Like Attracts Like Podcast 849: The END of Like Attracts Like Evolution?

trust & faith Feb 02, 2024

This is episode # 849... Not a significant number in any way shape or form really... But this week I had to look at this episode as potentially being the final episode I would create for Like Attracts Like... The message of this platorm is to continue to do the work.. to show up and really make sure that you know who you are, how powerful you are, and that anything you are externally giving power to needs to be looked at...  The hardest part of this work is when you have to use it to look at your own relationship to what you say you want, and how you respond when it looks like life is showing you what to do..... Do you resist it... or do you let go...   I teach on this podcast and this platform that the jourey is to let go... to trust... and to find peace internally regardless of what is happening externally...     This week I had to do that with this very platform... This message that I hold more dear to me than anything.. That I have used to change my life in the most amazing of ways....    Join me today for the full story, the clarity, and what the future holds for myself, Gina, and Like Attracts Like Evolution..   Love you guys!!! Pat       



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