we tell about what's happening. So today, what we're going to talk about is really allowing ourselves permission to break these cycles, giving ourselves permission to shift internally first, without needing to fully know what that shift will create on the reflective end of the shift being made.

So, wherever you are finding yourself today listening to this, whatever you might be navigating, whatever you are going through, remember that, although it appears to be something that exists inside of your story, it exists inside of something that we're going to call time of the personal mind, your personal mind's reference or story of the continuity of your life and the events that have taken place and what that means about you, who you are and the life you live. All of that is actually not happening in time. It's happening now. There's something very, very liberating in this understanding and knowing, because it can be much less overwhelming once you break the habit of letting your attention drift into the past story of your life and then the blanket filter of applied meaning that we have given that story, which is subjective to us. Free yourself from those past references and just allow yourself to focus with me right now on whatever you're doing. That is all that there is. That is the only time that you have and it's the only time to release your past. It's the only time to accept the current moment and it's the only time to receive anything, as new moments show up in your awareness. It is only right now. Although the story of your memory can go back as far back as you allow it, you're still referencing it in the moment you are in.

So the truth of this matter that we were talking about originally in the opening is that you are one with life, you are flowing with life, you are life itself. There is a component to you and your existence that doesn't rely on the story of you being primary. I want to say that again because it's very important, and I promise this will wrap itself up into exactly what the theme of this week is. There are components to you hints, if you will, secret glimpses of the truth of who you actually are that do not rely on the story of you being present or primary. Remember, the first paradigm of this game is we are one with the character, we are one with the body, we are one with the mind, meaning there is no separation from our sense of self or identity to these personal components. We're being led around, if you will, by this story and we think the story is us. So, whatever it says, it affects us emotionally.

Whatever it says, it compels us to go out and do, and this story that we're referring to today, that we have an ability to access in our current moment, this story and play by play is what is keeping you from blowing with life. It's telling you about life as it happens, but that's preventing you from existing as life. It's preventing you from accessing a higher state of consciousness. And what I believe we are here to do is each of us to do our part, as we are believing we're separate to allow in the highest access or connection to consciousness that we can right here on this planet. The more of us that allow a higher access to consciousness in the planet, the planet's consciousness changes. So when we realize that we're each, these little conductors that have the potential to raise in frequency, to raise in awareness of consciousness, we see that a very interesting thing happens that as we raise in consciousness, for whatever reason, it doesn't matter if you've had a near-death experience, it doesn't matter if you've done plant medicine, it doesn't matter if you've had an absolute traumatic catastrophe in your life, it doesn't matter if it's just time, you just feel that it's time to let go of these things.

High conscious meditations, it doesn't matter how the shift in consciousness occurs or the awakening of self occurs. Once it does, the more awareness you have through higher consciousness, the higher access to what you might call a universal truth is bestowed upon you. You realize that you're connecting to a stream of thought that isn't your own. That's important the stream of consciousness of thought, the epiphanies, the ideas, the truths that are downloaded to a human being who raises their consciousness. Most humans wouldn't say that they had access to that level of sureness before they had their awakening or before this progressively unfolded for them in an increase in conscious awareness. These are newer truths, even if you've read them on a t-shirt or on a coffee cup or in a meme or on Instagram or TikTok. Once it is actually given to you and you actually not analytically, but embodiment wise access higher consciousness, you realize these statements, these sayings, these words, these feelings to be the truth, and you realize that they always were the truth and that they always were your truth, that they're the truth. It is what happens at higher states of consciousness, it is the what always isness of this experience.

So what prevents us from accessing the always isness of that higher truth of consciousness? Why can't we just let ourselves flow in the moment that we are in, and the two reasons that I would like to talk about today are very, very powerful. They're very important and they hold true for each human being. So if you are a human being listening to this, this applies, the first of these reasons being we are attaching our sense of self, our identity, to our past. It doesn't matter why we're doing it just yet, just know that the first reason we're going to talk about, as far as why we don't allow ourselves to access the moment we are in, is because we are attaching part of our sense of self to our past.

There's something we feel we lost there. There's something we feel should have gone a different way. There's something about us and the story of us that was developed from our past that we're holding on to in a current moment, that says that we're not worthy of something, that we're not enough, that we can't do these things, that people don't like us, that we'll never find what we're looking for. And all of this comes from our past, which does not exist unless we give our attention to the memories from our previously experienced current moments. Remember your past. That we're calling it is not a thing. It can't be. You're accessing what we're calling memories or traumatic stamps or amazing times that happened in a previous present moment and you're taking them with you into this present moment. And, depending upon how you are feeling, when you're accessing your past memory or your blanket statement of meaning about that memory, it's affecting you in this current moment, right now. So this is why we recreate our past to the degree that we are attaching our sense of self to it.

If you feel you have lost anything, if you feel that something shouldn't have gone the way that it went, if you feel that you are based off of your own meaning and description or projection from other people, if you feel that you are lacking or less than in some way and you hold that as your play-by-play in your personal mind, then you are bringing that with you in a current moment. It is keeping you well from connected to the moment you are in and the truth of who you are and that lighter, conscious, expansive experience that you have access to. It is holding you down under the water, because we aren't accessing the flow of life, we aren't accessing the fullness of who you are, which knows things. This is important the fullness of who you are knows things. To be true that the current awareness of your self in this moment isn't allowing to be true. So this shouldn't have happened.

I wish this went a different way. If only this went a different way than I story, personal story I not I am of you, but the me of it, then I would be different, my life would change. This would happen. That's all the story of the personal I, the ego. It thinks and it's disguising itself as you it thinks. Therefore, you think that something from your past should have been different than it was. Because if it was different, then I would be this If I only didn't embarrass myself, if I only didn't do that shameful thing, if I only didn't let them talk to me that way, if only I didn't talk to them that way, then I'd be this that is an attachment to a sense of self from previous experiences that no longer exist, that, when attached to in the current moment, keep you under water, because your highest self, the highest self, the truth of how your consciousness, knows that there is not one thing in your life that should have been different.

So, therefore, when you are living from this place of truth, free from your past, that you keep re-experiencing, if someone were to say boy, I sure wish I did this differently. You would instantly know that that's not something you resonate with, that that can't literally be a thing because it was the way. It was the way that it was that way so that you could learn whatever you needed to learn, or because there's something going on that we don't have full access to in awareness. We have no idea what's actually going on and the intricacies of what needs to happen for each person to be given what they need in order to wake up to themselves. We don't know.

But if you can look at your entire life experience and ask the question who am I in relationship to it, you either agree with the lens of perception that you have been agreeing with for so long or you're going to choose to disagree with it because it's no longer the truth you want to experience. What is your life experience of your past now in relationship to who you are? You'll get a quick answer. Do you still agree with all of your old senses of self? You still agree with the old description of you? Do you still agree that it should have been different and I wish that this never happened, because now my life would be great, or do you understand that that's not true, that it is a construct of ego and mind that is literally keeping you stuck through shame and guilt, into repeating patterns of that same energy, because you don't get what you want. You get who you're being.

So if you're being someone who isn't living from the highest truth, you keep getting the level of truth you're living at. And it's not to punish you. You didn't do anything wrong. It's simply the part of the process to self-realization. It's part of the process of letting go of the human doing of it all. It's part of the process of letting go of judgment, because the more you release judgment for yourself and the more you allow yourself to accept all of the other versions of you that were required to get you to where you are, then here's the amazing thing you will see less judgment in others. It's true, you will judge others less because there are no others. They are you, they are part of the one.

And if you hold judgment for something in yourself because you feel you are that or do that, but you're not willing to look at yourself, then you will blame other people for showing you the reflection of what you are. And if you hold yourself accountable at this high level for having these amazing standards, and I don't do any of those things. I have no judgment for myself. And then you see someone else doing something that you're holding yourself to this high standard, like, haha, I can't look at this person doing this terrible thing. They must be blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. You have judgment. It's when you can release it within yourself and then release it from the game. That's right. I said it Release it from the game. It's not just releasing yourself from judgment. It's when you see someone else doing something that you feel judgment from. That's in you. It can't not be. You can't feel anything in your air quotes, external world that isn't in you in some way, shape or form. So even if you're not doing the thing that you're judging, because you're amazing when you see it being done if you judge it, then you're judging the game.

We don't understand that there are people who are disconnected at such a high level that that level of truth that they're living by is what you might consider to be really unwanted, not preferred, actions and behaviors. But it's not for us to say, it's not for us down here to judge, because it's all part of the scale, it's all part of the gradient, at the highest levels of truth and awareness and access to yourself and God, consciousness and the cosmic rhythm of the universe itself. There's no judgment because it's all you, so you can't judge that which you are if you understand what you truly are and that is fully inclusive, it's connection, it's love, it's expansion, it's creation, creativity and life itself. But in order to even know what that is, we have to understand that it is a gradient scale and it goes from that highest level of self and truth, which we do have access to, all the way, I say, down not worse, although it appears to be a judgment of saying worse but all the way down to the most disconnected that you could possibly be, believing you are completely separate from life, believing you are completely a victim, believing that everyone else is victimizing you. Everything is an attack, everything is abuse, everything is betrayal, nothing has meaning and it's literally life or death. That has to be a thing in order for us to even know or experience what oneness is. So we can't judge something that is necessary for us to know who we are. But we are responsible for living the truth of who we are, even though we are aware of the cosmic destruction that can be created when someone doesn't understand who they are, who we all are, and that's the challenging part. So, yes, it's happening on a cosmic level in what we're calling society, in the world of humans, but none of that matters to you, and the more you think it does, the more we're being distracted from what the true journey is, the more you think that you can't be a certain way because life is this way or because society is this way, or how can I be amazing and a good human when all these people are, then you're being distracted. The only journey is to reconcile the judgment and the guilt and the shame within you, and that means that you're going to have to look at yourself as you repeat these patterns in your life and ask yourself what might you be showing you? What are you still holding on to? That keeps you stuck in your past and repeating living that past in every present moment you find yourself in.

If you feel pretty good but still see things in the world and get angry and judge and rage against and want to fight, that's in you and it's not that you agree. You just simply get to a place of understanding that to want to fight. That which you don't prefer creates more of the energy of that which you don't prefer. It doesn't matter what side of the argument you're on Fight is fight, hate is hate, destruction is destruction. It doesn't matter if you think you're right and I promise this is not having anything to do with religion or politics or any of this world earthly stuff it is only you. To you. Can you release yourself from the hate? Can you release yourself from the judgment? Can you release yourself from the fear, from the shame? Can you release yourself from it so that you can walk around freely amongst it, so you can be the source of light that shifts it?

And if everyone can do this for themselves in what appears to be a game of separation, more and more humans will access the higher truth of higher consciousness, where we realize what the game is. Now we're not separate at all and at the highest levels of truth, beyond the personal story, we are one thing, one life, one consciousness, one experience that is fragmented into what appears to be billions, if not infinite many experiences. So we can know ourselves more deeply. But it starts with us, here and now, with our own story. We can't transcend the story of the collective if we can't get ahold of our own story and move beyond it. So this is the first thing that prevents us from living in the moment, flowing with life and the rhythm of the experience, while accessing our higher or highest self that we have available. The first thing is attaching our sense of self to the past, bringing it into the current moment and then pulling ourselves underwater, drowning ourselves from the truth of who we are. And the second one that we're going to talk about, and they do all go hand in hand. You can talk about these in any order. One leads to the other and both are reconciled by what we're going to talk about at the end here.

The second reason people find themselves being disconnected from the truth of who they are is because the past has so much momentum in their current experience that, even if they find themselves letting go of the past and doing their best to experience the moment they are in, we quickly find that many human beings find themselves in a place where they can only do it for so long because they haven't built up the trust in themselves yet as being connected to the source of life and the universe and the highest self to be led step by step. We need to know all of the steps. Ego needs to know everything because it's terrified and doesn't trust and feels ashamed of itself. It has to guarantee results. It's got to work, work, work, work, do more, do more, do more, or it gives up and it says don't do anything, screw it, it doesn't matter. What's any of this for anyway, whatever, it is to pull us out of the moment.

So there is the conundrum that even if you let go of your past, you're going to find yourself in this void, not knowing how to actually air quotes live your life, because you're so used to needing some kind of a plan, you're so used to beating yourself up, you're so used to needing something to happen in order for you to move forward. So many of us are so used to having to have the fire be put so close to us in order for us to take action. We have to wait for it to get so bad in order for us to move or make a change that, once you realize that you don't have to do that, you don't have to wait for the bottom to drop out for you to continue to make positive, powerful changes in your life, we kind of look around and don't know what to do. How do I shift from this empowered person or this victim into someone who trusts life and flows with it and takes guidance from myself, my higher self, from the universal mind of the highest consciousness ever, the one that has all of the answers that I'm not tuned into? Yet that's also me. How do I let that lead me, when I'm so used to needing other people to lead me, when I'm so used to throwing other people away because they didn't lead me well enough, and now I got to do it for myself, and then that all went to garbage too, where I just wasn't fulfilled or happy, even if it air quotes worked in the world like I wasn't happy.

Now what the journey is to combine both of these things. I know it's challenging, but the more we talk about this, the more you will find things lining up for you and you will be able to commit more deeply to what we're talking about today. Anything that is coming up from your past, anything that says it shouldn't have been the way that it is, anything that says that you are something because of something, do your best to release that. I had a very powerful call yesterday, as a matter of fact, and I want to share something with you that came out, because it really can link this entire process together. What we find is the voice of doubt, the voice of shame, the voice of guilt, the voice of the parts of us that we hide from the world, the voice of judgment at the highest levels. That voice is simply what it is and it wants to be accepted for what it is. It wants to know that it, too, is loved. It wants to know that it, too, is okay to be what it is, even if it doesn't line up with what you would prefer to be true about yourself. The journey to realize the truth for yourself is to be able to accept the parts of yourself that ego wishes wasn't true.

The reason that we are scared to speak of what we keep in our closets and our shadows is because we don't think that anyone is going to be there on the other side when we do. There is a fear that if I speak this truth, the shame, if I speak this unlovable-ness of me, if I speak this truth that I believe to be true about me to anyone in the world, they will leave me. They won't be there on the other side of knowing all of who I am. No one will accept me for all of what I really am, and I'm so tired of playing this character in the world so I just don't know what to do. I'm lost, and what I want to share with you is that, as real as that feels? No, and this is going to be fitting with the theme that there is no one in the world that can accept you fully. It will always be fear-based, it will always be volatile, it will always be. Will they always accept me? It will always be something rooted in fear, because we are giving our sense of safety to someone else, and that's not a job that anyone really needs or wants. Your safety is in your hands.

So knowing that, that voice that you are scared of, that represents whatever is preventing you from living in the moment fully because you keep attaching your sense of self to the past through it. That voice is waiting for you to be there, on the other end of whatever it has to say about who it believes you are. When you can be there as the voice speaks to you and tells you all of the terrible, shameful things that it feels, when you are on the other side of that voice as it speaks to you and you say that's okay, I am here, I appreciate you, I love you and those things are not true. But you needed to think they were true for long enough for them to scare you, because transcending anything that doesn't scare you doesn't really have much value. Once that voice knows there is something there, on the other side, which is you, and that there is no longer judgment and there is no longer fear and there is no longer shame, you will become the alchemist of that experience.

You will turn those negative, low frequency conscious thoughts into an experience where you have greater access to the moment you are in, which will allow you greater access to the truth of who you are, which will allow you the ability to no longer need to control or dictate your life as it unfolds. You will be able to trust that the intentions that you have made, from a level that you are probably not aware of yet, are powerful, and that who you are being, as you're allowing yourself to access that higher state of consciousness, will lead you, step by step, through, yes, what appears to be doing, because you need your body for this. You're in a physical world, but the actions that you take will be inspired the gaps that you fill through the rhythmic nature of the low tide high tide of your life, where the manifestor in you was trying to use these high tide, low tides to get what you wanted to be fulfilled and amazing. You'll see that that's not even a thing, that the you that you truly are is actually here and designed to balance not just your state of being in yourself, but to balance the energies of those around you, while maintaining your own balance within you. You will see that giving is actually one with receiving. You can't separate the two, but you will be shifting from service to self to service to others, because the ego that was needy and wanted and had to have in order to be is no longer running the show. But you, who knows yourself to be that which you are, is able to give endlessly, limitlessly, infinitely, because you are connected now to an infinite source, an infinite supply, and provided we take care of our bodies and we take care of our self and we allow our self space and time to maintain this infinite giving, you will see that you will be able to keep and hold boundaries. You will be able to say no when you need to. You will be able to plan for future moments that you want to effortlessly flow to you. You will be able to still live your life, but the needy energy, the fear energy, the shame, the what if, will be, I dare say, gone, but, I will just safely say, lessened dramatically.

For anyone who is doubtful, this is the process of awakening. You're already on the path, you're already doing it. An awakening to yourself as being the self that is aware of the me. You're transcending your sense of self in this life experience from the me to the I, the I that is aware of the me. You will be able, from this place, to really access any time the voice of me is speaking and then, from the voice of I, you can commit to making a new choice.

I know that it appears as though it is very challenging and, again, to some it's not challenging at all. To others it's the most challenging thing that they've ever done, also on a gradient scale. There's no right or wrong to this. But if you're finding it challenging, do your best to be easy on yourself and all it takes really is awareness. It's through awareness, and then commitment and then action, that you will be able to swim very eloquently to the surface of the ocean You've been drowning yourself in by attaching yourself to the past. There is an entirely new life experience that unfolds for you and it's been waiting for you, and the way to access it is not through magic, it's not through some external source that bestows something on you. It is a conscious choice, and every time you make this conscious choice, that's where you realize your power and connection more and more. Every time you are aware that your attention was diverted to the past, every time that you become aware that you're judging something and you're, it's all cues for us to go. Okay, I just noticed that. All right, back to here, back to now. That's okay. I am giving that all of the meaning that it has. I release that. It's okay. Stay here. Stay here, guide me to the next thing. Stay with me. Stay with me Versus before, where, maybe in the beginning of an awakening, where judgment is still primary, every time people catch themselves diverting their attention, they beat themselves up over it.

Oh, you should know better. Oh, spiritual ego comes in and bashes you about the head. Don't you know this already? How come you keep getting caught? Why do you keep living in your past? Why does this keep bothering you? I guess this stuff doesn't work.

So judgment is judgment, no matter where you find it. And even if you're trying to lessen judgment from something or someone else, if you find yourself slipping, judgment will try to judge you. It doesn't matter. It's trying to bring you back out of the moment you're in. It's trying to catch you back into the story, because in the story of you is where it lives, and when you don't live in the story of you anymore, it thinks it dies and technically, to a degree it does. It dies to your awareness of the moment. Because you can't do both. You can't focus on the story of you from the past and be present in the moment you are in. So it is a choice, we get to choose and sometimes it's fine, we fall back into unconscious, we fall out of the moment.

It takes a lot of energy to stay present in the moment, but the more and more you do it, the more and more effortless it will be, to the point where you will be so aligned with yourself and so aligned with the moment that when the past starts to creep in, the difference in resonance, the frequency difference in resonance from you attaching to the past or some lower energy frequency and where you've been. It will be so apparent that you will be like, oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no. You will feel it when you are connected to your truth and into the flow. You will feel when something comes up that isn't, you'll be able to work with it. Likewise, you'll feel when someone comes in to your experience that needs your balance or needs your gift, or maybe is asking for you to move away from that experience because it's really no longer serving you. They're not asking for help, they just keep kind of doing the same thing they've always been doing and you're just no longer a match. That's also a thing. But you won't know what is real in your life until you find and express the real of who you are. Otherwise, we're just kind of living in a reality based off of a fake version of us that doesn't know the truth of who we are, and we'll get fooled every time.

So today, as we close this out, I just want to offer you kind of the wrap up. Remember, the answer is to experience the present moment, no matter what it looks like or what you've created, or how terrible you think it is, or the lowest you've ever been or the worst you've ever felt it doesn't matter. The answer, the way to shift out of that not preferred experience into the place where you understand who you are, so that from that place of knowing who you are, you can kind of walk around the rubble of what's been created, or walk around the lower energy of who you've been feeling like long enough to shift it, to rebuild it, to remove things that don't serve you anymore, to lessen the load, to be more intentional, to only keep around you that which you value or need or use or love, and to flow with experiences that come to you that might need the best of who you are. Commit to the moment as often as you can and do your best to trust that. If you keep doing that, without needing to control or dictate what happens as a result of it, you're going to see that you are that miracle. You are what the ego has been asking for from the external world to save it. You are it and it is the most powerful position, not egoically powerful, just unbelievably liberating, expansive, connected, open and loving powerful. And that is the energy that can change worlds, and I think that it can change ours, and that is what I wish for each and every single one of you.

Before we go, I just want to say thank you so much to everyone who is joining me on the show today. I'm so grateful for all of you being a part of it. Like attracts, like evolution, has really expanded in such an amazing way and I have all of you to thank. We're going to be going to one podcast a week, but it's going to be a longer format, so it's not going to be three short, sporadic ideas during the week. It's going to be one core idea for the week and that's going to help me free up even more time to be available for the mentorship and for a lot of the other projects that we are all working on together here. So this is such a wild ride. It's so amazing. I can't say it enough. I'm so grateful for all of you. Thank you for all the messages, all the comments, the emails.

Before we wrap this up again, there are two links below If you're looking to dive in even deeper. There is a free masterclass link that kind of goes over the middle ground of shifting or transmuting and transforming your sense of self. That's below in one of the links. You can click that link and you can download it immediately, and then also this week's one-on-one mentorship calendar is open, and there's a link below for that as well. So if there's something you are wanting to dive into personally with me, you can click that link, see what dates and times are available, and I will be there on the other end. Until next time, have an amazing day, a wonderful night, and I will see you then.

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