Like Attracts Like Podcast 841: Accepting And Surrendering To Love And Guidance From Within

higher self Nov 22, 2023

Today we dive into the one powerful key that can unlock your life an all of the most profound ways you have been chasing... For years of my life I tried to unlock peace, love, and balance inside of my heart. Trying to accomplish the right things, "be" or "act" the right way.. Accumulate the correct amount of "stuff" so that I could feel worthy of being in a room with people I secretly wanted to be.. Or to be in a relationship with someone that I thought for sure would leave me if they "only found out" who I really am...  There was no amount of achieving or controlling life that gave me that feeling of security, and peace for very long... My mind would create another problem, and then I would unconsciously start taking endless action trying to solve that problem Today I am sharing with you the relationship that will stop ALL of this the moment you allow it.. It is the relationship you have been searching for, and rebelling against at the same time....  Decide for yourself what is true... But I ask you to listen to todays show until the end before you do... There is relief on the other side of letting go of what you "thought" you needed to do, so you can actually allow what is meant for you to be shown to you, and flow through you. Join me inside!



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