Like Attracts Like Podcast 848: Releasing Karma And Accepting The Fullness Of Your Self

higher self self realization Jan 18, 2024

Today we talk about how we live our lives in many ways from the core ideas or beliefs about ourself that have been accepted over time.. Some projected from others.. and some accepted on our own from experiences that we perceived from a certain self perspective..   Either way, we often continue the story of those core beliefs unconsciously… but make many choices from that place all of the time…    Awakening is a certain way of realizing that there is the story.. and also an interesting “awareness” of the story all happening at the same time… So WHO are you… The one who is aware of the story… or the one living it and telling it?  Amazing things unfold the more we dive into the story and sit with all of its emotional and physical implications… The longer we can use this process… The more powerful the release, and the more powerful the realization….    You are MUCH more than the old story of you would have you believe… And you can safely shift through those layers to sit and express a more powerful and authentic life



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