Like Attracts Like Podcast 832: Two Questions That Can Help Ensure You SHIFT Into The New EARTH Reality

new earth Aug 02, 2023

Today we talk about 2 powerful questions that can help ensure your place in the new frequency of Earth...  Shifting from Third Density Reflections into Fourth Density Consciousness is a powerful topic inside of the Awakened community... And today we get as deep as you can go into the relm of Shifting Realities and Consciousness    Join me inside !!!   If you found any value in todays post please feel free to Share, Subscribe or Follow :) It truly does help the show!!    Much Love    ~Pat 


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Episode 832: Two Questions That Can Help Ensure You SHIFT Into The New EARTH Reality

By Pat Mahan

 Hey everybody, welcome back to today's episode of the Like Attracts Like Podcast. Thank you so much for joining me on the show today. So many big changes for so many humans, including myself, as we are witnessing really some of the shifts that we've been talking about in the entropy of your third density experience, your experience of life as you've known it, and navigating the bridge of incidents to really align with and internally know for yourself who you are, what you are wanting to experience and how you can offer gifts in your life to the world, in your relationships, your families, in a way that really enhances service to others from knowing fully the relationship to yourself. What we're going to be talking about today is really going to touch at the core not only of life and reality and this experience, but really what we can focus on two questions actually that we can focus on that can help not only keep us grounded but really will help us dive in deeper to who we are. For ourselves Again, I can't stress that enough for ourselves, the truths that we are holding to be true, because we've analyzed the meanings that we have given to all things and we are ready to embrace and allow whatever our truths are as we let them shine through us, into the reflection, into the experience, into life. That is what is happening now. If you're listening to content like this, you are popping out of the third dimension level of living the denser, more judgmental, separate, fear based narrative that we really needed to experience in the first paradigm of this life in order for us to accurately know the truth of who we are and what we can do here with it. I'm really really excited for this episode. I'm truly grateful for all of you that are here with me, and I believe that by the end of the episode, not only will consciousness be shifted inside of your experience, but I also believe you're going to see a little bit of a difference in what is brought to your awareness and what you create as a result. Stick around, we're diving in deep when we come back.

All right, all right, beautiful humans. Once again, thank you so much for joining me on the show today. If you are a new listener to the show, thank you so much for tuning in. My name is Pat. I work with people inside of what you might call a self-realization or an awakening journey, as we peel back the layers of versions we have identified ourselves as to reveal the core of who we truly are at the deepest levels we will allow, and in the realization of these truths that our current reality or life situation helps us see, we can really shift paradigms and consciousness from what you might consider to be a third density or a more fear-based mirror of not knowing who we are, into that of higher consciousness, accessing a higher sense of our self, which is more connected to love, it's more connected to creativity and it's more connected to service to others. Now, making this shift from service to self to service to others requires us to look at a few things that, in our unconscious state, we were previously either unaware that we needed to or we were blocked to looking at because it would require us to go through some layers of fear-based ideas or beliefs about ourselves or about life, or about the creative aspect of the source of life itself that we weren't ready to go through. And life through us has a way of putting us into scenarios, or guiding us into situations where we are confronted with infinite opportunities to ask ourselves who are we in relationship to what is being experienced here? Of course, in the first paradigm we don't understand that these external and internal experiences are one and the same. So we begin to point the finger outside of ourselves, or to blame creation, or to blame relationships or situations for having us be in the situation that we're in, or using these external things as an excuse for how we show up in our life. And you can see how this will perpetuate the same loops and the same experiences for humans over and over and over again.

In the unconscious space of who you are and what you are and what you can offer. We don't dive to the depths that we need to through the fear-based ideas to access it. We point the finger outside of ourselves, blaming others for where we are, and then we respond to those situations from that place of attack, from that place of fear, from that place of separation. And we will continue to create the same karmic loops in our life because we didn't use the opportunity to dive deeper into who we are. We were denying who we are and what we can give, in an attempt to either get something, manipulate something or attack something. This is the journey. This is the journey of self-realization, this is the awakening journey. You don't have to go down the esoteric rabbit hole anymore to understand that. That is what is happening in our lives and, yes, it's happening in the collective as well.

What we find is that At one point in air quotes time, we find our self or our sense of self identifying as being part of, or wanting to be part of, or feeling like we're not a part of, the collective. There's a part of us that goes about our lives, sacrificing who we are, even if we know what that is, in order to fit into a collective dialogue, a collective narrative. And inside of much of the collective narrative, you're going to find fear, you're going to find manipulation, you're going to find judgment, and although you will find hints of love inside of it, in most cases the idea of love, intellectually, is manipulated as well and transformed into some version of service to self. We use love to manipulate or to get things, or to need to be loved and therefore acquire love from others. So all of the words and the meaning that we give them when we are I say, unconsciously living in the maze of the collective, it's all giving us opportunities to ask ourselves what is going on here, why does this keep happening? And what I'm saying is that the core of all of that, at the deepest depths of every question you've ever asked yourself, it is who am I?

And so we talk often about how the first part of our journey in this paradigm one is going out in the world to try to find out what that is To again either rebel against the collective, to fit into the collective, to blend in with the collective. But for many of us it is to be seen or validated by the collective. And by the collective I don't even necessarily mean the majority, I just mean someone in the external world. It could be a partner, a family member, sibling, a friend, friend, group, something outside of us that we are sacrificing a part of ourselves or judging a part of ourselves in an attempt to get something from the other. And what this leads us to today is a place where we can identify two questions that can really really help us understand this reality from the point of view that we're talking about it today. So we're not talking about this from the point of view of the person in the maze, of the human in the collective, unaware of what's happening.

I'm going to imagine that if you're listening to content like this, you have had or know someone who has, or are familiar with someone who is waking up from the dream of being themselves. You've broken out of the fourth wall of your mind and you are either bouncing back and forth between identifying as it and trying to access a higher sense of it, and being unconscious to that place or space consciously and being manipulated by the program or patterns of ego as it tries to get you to bring it something that will make it feel better. So in today's episode we're talking from the vantage point of being, let's say, on a bridge, looking over the maze, as was shown to me yesterday in an amazing podcast that is coming out at the benefit of being on Spencer Neville's podcast with the amazing Brandon Thomas from Expanding Reality. We've done a lot of content together, but this show that's coming out on Spencer's channel shortly was just my absolute favorite, and one of the themes that came out was the idea of the third dimensional conscious space and the self awareness or the attachment to self that is locked in that maze and doesn't know or cannot see fully how to get out, that it keeps going in the same door that leads it back into the maze in an attempt to get out of it.

And it's not until we let go of a lot of these three dimensional concepts of fear and limitation that the ego is continuously feeding us, in our mind, activity and in our physical body, cellularly craving and wanting things that it needs to feel better, other than what it needs to nutritionally survive. It's letting go of these concepts and ideas that allow us to ascend, if you will, into higher levels of consciousness where we are able to guide the character, and in this example I mean the mind. We're able to guide the character, the mind and us all happening at once through and out of the maze, not by working harder and bumping into things and running around the maze to find the way out, but realizing that the way out is not work you have to do, it's not effort you have to put out. It's simply releasing the idea that there is a maze of fear at all, and the moment you do, you ascend beyond the walls of it. And the two questions today that we're talking about, I believe, are going to allow you an ability to do that.

So the first question that we're going to talk about is we understand ourselves as not being the character in our mind and not being solely attached to our body, as being us, but realizing that there is a higher sense of you, there is a higher consciousness that you have access to and it is one with you and waiting for you. If you will Not really, because time's not real and it's not affected by it but it gives the impression that there is a waiting that's happening for us to release who we've been so we can access who we are at the deepest level. But that means again peeling back that onion of fear and realizing that we are shifting from paradigm one to paradigm two, simply acknowledging for yourself that the external is not something that has an effect on you unless you give it permission to, but that the Cause, if you will, is no longer outside of you but within you. And that cause is a physical state of being, it is a state of consciousness. You become the architect solely and initially and primarily of your state of being first, and this can be challenging when we're so used to being affected by our external world, but it doesn't matter. You know that the journey is within. It is navigating the spiral to the center and core of who and what you are beyond the external world is telling you what that is. Finding that place in space and seeing and feeling and acknowledging for yourself how timeless and eternal that existence of you is will allow you the ability to rise above that maze.

It is in the understanding that the external experience that you are navigating is not, that it is an illusion, because it is a representation of your internal experience. They are one and the same and for a period of time it feels as though the outside is affecting the inside and there's nothing we can do. It's out of our control. Fear, fear, fear, fear, fear. Who am I? I need to be whatever you tell me I am. So I fit in to realizing that the character that was created that needs to do that, or feels that it needs to do that, is not you. It is not who you are. It is the you that you needed to understand as being you for long enough to suffer by it, so you could ask yourself the deepest questions you could possibly imagine and discover the truth of who you are. Again, beyond words, it is an inner knowing, and while you know these things to be true, there are certain acknowledgements that come with that knowing, and that is what will set you free.

When you realize that the external is your mirror, the first question you can ask is always what or who am I in relationship to what is happening? Giving yourself the answer to this question will allow you to rediscover deeper depths of yourself. Who am I in relationship to what's happening? Okay, so this scene is playing out, this is happening. It looks like we're going to lose this. This money hasn't come in yet. My this person hasn't called me back yet. The promotion that I was going for that didn't reach out to me.

I don't know what to do, instead of being absorbed in the situation and the specifics of it and the meaning that ego has attached to it, asking yourself, and then, to the degree that you're being honest with yourself is to the degree that you'll be liberated from this experience, but asking yourself who am I in relationship to what's happening? I'm worried. There isn't going to be enough money for the end of the month to pay my rent. So you are being someone who believes that money is lacking, like huh, yeah, I guess I am. And then the old way would say like yeah, of course I am being someone that believes that money is lacking. I literally don't have the money in my account. It's lacking, so I can't pay my bills. I'm scared of that. Therefore, this situation has developed the belief system that money is lacking.

And what I'm saying is that's not how it works. And although I'm not here to convince you, I'm asking you to be honest with yourself and know for yourself that the belief came before the physical manifestation of the experience. And if you can't go back that far in your story to uncover when the belief system was generated, that's fine. Who knows how these things get implanted and how deep they go? Or, honestly, how many lifetimes, karmically, they have been something we've needed to transcend or transmute. But if you are seeing something in your reality, it reflects some level of an identification of something you believe.

Now, before we go on, I'm actually going to clarify something that I really feel could have a profound effect on many of you, and that is that if you are pretty sure that you have become aware of this belief, that you have done your best to transcend it, you're no longer affected by fear. You're living in faith, you're living in trust. You're still seeing a physical representation of something that you used to see, but you no longer feel the connection emotionally that you used to, because you trust and have faith so much, then there are two things that are happening. One is you are super close, even in your physical experience, from experiencing life without the reflection of that old belief. You're no longer affected by the scene that you're seeing that used to invoke fear and worry and doubt and disbelief, and you're not impartial or you're not passively like I don't care, I just don't care anymore.

Not that energy, but they're like yeah, I don't know why this keeps going on this long, but I just really feel and believe that something is going to shift from it. And I don't care, I don't care what I'm looking at, because I'm so confident of my inner state of being that it will shift. When you're acting from that place, keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going. There's something that's going to come in, either directly to you or you're going to get guidance from you to you as to how you can offer some type of a gift in the world from that beautiful energy that will help others, and then the genuine helping of others on their journey, when you have already understood that you don't need help. You are here to give and then, from that. Giving and receiving are one thing. You're right. You are correct in your assumption that it will shift.

It is shifting now, but if you're experiencing something that is terrifying you, or you're really, really worried, or you're scared because the reflection of you is showing you who you are in relation to that belief or idea of either lack or love or fear or doubt inside of some relationship to what's happening. What the second question is, as you become really, really efficient at discovering what your relationship is to what's happening, what belief system is behind it and who you are in relationship to that belief system, going forward, you're going to be really developing a deeper knowing of who you are, and what I want to share with you is that the way to break the patterns that continue from this place of just using reality to figure out who you are, using reality to figure out who you are and then seeing still similar things, even though you feel like you're resolving this internally, like I like myself. Now I feel pretty good, I'm confident. Why do I keep seeing all this? If you are ready for it, I will share it. I'm going to share it anyway. You just get to decide whether you want to allow it or not?

Because you, without attaching your sense of self to ego, the creative force of the universe, you, the expansive awareness of all things, you, the loving, guiding, supportive cosmic energy of existence. You is not alone. This can get confusing, but hang on, you're not alone, because you are one with something. And it's one of the last relationships that many of us address, because at first we're too busy addressing the external relationship and believing it is actually a thing apart from us. And then the next is our internal relationship to our self and resolving and healing the energies of our past and previous versions of ourselves that have created karmic and cosmic energy for us to navigate and heal and transform and transmute. And then we can resolve that so much that actually we're pretty calm, we're pretty accepting, we're pretty loving, we're pretty giving, we're pretty open. Why is it still the same exact way? I feel okay about myself. Now I'm getting anxiety. I no longer fear my past or judge myself or blame myself for anything, but I'm a little bit weary about the future. I don't know how that's going to go.

What do you do when you've resolved your past but you're, in a moment, feeling pretty good about yourself but worried about what's going to transpire in the moments to come, the new, present moments. And the answer is question number two, and that is what is your relationship to the creative force of the universe in the moment you are in? What is your relationship, the new relationship that you have with yourself, knowing you are not this limited, egoic, needy, fear based, doubtful energy, knowing you are not that voice? What is your relationship to the highest self, the highest force of creation, god, the universe, as being something that is divinely or infinitely intelligent? Now, be careful, if you will, to simply listen to the first couple answers that come into your awareness, because they could be keeping you from a deeper truth regarding that also.

Many of us have been conditioned to believe that this intelligence that created the universe, or that, at least, is creation in and of the universe, is separate from us because we've been living in the three dimensional world of ego for so long. So literally everything is separate at that level. There's nothing that is one so egoic version of me as a human separate my body, separate my mind Well, that's the same as me, because that is me. Your body separate, my experience separate. Everything is separate, including the God that they told me was loving but also terribly judgmental somewhere else, but also within me.

If you dive deeper into many of these teachings and the ideologies, the deepest levels of them will make sense, but the confusion that many of us have around what that is and if we trust it is huge. So now you've just gotten to the point where you're like okay, I feel like I can trust me. I am showing up, I am doing the right things for myself and my friends and my family. I'm making powerful choices that I never would have made, as I identified as that limited version of me previously. Why is it so wild still? What am I missing? Why can I sleep at night? What is it that I need to do?

And the answer is ask yourself to what degree you trust what you think the creation of your game is, and do you believe that you are one with it? If you believe you are one with it, then you can do the inner work to understand that. Whatever you have now realized for yourself to be true about how you're showing up, you are that creative force of the universe. It keeps going infinitely, and wherever the highest level of that is, you're there too, because whatever intelligence or answers you think it has, you would have to be there to listen to it, otherwise it would be irrelevant. And what that means is that you are one with it. But what it also means is we don't know down here, from our previous experience of who we are and our connection to the source. We don't know everything it knows. We may have access to the records as we ascend higher and higher and higher in consciousness and then again, yes, you will embody those truths and that intelligence as you, and this is the evolution of humans and evolutions of consciousness.

But what is your relationship to infinite intelligence? Do you believe it is a thing? Do you believe it's guiding you? Do you believe that you are one with it and then, therefore, you are guiding you? Do you understand that you weren't able to previously trust yourself or these conditions because you didn't know yourself as that infinite intelligent source? Do you know you can ask questions of it? And you Do. You know that it will answer you as you, and then you embody it in this space and become more than one with it. You become the expression of it for others who believe that they are separate from it, and you, through your inspired action and gifts to the world as defined by you, you get to inspire other people to heights that they never previously thought were possible, because they were locked in the character of limitation as well.

What is your relationship to the mirror? Who are you in relationship to what's happening At the deepest core levels? Of those answers, you will find out how powerful and amazing and creative and expansive you are, because you are one with the infinite source of all of those things. But next, as far as where you go from here, the next question is what is your relationship to the highest aspect of the creator, in your view, or creation, the universal source of energy? What are the characteristics you give to that? And whatever you come up with is being true for you. That is the life that you will express and that is the experience that you will for lack of a better word perceive or manifest unfolding from within.

You Get very, very clear on who you are. Get very, very, very, very clear on what your relationship is to the creator, because after we are done releasing our parents or our guardians for many mistakes they made or holding them accountable for where we are in life, and it comes time for us to become our own human, it comes time for us to feel and know who we are without a shadow of a doubt, without relying on anyone else to tell us that, or for relying on anyone else to be the source of our safety, when we have that connection within ourselves. The next question is not our human, earthly creators, but our relationship with what we perceive the creator to be as either being separate from or one with us, or judging us and disappointed in us, or unconditionally loving us. Do you know? You are one and the same and at the moment you allow the highest level of what you believe the creator to be. You instantly become that because you're not separate. You are one, as is everyone else in this reality, whether they are aware of it or not.

There is an unbelievable shift happening on the planet right now. You are a very important part of it, and the shifting from service to self to get things so we feel better is just a step that we needed to take to understand that that is an infinite game. While you can play with this world of things and form and situations, it's not satisfying and it never will be, not until you know yourself at the deepest levels and not until you restore whatever relationship you have with whatever you call the force guiding this game. Whatever you define those attributes to be, trust them with everything you have and you will see that your reality will line up with whatever it is you are giving those powers to, and that is what I wish for each and every single one of you. This is a very, very amazingly powerfully conscious shifting time, and I know many of you are navigating some wild situations and some interesting relationship ideas, asking very, very powerful questions of you, and I share that.

Just to let you know that I'm here. I'm here with you on the show, I'm here with you on the platforms and, for anyone who is really, really wanting to dive deeper and just looking for an open reflection, I'm here inside of the mentorships as well. There are links below where you can access that. You can reach out to me. We can work together to resolve anything so you are fully ready to trust and shift in faith and allow the next level or bit of guidance to come from you to you, not just so you feel better, but so you really realize your power in this world, what you came here to do, what your purpose is. It's with that I leave you, as always, have an amazing day, wonderful night, and I will see you next time.

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