Like Attracts Like Podcast 842: The Path To The Highest Self & Accessing The Power Of Gratitude In Your Life

higher self Dec 01, 2023

Join me on todays show where we dive deep into the understanding of just how important and powerful Gratitiude is in our lives... It is the glue that will allow the shift from victim and lacking into the space where we can begin to give permission to the Higher Guidance and insight we will need ot walk the path towards living a life that has meaning and purpose to US and to those we love and value in our lives.

There is a story that has consumed your identity, and it is acting through you inside of every moment we give our attention to it.

Today we will cover not only what gratitude has the power to do, but also why we don't allow it as often as we say we would, or as often as we would like..

There is a reason, and we cover it in DEPTH today!!  So hang on tight, and prepare to give yourself permission to actually Awaken The Conscious Creator Within YOU!



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